Top 4 Extra Horrific Haunted Places In Kerala

haunted places in kerala

What lures you to a place when traveling? Would you first explore the beautiful beaches or seek out the most haunted places in Kerala when visiting this Indian state? Who says you can’t experience the best of both worlds?

Go ahead and search for the tourist spots in Kerala and learn some Malayalam words and phrases while I list down the most mysterious, spooky places in the area that will leave lasting impressions on your mind long after you’ve gone (if you can).

What’s With The Real Ghost Stories In Kerala?

Who would have thought that beyond the lush green landscapes, calm backwaters, and pristine beaches, Kerala is also known for mysterious places that carry with them centuries-old numerous stories of paranormal activity, evil creatures, and other mysterious circumstances? Just like other tourist-favorite countries such as Pakistan or Italy, Kerala also has its share of paranormal activities and mysterious incidents.

Many refer to the state as “God’s Own Country,” and one only has to look around at the enthralling nature and sights to understand why. Kerala’s abundance of various stories of abnormal activities and intriguing otherworldly beliefs are woven into the very fabric of its culture.

These tales, accompanied by terrifying screeches, frightening voices, and glass breaking, have been an integral part of the state’s character, shaping how its citizens perceive the world beyond what their eyes can see.

The range of supernatural beliefs in Kerala is diverse and deeply ingrained in the hearts of its people, from vengeful spirits and forsaken souls seeking forgiveness to friendly creatures offering protection.

Despite these spooky stories and paranormal activities, they only add an air of mystery to Kerala’s colorful culture and natural splendors. Instead of being turned off, many tourists flock to the place to quench their thirst for haunting tales and experiences.

white lady with no face in a haunted place

The Famous Haunted Places In Kerala

So where do you plan to go first to understand what the spooky craze in Kerala is all about?

Real Ghost Stories At The Kariavattom Campus In Trivandrum

Within the lively 450-acre property, you’ll find a forgotten pond with terrifying ghost stories. Legend has it that Hymavathi, overcome with grief after her lower-caste lover was killed by her relatives, committed suicide at this pond. After it happened, it created a haunting episode that kept pupils away in fear for years, believing her spirit still lingered.

The reality behind the scary tale, however, is revealed by Dr. George Mathew, a parapsychologist and former head of the psychology department at Kariavattom Campus. Apparently, Hymavathi did not pass away at the campus pond. She passed suddenly in a different pond about two kilometers from the university.

Initially, water supply problems forced some female students to use the campus pond for bathing and washing clothes, where female employees told them terrifying tales of Hymavathi’s ghost, instilling fear. Over the years, college departments performed plays about what happened to Hymavathi, modifying and spreading the story, further heightening students’ anxiety.

Yet, as time passed, perceptions of Hymavathi Pond changed. In March 2018, a group of fearless students spent a night at the pond, dispelling the myth. Their selfless act led to the pond’s transformation into a freshwater source, turning it from the most haunted place in Kerala into a favorite hangout for students.

The Wandering Soul At The Haunted Wayanad District

Among the many eerie legends that live up to this day in the many haunted places in the district of Kerala, the tale of Karinthandan stands out, originating way back during the colonial era. In the movie “Sreekrishna Parunthu,” the character Vadayakshi, a Yakshi residing near a banyan tree, bewitched viewers with its spectral charm.

Similarly, the story of Karinthandan, a ghost said to inhabit a tree, continues to captivate people’s imaginations. The narrative began when a British engineer sought Karinthandan, the tribal leader’s help, to navigate the dangerous Wayanad jungles.

Tragically, Karinthandan generously revealed the route, only to meet a horrible end. The engineer is believed to have deceived and killed him, driven by greed and a thirst for recognition.

Since that tragic incident, travelers on the Lakkidi-Wayanad route have shared accounts of paranormal encounters and unexplained events attributed to Karinthandan’s vengeful spirit, casting an eerie aura over Wayanad’s beautiful environment.

According to local folklore, a Manthravadhi, a follower of ancient traditions, resolved the issue by summoning Karinthandan’s spirit and attaching it to a tree. Today, the renowned Chain Tree and Karinthandan Temple serve as markers of this site, where passing motorists often stop to offer prayers and alms, seeking Karinthandan’s protection.

Sabarimala Temple’s Eerie Aura

The revered deity Sree Ayyappa is worshipped at Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple, boasting a rich history with captivating legends. Despite its beloved status, Sabarimala has been witness to several mysterious and celestial events, earning its reputation as one of Kerala’s most haunted locations.

Legend says that on January 14th, Lord Ayyappa engaged in a fierce battle with a demon. Each year on the same date, the spiteful spirit attempts to enter the sacred grounds, only to be repelled by Lord Ayyappa. Witness accounts suggest that the intense conflict concludes with the secretive entity’s defeat, followed by a blazing spectacle in the sky.

The Scary Bonacaud Bungalow

As day turns into night, this rundown house is believed to transform into a chilling locale, securing its place among the state’s spookiest locations.

During British rule, the bungalow gained popularity for its vast tea estates. However, tragedy struck one fateful night when the owner’s young children tragically passed away without apparent cause. Following this eerie occurrence, the couple left the bungalow vacant and returned to London.

Locals claim to have witnessed an ominous spirit, possibly that of a child, haunting the premises. The eerie sounds of shattering glass and a distressed child’s cries often fill the air around midnight.

Many people have reported encountering the ghostly figure of the haunted child wandering around the property, creating an unsettling atmosphere that never fails to pique their curiosity and send shivers down their spine.

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