Announcing LanGo for iOS – Win a 20$ iTunes gift card

With over 200k downloads on Android and thousands of 5 star ratings, we can confidently say users love our language apps. The single biggest complaint was that the app is simply not available on iOS.

Today their waiting has ended. We proudly announce LanGo for OS. You can learn one or more of 16 languages:

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Thai, Khmer, Burmese and Tagalog.

We are constantly adding more languages, so if you miss a language, let us know. Chances are we will add them. We care about small languages.

In case you wonder why the new name is LanGo (the Android apps are known as Simply Learn <Language>), the reason is simple: Our apps are localized in 20 languages now and LanGo can be pronounced in a lot of languages! We also love the name because it’s the short version of “Language on the Go”, which is what the app is all about. And it’s as much fun as PokemonGo 😉

So what’s inside the app?

LanGo on iOS covers 1000 of the most important phrases and words that you need for your daily life. They are recorded by a native speaker in crystal clear audio quality.

They are neatly sorted in useful categories. Of course you can also search in all phrases and star your favorite phrases and words.

In the Thai and Chinese app, we have a special feature: By tapping the little hat on the phrase, you will be presented the sentences broken down word by word (see screenshots above). This is especially useful for Asian languages because their grammar is so different from the English one.

You can always contact us through the main menu, and of course rate the app 🙂 (check out our promo below). In the settings you can flip the quiz and flashcards language, e.g. from English -> Thai to Thai -> English.

For languages that have a non-Latin alphabet (or characters) such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Thai, you can turn the transcript on and off. For the Thai app, we provide not only a female, but also a male voice, because Thai has a lot of gender-specific words.

The language quiz is a fun way to practice your skills. You will be asked ten different phrases, can you score 10/10? You can also quiz your favorite phrases.

Over to the “Study” tab. Here you can drill flashcards in a very customized way. First drag up to 3 categories you wanna learn in the box (left screenshot). Then start memorizing stuff! This feature is based on the spaced repetition technology and a proven way to extremely effectively learn vocabulary. For more, check out our detailed instructions.

Win a 20$ iTunes gift card

Until the coming Sunday, that’s the 09/03, you will have the chance to win one of two 20$ iTunes gift cards! Just download one of our iOS apps and give us an honest review on the App Store. Then write us an email from inside the app (“contact us” from the menu), and we will send you a free promo code for the pro version and sign you up for the lottery.

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions. If you miss your target language, let us know!

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