6 Helpful Korean Words For Metro Travel


Korean Words for metro travel are a must-have in your travel pack as you enjoy your stay in the country. Why? Not only is traveling using the metro very convenient, but the South Korean metro is one of the best in the whole world! In fact, South Korea has cellphones and Wi-Fi services in its subway stations. Moreover, they have heated seats when the coldness of winter rustles through. Its train stations will really serve you well in achieving your best Korean vacation!

However, navigating the extensive metro systems can initially appear perplexing. But fret not! This article will introduce you to learning Korean, which will not only simplify your metro travel but also enhance your overall experience. From where to buy tickets to stepping on the train, let’s dive into the world of metro travel in South Korea!

Metro Traveling In Korea

“수도권 전철” (Sudogwon Jeoncheol) is what the natives call their very own Seoul Metropolitan Subway. It has 23 different trains that take you to lots of cool places in the city and even faraway spots. Korea’s metro rocks because it’s fast, clean, and covers everywhere you want to go. It’s super safe, with cool features like screen doors. Signs are easy to understand, and you can use fun cards like T-money. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and won’t break the bank. Basically, it’s the best way to zip around Korea!

Traveling fast using the roads can be quite a challenge during the rush hours (6-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.). In addition, it is worse because of the traffic congestion! Don’t want to find yourself in that position? Traveling using the metro will save the day! Let us look at the essential words as we navigate Korea’s amazing metro.


Easy Korean Words For Metro Travel

Subway – 지하철

Say hello to “지하철” (jihacheol)! It is the magical underground train system that zooms through the city, taking people on exciting adventures beneath the streets—you’ve guessed it right, the subway!

But how can we use it? Don’t worry, as we got it covered! Let us start with the tickets.

Ticket – 티켓

티켓 (tiket) is your magical passport to hop on the subway train and explore the city’s wonders! They have a single-journey and multiple passes (T-money card). For single-journey tickets, you pay the exact amount with the addition of a 500 KRW refundable deposit. On the other hand, for T-money cards, deposits are not required (just the required price). Always make sure that you have your 티켓 with you—don’t lose it!

Ticket Booth – 티켓부스

The ticket booth or “티켓부스” (tiketbuseu) is like the treasure chest where you get your golden tickets for the subway adventure! This is where you can purchase a single journey ticket. Just approach the booth and state your destination, then you’re good to go! Although this is not widely used, it is best if you are not planning to use the subway multiple times.

Korean Words For Metro Travel-ling-app-man commuting

Ticket Machine – 매표기

Meet the ‘매표기’ (maepyogi) – the ticket machine that’s your gateway to adventure! You’ll spot these in every Seoul subway station. With it, you can grab a cool T-money card and load it up with credit for your journeys. But guess what? You’re not limited to just this machine; you can snag a T-money card at almost any convenience store too!

What’s amazing is that there is even a variety of designs for each T-money card! Moreover, they give you a discount on subway and bus rides! So, not only are you traveling in style, but you’re also saving some cash not only at the subway line but also at the bus station!

Turnstile – 개찰구

Meet the turnstile, or as they call it in Korea, ‘개찰구’ (Gaechalgu)! It’s like the gatekeeper of our subway adventure, making sure we’ve got our tickets ready. Just give your ticket a friendly tap on the machine’s top, and voila! It’ll show you how much your adventure costs. If you have baggage (which is oftentimes a problem because of the tight space), enter with your body first and your luggage next.

Train Carriage – 기차 운송

You’re almost there! Just wait for the train carriage or “기차 운송” (Gicha unsong). Let’s say that the train arrives—how will we know if we can enter? Amazingly, Seoul Subway stations have special doors between the train and the platform. We just wait for those doors to open, and when they do, we can enter! But remember, we need to be super careful, especially children. Watch your step!

Learn Korean With Ling

There we have it, travelers! These Korean words for metro travel will assist you, even if you’re just learning to speak Korean! In that case, I advise going the T-money route, as it only requires a few taps on the 매표기 (ticket machine) and some Korean Won. Always remember that when rush hour starts to tick, there’s always the 지하철 (subway) to save the Korea trip!

But do you know how to enhance your stay in Korea? Yes, you’ve guessed it right—learning the language itself! Upgrade your linguistic skills drastically by not only studying Korean phrases but diving into their grammar, too! See yourself speaking fluently in Korean restaurants, talking to taxi drivers and native Koreans with Ling!

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