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Mosalingua Review: 5 Epic Advantages

October 28, 2021

Interested to learn new words and useful phrases every day? In this Mosalingua review, we will walk you through what this learning tool is all about and whether it can be a great supplementary app for absolute beginners in their target language. After all, we do not want to end up paying for something that will not actually live up to our expectations, right? If that sits well with you, then let the learning begin!

In just a few months, the year is already coming to a close. Since the holidays are fast approaching, we bet that you are looking for fun activities you can spend time on during the break. Perhaps you also thought about the idea of going outside the country for some aline-time, but there's a high chance that the places you've been craving for are still not accepting tourists, right? For cases like this, you need an activity that is worthwhile, and that could be learning a new language.

Fortunately, there is no end to the number of available reading materials and free content that you can find online for whatever foreign language you are trying to learn. However, not all of these are actually worth your time since most of these are outdated and are not as immersive as other learning applications. However, there seems to be a crowd favorite among language learners, and that is Mosalingua. Could this be the best app to learn languages today? Let's find out!


Mosalingua Review: The Best Language Learning Platform?

Mosalingua Review The Best Language Learning Platform

The Mosalingua app is not like just another flashcard app (like Anki) out there as it boasts unique features that you probably have never seen before. The app was founded in 2009, and their community of learners massively grew to over 6 million in just a few years. Unlike other language apps back when it was first released, this one is truly immersive and flexible since it can be accessed using your computer and mobile devices.

The league of learners using the Mosalingua website comes from different walks of life. Still, most of them are professionals and passionate language learners who cannot commit much time to learning. With this being considered, this platform is great for those who are always on the go and have very strict schedules. Just by using it for a few minutes or so, the Mosalingua web will teach you all aspects of the language, including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, etc.


Can You Learn Your Target Language With The Mosalingua App?

Can You Learn Your Target Language With The Mosalingua App

Really keen on improving your language skills? In this section, let's find out how the app works and whether it can truly help you master something new aside from your native language.

To get started on using the Mosalingua app, I highly suggest that you take the level/placement test (advantage 1), which is really good since it will train the platform to help you learn words fit only for your proficiency level. After all, we do not ever want to feel overwhelmed or stressed out learning advanced vocabulary right away, right? In addition, you can take your time and customize your learning experience by conducting a self-evaluation regarding your objective for learning your chosen target language.

The level test within the platform is pretty comprehensive too as it will ask you questions like translating certain words and phrases, scrambling letters, and completing sentences. It is a good thing since it somehow reminds me of the real placement tests that you can find from language schools before you start the term.

Since Mosalingua's method is based on flashcards and the use of spaced repetition, you can rest assured knowing that everything you do from the app is strictly tracked by the AI (advantage 2). This allows the platform to help you review words and learned phrases. If you find yourself a bit unsure of your understanding of a particular vocabulary, you can also help Mosalingua by clicking on the button that reminds the AI to review you on that particular word or phrase next time.

To answer our question, we believe that the Mosalingua is a cool application that will help learners master new expressions and other words and learn about the psychology concepts of active recall, spaced repetition, and metacognition (advantage 3). One downside, though is that it only has lessons for a few languages, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

So, if the language you are trying to learn is not here, then you should check out other similar applications or reach out to the Mosalingua team so they can take note of the languages you are looking for. But if you are someone who is still unsure of what language to learn, you might consider this app as this is great, especially for an absolute beginner (advantage 4).


Is Mosalingua Affordable For Language Learners?

The Mosalingua is an affordable application (advantage 5), especially if you just want to focus on just one language. Each of the Mosalingua courses has subscriptions that are priced anywhere from $4.99 USD to $8.99 USD each. It is not a big deal since you have to pay that per month, unlike what other language learning apps charge for their platforms. The only negative thing here is that you are paying for just very few languages, unlike with apps like the Ling App, Memrise, or Duolingo, which provides you access to everything.


Wrapping Up

Mosalingua Review

As we reach this part of the Mosalingua review, we hope that you were able to identify whether it is a good language learning resource or not. At the end of the day, we do believe that every app is special, and not everything will work quite well on everyone. For example, some intermediate learners may say that Mosalingua works, while others may feel the flashcard deck on the app is just not enough. Others may even say that the whole flashcard system only works for absolute beginners.

But allow us to tell you the truth: no tool or platform in the world can magically turn you into a native speaker. All of the resources you can get must work together in order to help you out. As for the case of Mosalingua, this might indeed be one of the best supplemental apps you can get your hands on today.

However, if you feel that your language level is much more advanced and you would like to try out other apps with an extensive library of courses, then we might have something just for you. Thanks to the team of Simya Solutions, they created an all-in-one platform that will allow you to instantly improve your learning process through immersive practice and fun mini-games and quizzes. Interested to learn what this mobile app is all about? Read on below!


Learn A Foreign Language Today With The Ling App

When it comes to learning, you no longer have to keep on using plain textbooks or create your own flashcards. Today, learning your target language has become so much easier as tons of available language learning apps are guaranteed to accommodate people across levels- may you guys be beginners, advanced learners, or near-native speakers, there surely is a language learning app just for you.

If you are looking for the best platform out there that is sure to help you explore and learn a language, then we highly recommend that you check out the Ling App. The Ling App is one of the recognized language learning tools available in the market since it has access to over 60+ foreign languages (including those languages that do not have a lot of resources available online). What is even more exciting is that the Ling App comes equipped with impressive features that will surely excite the language enthusiast in you.

For starters, the Ling App prides itself on its high-quality language courses that are proven to help you master vocabulary, pronunciation guides and improve your listening comprehension. Take note that we used the word "proven" because all the modules you will inside are user-friendly and are created by a team of real native speakers, language professionals, and educators who truly understands your needs.

On top of that, the whole app is so flexible in the sense that you can learn vocabulary and more complex grammar rules by just using it for 10 minutes a day (or less!). So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Ling App now and download it on your iOS or Android device today!

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