10 Delicious Korean Fusion Cuisine You Should Try

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Tired of getting the same-old dish at your favorite Korean restaurant? Well, thanks to the creative minds of amazing chefs, we have Korean fusion cuisine that takes international dishes to a different level. Read further to learn more about these meals and prepare your tissues, as you might drool because of their appealing look!

Korean Fusion cuisine is an innovative food genre that blends traditional Korean flavors and ingredients with other global cuisines. This style of cooking creates unique dishes that cannot be found in traditional Korean or the fused cuisine itself. These dishes not only taste different, but they also often have an innovative presentation that makes them stand out.

This new era of cuisines has grown in popularity worldwide in recent years, fueled by the global interest in Korean culture – from K-pop to Korean dramas – known as the “Hallyu Wave.” As a result, chefs around the globe have been experimenting with Korean flavors, integrating them into various local dishes, and creating an appealing blend of East and West. Come along as we scavenge for the best Korean fusion cuisine on the internet!

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Korean Fusion Cuisine Common Ingredients

Korean fusion cuisine refers to a blend of traditional Korean ingredients and techniques with different cuisines from around the world. It’s a creative way of cooking that combines different culinary traditions while maintaining Korean flavors at the core. Here are some key ingredients you might find in Korean fusion cuisine:

Ground black pepper후추Huchu
Soy sauce간장Ganjang
Korean fish sauce액젓Aecjeot
Roasted sesame seeds볶은 참깨Bokken chamggae
Korean chili powder고추가루Gochugaru
Sesame oil참기름Chamgireum
Korean chili paste고추장Gochujang
Soybean paste된장Doenjang
Korean Fusion Cuisine- Ling App

Must-Try Korean Fusion Cuisine

By the name itself, you can already tell that Korean fusion dishes are a combination of two cuisines. Here we’ve hunted down the best pairs from different cultures that’ll have you go for a second round. These are irresistible meals that’ll make you crave more!

1. Korean Tacos

Originating from Los Angeles food trucks, Korean tacos are a classic example of Korean-Mexican fusion. These tacos often feature Korean-style grilled meats such as bulgogi (marinated beef) or spicy pork, which are served on a traditional Mexican tortilla and typically garnished with kimchi, gochujang (red chili paste), and other Korean-style toppings.

2. Kimchi Pizza

Combining Italian and Korean cuisines, Kimchi Pizza takes the iconic fermented cabbage dish and introduces it to the Italian staple. The spicy, tangy flavors of the kimchi complement the rich, savory flavors of the cheese and tomato sauce, making for an interesting and creative fusion dish.

3. Bulgogi Burger

It’s a combination of Korean and American cuisine, the Bulgogi burger features a burger patty marinated in bulgogi sauce – a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, and other seasonings. The patty is then grilled, resulting in a flavorful and juicy burger with a uniquely Korean twist. It’s something that most meat lovers would enjoy and would surely love to take another one for takeout.

4. Korean-Style Ramen

While ramen is traditionally a Japanese dish, Korean-style ramen often involves adding Korean ingredients or flavors, such as kimchi or gochujang, to the ramen broth. This combination results in a ramen that’s both familiar and novel at the same time.

5. Korean Fried Chicken With Various Fusion Sauces

Have you tried the famous fried chicken sauces in South Korea? They’ll surely leave you craving for more once you get a taste of it. Korean fried chicken is often served with various types of sauce, and this is where fusion can come in. For example, you might find Korean fried chicken served with a spicy Buffalo-style sauce, a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, or even a sauce infused with flavors like coconut curry or truffle, giving it a unique taste.

6. Bulgogi Cheesesteak Sandwich

The Bulgogi Cheesesteak Sandwich combines Korean and American flavors into a unique and delightful fusion dish. Its centerpiece, bulgogi, is a tender, flavorful grilled beef marinated in a blend of Korean seasonings. This is piled onto a crispy, soft hoagie roll or baguette, reminiscent of a classic Philly cheesesteak.

Moreover, sautéed onions and bell peppers accompany the beef, their sweetness complementing the bulgogi. The sandwich is finished with a layer of melted cheese, typically mozzarella or provolone, adding creaminess to contrast the bold flavors.

7. Bulogogi Fries

Bulgogi Fries is a dish that’s as fun to eat as it is flavorful. Its combination of textures and tastes – from the crunchy fries to the flavorful beef, the creamy cheese, and the vibrant toppings – make for a truly enjoyable eating experience. It’s a playful, delicious take on loaded fries, successfully merging Western and Korean culinary traditions into one harmonious dish.

8. Korean Chicken And Waffles

Korean Chicken and Waffles is a fusion dish that pairs the sweet, fluffy charm of American waffles with the tangy, spicy crunch of Korean fried chicken. The chicken, marinated and coated in a blend of spices and then deep-fried to perfection, offers a flavorful and textural contrast to the soft, sweet waffles. The dish is typically finished with a drizzle of spicy-sweet sauce like gochujang syrup, adding a final touch of Korean flavor to this innovative culinary blend.

9. Kimchi Carbonara

Do you like the taste of kimchi? How about the luscious flavor of carbonara? This Korean cuisine is a mixture of the famous Italian pasta dish and staple Korean food. The pasta is topped with freshly grated cheese and a sprinkle of black pepper, and for a more Korean touch, garnished with sesame seeds and chopped spring onions. Your tastebuds will be greeted with a creamy, tangy, spicy, and utterly savory dish that is simultaneously comforting and packed with flavor.

10. Kimchi Stuffed Croissants

Kimchi Stuffed Croissants is a Korean fusion cuisine that melds French and Korean flavors. They feature the buttery, flaky pastry of a traditional French croissant filled with Korean kimchi, a spicy and tangy fermented cabbage. The tart, zesty flavor of the kimchi provides a delightful contrast to the rich, buttery pastry, creating a unique savory treat with a surprising kick. This dish exemplifies culinary creativity, merging two distinct food cultures into a harmonious and delicious combination!

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