MosaLingua Review: 5 Epic Features To Try!

Interested to learn new words and useful phrases every day? This Mosalingua review will walk you through what this learning tool is all about. Is it the best supplemental app for absolute beginners in their target language? If you’re eyeing any flashcard apps that provide a complete package, including grammar, audio, and video resources, stick around! Check out what you’ll benefit from MosaLingua today.

What tickles your brain right now? Expanding your skills in business or want to explore a new hobby? How about learning a new language? That’s great – but you might not know where to start. The best method to study languages now is to find the right app you can continue growing with. That’s pretty similar to how we pick up our first words as newborn babies.

As far as research goes, babies can detect sounds after birth. It explains how language acquisition works in its early stages of neural development. That means that our cognitive and linguistic skills are still raw and exposed like a soft sponge for new memories to remember.

However, as an adult learner, it seems more challenging for everyone to retain information for many reasons, such as cognitive decline or lack of neuron cell reproduction. The only solution to recalling a foreign word or phrase is through language classes and online courses.

Fortunately, there are many available reading materials and free content online for whatever foreign language you are trying to learn. However, not all of these are actually worth your time since most of these are outdated and are not as immersive as other learning applications. 

However, a crowd favorite among language learners seems to be MosaLingua. Could this be the best app to learn languages today? Let’s find out if this top-rated app will suit your needs.

What Is MosaLingua?

MosaLingua Review Logo

Today’s popular language learning app usually involves flashcards for memorizing daily phrases. Another alternative would be watching videos online from several memory gurus and polyglots teaching various ways to memorize languages.

You may have read our MosaLingua Vs. Babbel review and want to know more about how a flashcard app works. However, The MosaLingua app is not like just another flashcard app (like Anki) out there, as it boasts unique features you probably have never seen before. 

Founded in 2009, MosaLingua and its community of learners massively grew to over 6 million in just a few years. Unlike other language apps back when it was first released, this one is genuinely immersive and flexible since it can be accessed using your computer and mobile devices.

The league of learners using the MosaLingua website comes from different walks of life. Still, most are professionals and passionate language learners who cannot commit much time to learn. The platform is excellent for those who are always on the go and have rigorous schedules. Just by using it for a few minutes or so, MosaLingua will teach you all aspects of the language, including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, and reading.

What Is It For? MosaLingua provides fast, uninterrupted learning for new words and phrases from your target language.

Languages Offered: 8-9 Languages

All MosaLingua Languages


Other Versions:

Business Spanish, Business English, Medical English, MosaLingua TOEIC Test Prep, MosaLingua TOEFL Test Prep

Level: Beginner and Intermediate Learners


  • An all-in-one dashboard for your grammar lessons
  • Their learning method is scientifically proven
  • Has English subtitles and transcripts on their videos
  • Easily change your preferences and lessons


  • Limited language options
  • Web version loads slowly
  • Many of their videos are unavailable
  • Audio lessons sound dissimilar to a native speaker

Who Is MosaLingua For? For serious language learners that want to focus on grammar lessons with various resources to improve their language skills.

How Does MosaLingua Work?

MosaLingua is accessible for both the app and the web versions. It’s easy to signup and become a member of the MosaLingua community. Users can access the MosaLingua login by registering via an email address or through a Facebook account on the app. You can also choose to skip if you don’t like to input your email address or log in with a Facebook account. However, you will lose your progress, and some features will not be available for opting for a guest account.

Before starting your language lessons, you’ll get a quick tour of how the web version or the mobile app works. After which, you’ll have seven tabs to choose where to go. Learners can choose to begin their journey by clicking Home, Apps, Reading, Videos, Lessons, Resources, and MosaDiscovery.

You can click on the Lessons tab to have your first language session as a beginner. You’ll have to select which topics you’re interested in first and then add the topics into a flashcard deck. There is no limit to what word or phrase you want to memorize.

After finishing your vocabulary practice, you can add new flashcards onto your deck and do this repeatedly. However, you can also browse other resources, such as watching how to pronounce a word or reading stories from beginners to intermediate learners.

