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60+ Wonderful Malayalam Names For Girls And Boys

September 22, 2021

In Kerala, giving an adorable name to a baby is the most crucial task of a guardian because it reflects a person's identity, ancestors' cultural traditions, and heritage. In today's post, we will walk you through the best Malayalam names for baby boys or girls along with their local meanings. After all, who wouldn't want to be named after something that has a deeper meaning, right? If you are up for that, then let's start learning.

Here's the thing: Native Malayalam speakers follow a specific structure of baby-naming conventions. Unlike the names in other parts of India, the first name is not the original name, but the family name followed by the father's name. In English Malabar, the format starts with a surname, followed by the first name, then caste, and then the title name (if applicable).

Another trend observed among Malayalam-speaking people is that they take the first two letters from the parents' names and create a unique name for their children. Some people from Kerala or Malays also add the name of the village they came from or the mother's name. Interesting stuff, right? Let's get to know more about all the information on this topic in the next part below.

Top Trending Malayalam Names For Girls And Boys

When it comes to naming conventions, we cannot deny that traditional names are basically influenced by a number of factors, which is why finding the right name will take effort on the part of the parents. As with any other nationalities, names are considered important in the sense that it helps build your identity and will carry meanings related to your family and cultural connection. If you are unsure of the best names to use, be sure to check the tables below.

Malayalam Names For Girls

Below is a list of some of the best Malayalam names for your reason to smile - your baby girl. These baby girl names are unique, popular, and some are incredibly creative. Look at the following Malayalam names that are available in English and Malayalam with their meaning.

AbhisarikaaഅഭിസാരികThe beloved one.
AamiആമിOne who is dearly loved
Dhanyataധന്യതSuccessor fulfillment
IlaഇലIt means earth.
Indrakshiഇന്ദ്രാക്ഷിThe one with beautiful eyes
Indukalaഇന്ദുകാലThe moonlight
Indumaഇന്ദുമMalayalam term for the moon.
Indumukhiഇന്ദുമുഖിA woman with a moon-like face.
Pujyaപൂജ്യA person who is worthy of worship and respect
Reneekaറെനിക്കA woman who is like a song
JiniജിനിA Malayalam variation of Jenny.
Udvitaഉദ്വിതA river filled with lotus flowers.
Ujasഉജാസ്Bright or shining.
Ujhalaഉജ്ഹലLight or bright
Ujjayiniഉജ്ജയിനിIt means rising.
Ujjwalaഉജ്ജ്വലA woman with a bright personality. Bright or lustrous
Khushiസന്തോഷംHappiness, joy
UrjaഉർജOne with high levels of energy
UrmiഉർമിA wave of the sea.
Urvasiഉർവ്വശിThe most beautiful of all the apsaras (angels)
UshakiranഉഷാകിരൺRays of the morning sun.
Vijayalakshmiവിജയലക്ഷ്മിThe Hindu goddess of victory.

Malayalam Names For Boys

In Malayalam culture, Malayalam's surname and initials play an essential role in the baby's name. Hence, here is the list of some of the most beautiful and popular names for boys in Malayalam.

DhavalധവൽThe fair one, a fair child
Shivശിവ്Hindu lord shiva
DheemanധീമാൻAn intelligent man.
Ijayഇജയ്A name of Lord Vishnu
Ikshuഇക്ഷുA Malayalam word for sugarcane.
IndeevarഇൻഡീവർA blue lotus
Ipsitഇപ്സിറ്റ്Desired, the desirable one
IravanഇരവൻThe king of the ocean.
NairനായർA leader or a soldier
Pranalപ്രാണൽA waterway, estuary, creek
Remanരെമാൻ  One calming and beautiful as a Song
ShardoolഷാർദൂൽA man brave as a lion, lion
Shreeyaശ്രീയA name of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. It means luck.
Thakshakതക്ഷക്Name of a cobra
Ulhasഉല്ലാസ്Delight or joy.
UpanshuഉപാംശുChanting the mantras or hymns in a low tone
Upendraഉപേന്ദ്രIt means an element. A name of Lord Vishnu.
UshapatiഉഷപതിHusband of dawn or sun
Utpalഉത്പാൽBeginning, or a water lily
Uttamഉത്തംThe best of the rest.
Vachanവച്ചൻSpeech or promise
Vachaspatiവാചസ്പതിLord of speech
Vadishവദീഷ്Lord of the body
VanitaവനിതA lady or woman
VibhaakarവിഭാകർThe moon
Vagindraവഗീന്ദ്രൻLord of speech
Vagishവാഗീഷ്It means God of speech. Vagish is the name of Lord Brahma.
Vaidyanaathവൈദ്യനാഥ്Master of medicines
IravanഇരവൻThe king of the ocean.

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