No Punjabi On Rosetta Stone: Try The 2 Best Resources

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If you’re bummed that there’s no Punjabi on Rosetta Stone, don’t give up just yet; download the Ling app for fantastic Punjabi lessons now!

Howdy! Language learners! Learning a new language can expand your perspective and give you a whole new outlook on things. Oh wait, are you using textbooks to learn Punjabi, but now you are looking for a more innovative way to learn the language? Since you’re here, I bet you checked out Rosetta Stone but couldn’t find Punjabi lessons.

Don’t worry! The Ling app is the best alternative to start learning Punjabi immediately!

The Punjabi Language Overview

First, let’s dive into the exciting world of learning Punjabi and why it’s so important to pick up this language.

Where Is Punjabi Spoken?

Did you know that there are a few nations where Punjabi is spoken? However, it doesn’t mean the number of Punjabi speakers is small. See the names of the nations where Punjabi is spoken, and you’ll see why.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Canada

According to Worlddata, around 111 million people speak Punjabi as their native language in Pakistan. This means almost half of the population in Pakistan are Punjabi native speakers. That’s pretty interesting!

Yeah, it’s interesting to note that even though Punjabi isn’t an official language in Pakistan, India, and Canada, many still speak it.

Is It Difficult To Learn Punjabi?

Every language has its own unique and fascinating aspect, just like Punjabi. So, the difficulty level may vary depending on your background and first language. As many might say, Punjabi has some similarities with Gujarati and Bengali.

If your native language is unrelated to Punjabi, why not learn some Punjabi vocabulary and everyday phrases before diving into grammar rules? Yeah, it helps you to be able to talk to locals right off the bat. It’s a great way to have fun and get things done, especially when traveling to the Punjab region!

Rosetta Stone App Review

If you’re just starting out and looking to immerse yourself in a new language fully, Rosetta Stone is worth checking out! The language learning app uses images and audio to teach you new words. Plus, it gives you plenty of opportunities to practice speaking the language!

However, there are better choices for people already at an intermediate or advanced level. Also, Rosetta Stone only has 25 languages available, and unfortunately, Punjabi isn’t one of them.

Psst! Looking for a more comprehensive review of Rosetta? Check out our Rosetta Stone’s detailed review!

Why Is There No Punjabi On Rosetta Stone?

Cool, so you’re interested in learning Punjabi now, and I’m guessing you might have just checked out the Rosetta Stone app?

However, Rosette Stone doesn’t offer any courses for Punjabi, huh? Yeah, I hear you. Even though they’re continually developing the app, Punjabi still needs to be included in their language lessons. So, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to study Punjabi with Rosette Stone in the foreseeable future.

Is the lack of Punjabi on the Rosetta Stone app discouraging you from discovering a new and better approach to learning the language? Come on! The Ling app can help you!

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Use These 2 Alternatives To Learn Punjabi!

Come on over here! Want to make your Punjabi language learning experience incredible? Check out these effective options!

The Ling App

The Ling app has 60+ languages available worldwide. And guess what? Punjabi is one of them! That’s great! The app covers everything you need to learn, from Punjabi vocabulary and grammar to listening and speaking skills.

Vocabulary Collection

The Ling app lets you access various essential words, including basic vocabulary and more advanced terms. Ling doesn’t just give you new words; it also helps you remember them better by providing excellent tools like quizzes, images, and audio.

Conversational Skills

Did you know that you can improve your Punjabi conversation skills by working on your listening skills and practicing your pronunciation? It’s true!

Have you tried listening to a recording of a native speaker on the Ling app? It’s a great way to improve your listening skills! So if you do it this way, you can hear how a native Punjabi speaker pronounces the word. Once you start practicing speaking with the app, it’ll help you improve your accent with its speech recognition engine. That’s so cool!

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Simply Learn

Simply Learn is actually a phrasebook that comes from Ling’s sister app. Yeah, it can definitely come in handy if you ever find yourself in a situation where it’s necessary to use some conversational phrases, like when you’re getting to your hotel or deciding what to eat.

All you need to do is pull out your smartphone, and you’ll have a bunch of Punjabi phrases at your fingertips to use with the locals!

In Summary

Don’t give up just yet because Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer Punjabi. Let’s find a way to make your day brighter here with Ling!

Learning Punjabi can take a while, so you must use your time wisely and focus on resources to help you progress. Don’t waste any time on resources that aren’t productive! You’ve discovered that while the Rosetta Stone app may be unreliable, there’s a great alternative in Ling!

The Ling App Makes Mastering Punjabi A Breeze!

Ling offers the most immersive learning method to improve Punjabi language skills anywhere and anytime! It’s the perfect tool to help you learn a new language, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It’s super convenient and easy to use!

Join the rest of the Punjabi learners who have chosen Ling as their companion! Download the Ling app from Google Play Store or App Store for FREE today. Get ready to be fluent in Punjabi soon!

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