10 Fascinating Tamil Superstitions!

Tamil Superstitions

As you ready to set off on your Tamil Nadu adventure? Make sure you are also armed with knowledge related to Tamil superstitions! These ancient beliefs are like hidden treasures in the tapestry of Tamil culture, influencing traditions for centuries. From intriguing pre-journey rituals to the mystical allure of celestial events, Tamil superstitions offer a peek into unique folklore and spirituality. Embracing these superstitions and endless beliefs isn’t just fun; it deepens your travel experience, giving you a richer understanding of Tamil Nadu’s culture. Let’s learn more about it in this post!

Superstitions In Tamil

In the heart of Tamil Nadu, India, a captivating tapestry of culture and history weaves a web of intriguing superstitions or “மூடநம்பிக்கைகள்” (mūṭanampikkaikaḷ). These age-old beliefs, passed through generations, are a fusion of Dravidian traditions and Hindu influences. For the locals, the “Dosham” in Tamil astrology plays a starring role, with celestial bodies like planets and stars believed to sculpt destinies. Additionally, superstitions about black cats or “கருப்பு பூனைகள்” (Karuppu pūṉaikaḷ), crows or “காகங்கள்” (kākaṅkaḷ), and owls or “ஆந்தைகள்” (Āntaikaḷ) add an aura of mystique, as these creatures are often seen as messengers of fate.

Most Common Tamil Superstitions

Want to impress the locals? Be sure to get to know the ins and outs of these common Tamil superstitions we rounded up in this section. Read on!


Sneezing is frequently viewed as a bad omen in Tamil culture. Sneezing to the right is lucky, whereas sneezing to the left is unlucky. Some people also think that when they sneeze, someone is thinking or talking about them.

Black Cat Playing With Toy

Black Cat

In many cultures, including Tamil Nadu, it is considered bad luck to cross encounters with a black cat, especially at night. It’s thought to bring bad luck or malevolent spirits.

Solar eclipse


Eclipses of the sun and moon are seen in Tamil culture with worry and superstition. When there is an eclipse, many individuals choose not to eat or drink and believe it is unlucky to begin any new endeavors.

Mirror Breaking

It’s said that breaking a mirror will bring you bad luck for seven years. This belief is widespread in numerous other cultures as well, not just in Tamil Nadu.

Blue Evil Eyes Amulet

Nazar (Evil Eye)

Tamil culture is filled with the idea of the evil eye. In particular, for newborn newborns or at significant life events, people may wear warding charms or do other rituals to stave off the evil eye.

Bird Omens

Crows and owls are two examples of birds that are frequently seen as portending good or ill luck. For instance, a crow cawing close to a person’s home can be interpreted as a sign of oncoming danger.

Astrology And Horoscopes

Before making significant life decisions like getting married or beginning a new business, many Tamils consult astrologers and their horoscopes. Their lives are significantly impacted by astrology.


Turning shoes upside down is said to be unlucky. Avoid doing it, especially in the house or temple, as it is rude.

Whistling At Night

Whistling at night is thought to attract snakes or evil spirits. It is typically discouraged, especially in rural areas.

Finger pushing floor 13 elevator button

Number 13

In Tamil Nadu, the number 13 is regarded as unlucky, just like in many other cultures. In-home numbers, room numbers, and other numbering procedures it is frequently omitted.

Words Related To Tamil Superstitions

Get ready to unravel the mysteries of Tamil culture as you explore words like ‘Nazar’ to ward off the evil eye and ‘Puthandu’ that rings in the Tamil New Year. These words aren’t just letters; they’re portals to a rich heritage passed down through generations.

Evil eyeதீய கண்Tīya kaṇ
Black catகருப்பு பூனைKaruppu Poonai
Friday the 13th13 ஆம் தேதி வெள்ளிக்கிழமை13 Ām tēti veḷḷikkiḻamai
Lucky charmஅதிர்ஷ்ட வசீகரம்Atirṣṭa vacīkaram
Lord Shivaசிவபெருமான்Civaperumāṉ
Auspicious dayமங்களகரமான நாள்Maṅkaḷakaramāṉa nāḷ
Bad omenகெட்ட சகுனம்Keṭṭa cakuṉam

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