9 Coolest Languages To Learn: The Ultimate Guide

coolest languages to learn

Are you also having a hard time deciding which is the coolest language for you to start learning? Hold on ’cause we got you! We, at Ling, have collated a list of the coolest languages to learn for you so that you can kickstart your language-learning journey with ease.

But wait, how can you exactly tell if a language is cool? Imagine a language that’s not just words but a whole vibe! A language becomes “cool” when it’s like a colorful mixtape of history, culture, and pop culture awesomeness. Think about it, if a language has rocked the music scene, lit up movie screens, and made its mark in art, then it certainly passes the linguistic coolness check. And it’s not just about the past – a language that’s still the life of the global party is definitely in the fantastic club.

Cool languages have a knack for words that dance and expressions that make you go, “Wow, how did they come up with that?” They’re like linguistic puzzles that you can’t help but solve. And if a language lets you connect with people from all walks of life, that’s the ultimate fantastic move.

So, when a language becomes a magic carpet of feelings and thoughts that dazzle and captivate, you know it has earned its “cool” badge!

coolest languages to learn

Top 9 Coolest Languages To Learn

Let’s take a look at which languages are considered as top-most choices when it comes to language-learning.

1. Spanish: The Language Of Passion

Hola! Time to pack your backpack and let your inner Dora shine – ¡vamos a aprender español! Say hello to Spanish – a language that’s all about passion, rhythm, and excitement. From the bustling streets of the Americas to the heart of Spain, learning Spanish opens doors to vibrant cultures and exciting destinations.

Connect with a world of diverse communities and immerse yourself in the beat of salsa and the magic of García Márquez’s tales. With its user-friendly grammar, tons of learning materials, and brain-boosting perks, learning Spanish isn’t just a language adventure – it’s a chance to grow personally and intellectually.

Spanish words written on black paper card coolest languages to learn

2. Mandarin Chinese: A Gateway To The East

Ready to crack the code of the most spoken language on the planet? Nihao to Mandarin Chinese – your gateway to a world of captivating culture, history, and business ventures. Sure, those characters might look like a puzzle, but trust us, the journey is worth it!

Learning Mandarin would make you dive into the art of calligraphy, savor the deliciousness of Chinese cuisine, and unravel the wisdom of ancient philosophy. And those tones? Consider them your brain’s new workout routine, boosting memory, attention, and cognitive skills. Learning Mandarin isn’t just a language quest; it’s your ticket to a millennia-old heritage of excitement and enrichment.

Learning chinese alphabet "pinyin" in class room

3. French: Elegance & Culture Combined

Ah, French – the language of love and diplomacy. As the language of romance, literature, and art, what makes learning French awesome is how it opens doors to a rich tapestry of history and creativity, from the elegant prose of Victor Hugo to the groundbreaking cinema of the Nouvelle Vague. Its melodious tones and intricate grammar structure offer a captivating challenge to language enthusiasts. At the same time, its global influence in diplomacy, gastronomy, and fashion ensures that mastering French extends beyond mere linguistics.

Woman hand writing ' Hello! Bonjour! ' on green blackboard

4. Arabic: The Language Of History And Modernity

How about we unlock the mysteries of Arabic – a language like a treasure chest of culture and history? From its mesmerizing calligraphy to its ancient roots, the Arabic language is your passport to the captivating world of the Middle East. Imagine diving into the enchanting tales of “One Thousand and One Nights” and exploring the intricate beauty of Islamic art. And that script? It’s not just letters; it’s a journey into centuries of tradition.

Sure, the grammar might raise an eyebrow or two, but conquering it is like leveling up in a linguistic game. With diverse dialects adding a splash of excitement, becoming an Arabic pro shows your love for a wonderfully diverse and connected world.

A chalkboard with the question "Do you speak Arabic?" written in Arabic

5. Japanese: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Imagine seamlessly blending ancient traditions with futuristic tech vibes – that’s Japanese for you! Get ready to explore a world of arts, literature, and customs that’ll whisk you away to another time. From mastering kanji to conquering hiragana and katakana, it’s like cracking secret codes for a treasure trove of content.

And those honorifics? They’re like VIP passes into the heart of Japanese respect and politeness. Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or a future business mogul, learning the Japanese language would give you a toolkit for diverse and exciting opportunities.

Japanese literature

6. German: Precision And Influence

Ever wanted to chat like a thinker or innovate like a pro? The German language got you covered. Picture yourself exploring the minds of Kant and getting lost in Beethoven’s symphonies. It’s like a backstage pass to human creativity! With its precise words and fancy vocabulary, you’ll express complex ideas like a pro. Plus, you’re not just learning a language; you’re stepping into a land of history and modern flair. German isn’t just incredible – it’s a ticket to a whole new level of awesomeness!

Blackboard in a German classroom

7. Russian: From Literature To Global Politics

Russian has got it all – complex grammar and a literary legacy that’ll blow your mind. Imagine diving into Tolstoy’s epics and dancing through Dostoevsky’s twists in their original words! And that Cyrillic script? It’s like deciphering a secret code to a treasure trove of culture. Russian phonetics and grammar are like brain puzzles that’ll have you flex your mental muscles. From jaw-dropping landscapes to soul-stirring classical music, learning Russian is like stepping into a time machine to experience history, art, and culture firsthand.

Beginner Russian language learner writing Hello word in Russian cyrillic alphabet on a notebook close-up shot

8. Swahili: The African Melody

Ah, the vibrant world of Swahili – the language of unity and adventure. Spoken across East Africa, Swahili isn’t just words; it’s a bridge to diverse cultures and fantastic inclusivity. Imagine chatting with locals while exploring the stunning landscapes of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Plus, with its friendly grammar and pronunciation, Swahili welcomes you with open arms. Swahili is your all-access pass to an unforgettable journey from captivating literature to groovy music and enchanting folklore.

Dictionary definition of the word Swahili.

9. Tagalog: A Language That Feels Like A Warm Hug

As the Philippines’ national language, Tagalog isn’t just words; it’s a gateway to warm hospitality and fascinating traditions. Imagine delving into epic poems and modern novels that reflect the heart of Filipino identity. The Tagalog language becomes unique and rich with its blend of indigenous and Spanish flavors. And the best part? Tagalog’s phonetics and grammar are like a friendly puzzle waiting for you to solve.

Word Tagalog language printed on paper macro

Learn Other Cool Spoken Languages With Ling

Speaking another language isn’t just cool – it’s the ultimate way to shine brightly while embracing cultures galore. So watch your cool factor skyrocket with Ling as your buddy in your language-learning journey. The Ling app offers more than 60 most widely spoken languages for study, guiding you to choose which has the coolest language from its range of languages! It also provides an enjoyable and individualized learning experience to help you and many language learners achieve each linguistic objective.

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