MosaLingua User Interface And Design

MosaLingua Review Design And User Interface

MosaLingua has separate versions for each of their app. You’ll get the standard web and app versions, but you can also choose to install the language-separate versions too. Currently, the popular MosaLingua Apps available are MosaLingua Spanish, MosaLingua English, MosaLingua Italian, and a few TOEFL-related apps for English proficiency.

Each dashboard contains all that you need for your learning. If you go to the Learn tab, you’re prompted with the words and phrases for your flashcards that you can proceed to learn. On Explore, you can select the categories, while Progress shows you how many words you’ve learned and what your current streak is.

The app’s user interface looks cleaner than the web version. Straight away, the features are in separate tabs, which is good if it’s not clunky. The problem with MosaLingua, even though it aims to be organized, is how slow every feature is. Whether you’re using the app or web version, you may feel irritated at the response time.

As you read along the gaps that MosaLingua needs to review, we’ll discuss more of these issues.

Exciting MosaLingua Features For Mastering A New Language

An early discovery of which techniques suit you will help you in the long run, especially if you are a language enthusiast that hopes to become a multilingual someday.

Keen on mastering your target language? In this section, let’s find out how the app works and whether it can truly help you master something new aside from your native language.

Learn Vocabulary Through Flashcards

MosaLingua Reviews Features

Unlike Duolingo or Anki, MosaLingua has a separate page solely intended for your target language’s grammar. Reading their better grammar lessons is crucial for anyone’s learning process, especially if they want detailed explanations.

You can create new flashcards for each language and then arrange how long you’ll keep learning them. Flashcards have proved themselves useful over the years and millions of downloads from users on mobile or browsers.

A Separate App For Your Preferred Language

Focus is essential in keeping your progression. Especially if a language app has too many languages, features, and advantages for learning. If you like having a one-track goal, the MosaLingua app has various versions for your chosen language. Want to know Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese separately?

6 MosaLearning Methods For Language Learning

Everyone has their own unique style of processing a new language to learn. Whether you are a visual, audio, spatial, or another type of learner, you’ll appreciate what MosaLingua compiled for their language teaching platform. That said, MosaLingua continues implementing various approaches that benefit its subscribers.

Get to know the six exceptional MosaLearning Methods that will aid your long-term memory for learning a new language.

Spaced Repetition System

Among the popular memory optimization techniques is the famous Spaced Repetition System. It is a learning method that reviews material (whether it is data, text, visual objects, etc.) through timed intervals. It is a perfect

Since Mosalingua’s method is based on flashcards and spaced repetition, you can rest assured knowing that the AI strictly tracks everything you do from the app. This allows the platform to help you review words and learned phrases. Suppose you are a bit unsure of your understanding of a particular vocabulary. In that case, you can also help Mosalingua by clicking on the button that reminds the AI to review you on that specific word or phrase next time.

Active Recall

Instead of getting all the information dumped in your head and passively just learning topics, you’ll get to actually use them. Active recall is a learning technique that requires users to retrieve information from their brains by purposefully reiterating related questions. It is effective for MosaLingua since they use flashcards that immerse learners in a word or phrase they recollect.


Evaluating your own learning process helps you learn a language better. According to linguists, nurturing which methods work for you strengthens your development in learning a language. Metacognition in linguistics refers to monitoring, planning, and evaluating how your brain works and how it can retain long-term memory. Sticking to your own studying techniques will make you fluent faster.

The Pareto Principle

Like Metacognition, the Pareto principle encourages language learners not to cram too much information they won’t use in the future. What matters is finding your 20%, meaning enough foreign words that contribute to your improvement. By focusing on frequent words and phrases daily, you’ll develop fluency quicker than others. The Pareto Principle also states that you shouldn’t wait to memorize all the words in the dictionary before you actually start speaking.

Learner motivation and psychology

One of their crucial factors is motivation, which is necessary to continue in any skill building. As a result of the lack of motivation, it is common to give up halfway through your studies. You are responsible for affirming which systems work and which activities take away your will to learn.

