Khmer Top 5 Folk Artists Waiting To Be Discovered By You


Choosing the Khmer top 5 folk artists is something of a challenge. Although not necessarily household names on the international stage, Cambodian musicians, dancers, puppeteers, and ceramicists are celebrated as national heroes at home.

You may not agree with our choice, but in this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the most talented artists who are the crowing jewels of Cambodia’s folk art scene.

Khmer Top 5 Folk Artists

Here are five undeniably talented Cambodian folk artists whose names deserve to be better known outside the borders of Cambodia.

Arn Chorn-Pond: The Musical Savior

First up we have Arn Chorn-Pond (អាន់ឆន-ស្រះ) a living legend in Cambodia, known for his remarkable efforts to preserve traditional Khmer music and art forms that were nearly wiped out during the Khmer Rouge regime. Born in 1966 in Battambang, Cambodia, Arn’s early life was marked by the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, during which he was forcibly conscripted into a child soldier unit. However, his love for Cambodian music would eventually become a source of hope and salvation.

While under the Khmer Rouge, Arn had the opportunity to learn the traditional flute and xylophone from a master musician. These skills would later become his lifeline and a means of reconnecting with his cultural heritage. After escaping from the Khmer Rouge, he was adopted by an American aid worker and moved to the United States. There, he founded the Cambodian Master Performers Program, dedicated to preserving Cambodia’s traditional music and dance.

Arn Chorn-Pond’s tireless efforts to revive and promote Cambodian music have led to the re-establishment of traditional ensembles, the training of young musicians, and numerous performances worldwide. He is a living testament to the resilience of Cambodia’s folk arts.

Kong Nay – The Master Of The Chapey Dong Veng

Kong Nay (គង់ ណៃ) is a Cambodian living legend known for his mastery of the “chapey dong veng” (ចាប៉ីដងវែង), a traditional Cambodian two-stringed long-necked guitar. Born in 1944, Kong Nay hails from a family of musicians and began playing the “chapey” at a young age. He developed his unique style and repertoire, which blends storytelling with music.

Kong Nay’s contribution to Cambodian folk music extends beyond his virtuosity on the “chapey”. He is a masterful lyricist and has composed songs that touch upon various aspects of Cambodian culture, from love and humor to tales of everyday life. His songs often contain a moral or a lesson, reflecting the deep cultural and historical roots of Cambodian folk music.

What makes Kong Nay even more remarkable is his survival during the Khmer Rouge era. Despite the regime’s harsh stance on artists and musicians, he managed to keep his musical skills alive in secret, ensuring that the legacy of “chapey” music would endure. Today, Kong Nay is celebrated both nationally and internationally for his contributions to Cambodian folk music.


Em Theay – The Living Legend Of Cambodian Dance

Cambodian classical dance, known as “Apsara Dance,” is a graceful and intricate art form inspired by mythical apsara dancers that has captivated audiences worldwide. Em Theay (ឯម ធាយ), often referred to as the “Queen of Apsara Dance,” is a living legend in the world of Cambodian dance.

Born in the 1930s, Em Theay began her dance training at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh at a young age. She quickly rose to prominence with her exceptional talent, becoming a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. However, her life took a tragic turn during the Khmer Rouge regime, when artists and intellectuals were persecuted and killed. Em Theay, like many others, faced unimaginable hardship and loss during this dark period.

Despite the immense personal suffering she endured, Em Theay survived and emerged as a symbol of resilience and hope. After the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, she dedicated her life to preserving and teaching Cambodian performing arts to younger generations.

Mann Kosal – The Master Of Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppetry, or “Sbek Thom,” (សបែកធំ) is an ancient Cambodian art form that brings to life mythological tales and epic narratives. Mann Kosal (ម៉ាន់ កុសល) is a renowned master of this art, and his dedication to preserving and revitalizing shadow puppetry has made him a cultural icon in Cambodia.

Mann Kosal was born into a family of traditional puppeteers and began his training at a young age. Despite the declining popularity of shadow puppetry in Cambodia due to modern entertainment options, Mann Kosal was determined to keep this art form alive. He spent years researching and perfecting the intricate craft of puppet making, painting, and storytelling.

Mann Kosal’s performances are not just visually stunning but also carry deep cultural and historical significance. His shows often depict ancient Khmer legends and stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Through his mastery of large leather puppets, he educates audiences about Cambodia’s rich heritage and mythology.


Yim Maline: The Ceramic Artisan

Yim Maline (យឹម ម៉ាលីន), born in 1982, Battambang, Cambodia, represents a new generation of Khmer artists who are revitalizing traditional crafts. She is a ceramic artisan known for her exquisite pottery, which blends traditional Khmer designs with contemporary aesthetics.

Yim Maline’s work is a testament to the enduring appeal of ceramics in Cambodia’s artistic landscape. Her pieces often feature intricate carvings and vibrant glazes, drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, and Buddhist symbolism. Her creations include both functional pottery and decorative art pieces.

What makes Yim Maline’s work particularly notable is her commitment to sustainability. She incorporates environmentally friendly practices into her craft, using locally sourced clay and adopting eco-friendly firing techniques. Through her work, she not only preserves the tradition of Cambodian ceramics but also contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Do You Agree With Ling’s Pick?

This is our choice at Ling and perhaps a starting point for you to find your favorite Cambodian folk artists whether a Cambodian rock musician, a Cambodian martial art proponent, or even a Khmer hip-hop artist.

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