Ling Strengthening Ties With Educators From The Ministry Of Education, Singapore

{Chiang Mai, Thursday, September 22, 2022} – Ling was pleased to welcome teachers from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to our offices in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The visit originated from the intent of offering information about our business and product and helped both parties exchange knowledge and tie bonds.

Traveling is an effective strategy to enhance cultural and educational knowledge, a strategy that The Ministry of Education of Singapore is leveraging to discover diversity, technology, business, and countless opportunities abroad. 

Singapore focuses on contributing toward shared education and lifelong learning goals. Therefore, on an annual basis, a selected group of teachers embarks on a transcendent and valuable travel experience to various countries to impart newly acquired knowledge to their students at Singaporean Government Schools. 

As young professionals, Singaporean educators from the Ministry of Education of Singapore look for learning and practice opportunities to develop their core skills and pursue professional development. In addition, their key objective was to gain valuable insight into the development of Smart City, including the roles of digital nomads.

ministry of education singapore visit Ling headquarters presentation

During this year, the group of teachers had an exciting opportunity to travel around Chiang Mai, Thailand, get involved in the relaxed pace of life, and experience a city full of innovative minds from all over the world.

On September 13, we gladly opened the doors at our Ling headquarters in Chiang Mai to welcome a group of 14 brilliant educators who teach from primary to elementary schools. Our purpose in hosting this visit was to offer knowledge about our business, diversity, values, product, and workplace culture and values while strengthening meaningful ties. 

We were able to inform about Ling, our language learning app, and share its benefits. Considering that schools in Singapore integrate technology in their classrooms, we expressed the great potential that Ling App has to enhance language learning for students at schools by offering engaging, interactive, and practical experiences. 

Ling MOE

Overall, the visit of Singaporean educators to Ling was a meaningful knowledge exchange that greatly enriched both parties.

We express our deepest gratitude for the pleasant visit, shared time, ideas, interest, and attention during your stay at our facilities. It has been an honor to receive educators from the Ministry of Education of Singapore. We hope that our ties continue to strengthen for mutual benefit. 

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