Moreover, distractions, fears, depending on translation tools like Google Translate, and over-perfection are things to avoid for breaking your motivation. However, these changes can’t be done overnight. Discipline and switching your daily routine to become more productive will guarantee an excellent

The MosaLearning Method

The MosaLearning Method combines all of these methods in one app. They aim to reduce the struggle of switching to other apps and continuously improve. Using MosaLingua, you’ll achieve fluency in reading, speaking, listening, and writing your target language.

Customize And Personalize Your Flashcard Deck

Similar to Anki, Memrise, and Quizlet, you can have your personalized set of words to memorize. You can start organizing how many words and phrases you want to learn daily. Choose from basic conversations, transportation, hobbies, socializing, or basic discussions.

Has A Placement Test For Your Language Level

To start using the Mosalingua app, I highly suggest you take the level/placement test, which is really good since it will train the platform to help you learn words fit only for your proficiency level. After all, we never want to feel overwhelmed or stressed out learning advanced vocabulary right away, right? In addition, you can take your time and customize your learning experience by conducting a self-evaluation regarding your objective for learning your chosen target language.

The level test within the platform is pretty comprehensive too, as it will ask you questions like translating certain words and phrases, scrambling letters, and completing sentences. It is a good thing since it reminds me of the accurate placement tests you can find from language schools before you start the term.

How Much Does MosaLingua Cost?

MosaLingua Review Price Cost Offers

The Mosalingua is an affordable application, especially if you just want to focus on one language. Each of the Mosalingua courses has subscriptions priced anywhere from USD 4.99 to USD 8.99. It is not a big deal since you have to pay that per month, unlike what other language learning apps charge for their platforms. The only negative thing here is that you are paying for very few languages, unlike with apps like the Ling App, Memrise, or Duolingo, which provide you access to everything.

However, there is no lifetime access to all the available MosaLingua languages; you will need to pay for your languages monthly. But if you only want to try the app first, MosaLingua offers a 15-day trial MosaLingua Premium with exclusive discounts as a first-time user.

As MosaLingua continues to expand its products, you can avail several premium plans and subscriptions. Users can pay for the MosaSeries at $9.98 per month or $58.80 for a six-month subscription. If you want to test and build your skills in English, the Masterclass series for their MosaSpeak English costs $147.00 for the MasterClass PLUS package or $199.00 for the MasterClass COACHING package.

Two other epic MosaLingua products are MosaSpeak which costs $99.00, and MosaTraining ranging from $130.00 to $300 for the full product.

Another great news! MosaLingua offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re hesitant about signing up and paying for MosaLingua Premium, you’ll have a choice for hassle-free language learning!

MosaLingua Pros

An All-In-One Dashboard For Your Grammar Lessons

MosaLingua Review Pros

An advantage of several language apps that use example sentences is how users develop sentence patterns. In the four areas of language skills, having a smart technique to retain engagement and set these skills will make language learning natural.

On the other hand, it is often better to dedicate a page intended to teach grammar rules. It gives a clearer view of what the example sentences are talking about. For someone who doesn’t speak a language other than their native language, grammar rules make it easier to understand.

Their Learning Method Is Scientifically Proven

One of the remarkable achievements that MosaLingua has is its research-based methods. Focusing on cognitive science, MosaLingua aspires to be a credible authority and platform to teach people about a learning process that works. So, they’ve been optimizing their tools and resources using the available 6 MosaLearning methods to aid a person’s long-term memory and recall.

Have subtitles And Transcripts On Their Videos

Only a few learning resources and tools today have videos showing how to speak and listen to a new language. If you want to know more about a country’s culture and food or just need another way to become familiar with pronunciations, then MosaVideos is your tool. We recommend you to watch the videos first with subtitles and then slowly remove them as you progress in your language level.

Easily Change Your Preferences And Lessons

You can switch between sessions if you like learning through MosaLingua’s resources or prefer their official lessons. Of course, you’ll have to finish your lessons as your progress will be lost if you go back to the previous page. You can also change preferences on which languages you’ll learn and if you want to just read, listen or practice your pronunciation skills.

MosaLingua Cons

Limited Language Options

Most people would feel that an app or website with fewer languages in it means that their courses are complete from beginner to advanced. However, MosaLingua still lacks many grammar lessons and cards suitable for advanced users. The limited languages make other apps appealing since many of them have 50 to even 100+ options to choose from!

So, if the language you are trying to learn is not here, then you should check out other similar applications or reach out to the Mosalingua team so they can take note of the languages you are looking for.

But if you are someone who is still unsure of what language to learn, you might consider this app as this is great, especially for an absolute beginner.

Web Version Loads Slowly

One of the main reasons why people subscribe to an app is its user-friendliness and interface design. However, MosaLingua doesn’t meet the cut for the standard requirements in many apps today.

The first thing I’ve figured that may have affected my user experience with MosaLingua is how slow it loads for me. Even when I was using an advanced android phone, it was also clunky and loaded slowly. User experience is what makes the app exciting and fun to use.

It isn’t even comparable to the web version as both have the same performance and aren’t very reassuring. So if you’re browsing other flashcard apps for a MosaLingua alternative, Duolingo or LingoDeer may beat MosaLingua for that feature alone. Yet, not all of MosaLingua’s epic features are in those alternative apps. To give props to the team, both the app and the web version have the potential to improve in future updates.

Many Of Their Videos Are Unavailable

Opposite what we’ve written on the advantages is how many of MosaLingua’s videos aren’t available anymore. Having Spanish or English subtitles and changing them without issues is a good way for an app to have its users stick around.

Inopportunely, MosaLingua has many of its videos nowadays that are either taken down or removed from its website and mobile app. On the other hand, check out MosaLingua’s YouTube account, where you can learn more example sentences, audio lessons, and more.

Audio Files Sound Like It Isn’t From A Native Speaker

Another problem plaguing the app reviews for MosaLingua is the lack of native audio pronunciation. In particular, Portuguese, the language I’m learning, has different accents, and I felt like it was either a Brazilian or Portugal (European) accent.

MosaLingua Review: Is It The Best Language Learning App?

As we reach this part of the Mosalingua review, we hope that you were able to identify whether it is a good language learning resource or not. There are plenty of MosaLingua alternatives that may still feel it’s pretty useful than MosaLingua itself. 

At the end of the day, we do believe that every app is unique, and not everything will work immensely well for everyone. For example, some intermediate learners may say that Mosalingua works, while others may feel the flashcard deck on the app is just not enough. Others may even say that the whole flashcard system only works for absolute beginners.

But allow us to tell you the truth: no tool or platform in the world can magically make you fluent. All the resources you can get must work together to help you out. As for the case of Mosalingua, this might indeed be one of the best supplemental apps you can get your hands on today.

Mosalingua stands as a mind-blowing platform for learning a language as a beginner. Yet, it is expensive in the long run, quite similar to how many users feel for Rosetta Stone.

On the other hand, there is a MosaLingua alternative with free content that contains native speaker audio, research-backed learning processes, and even a writing practice. Wonder what app it is? Read on to find out more!

Learn A Foreign Language Today With The Ling App

MosaLingua Review By Ling App

When it comes to learning, you no longer have to keep on using plain textbooks or create your own flashcards. Today, learning your target language has become so much easier. Tons of available language learning apps are guaranteed to accommodate people across levels. Beginners, advanced learners, or near-native speakers, there indeed is a language learning app just for you.

It’s inevitable to look for a MosaLingua alternative, as paying for each app is very expensive. On the other hand, there’s a free app that you can use today that values not only your money but also the quality of its lessons.

The Ling App is one of the recognized language learning tools available in the market since it has access to an extensive library of over 60+ foreign languages (including those languages that do not have many resources available online). Even more exciting is that the Ling App values impressive features that will surely excite the language enthusiast in you.

For starters, the Ling App prides itself on its high-quality language courses that are proven to help you master vocabulary, pronunciation guides, and tools to improve your listening comprehension. Take note that we used the word “proven” because all the modules you will be inside are user-friendly and created by a team of native speakers, language professionals, and educators who truly understand your needs.

On top of that, the whole app is so flexible that you can learn vocabulary and more complex grammar rules by just using it for 10 minutes a day (or less!). So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Ling App now and download it on your iOS or Android device.

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