Vegetarian In Japan: 3 Tips To Survive + Useful Phrases

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Are you a vegetarian who is afraid about traveling or relocating to Japan? It’s a piece of cake. Follow my advice, and your life being a vegetarian in Japan is like a breeze!

Yes, there are delicious Japanese food, and the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Compared to other countries, Japanese people like to consume healthful, freshly prepared cuisine with no strong flavor. Their eating habits involve eating sufficient amounts of nutrition, such as rice, meat, and vegetables. Then it’s pretty easy to find healthy Japanese cuisine.

So, what does this all mean? It means Japan is like a plant-based paradise! Finding vegetarian meals just got a whole lot easier. Why? Because it’s been hiding in plain sight all along! That’s right, vegetarian food has quietly existed in the Japanese culinary world. They’ve got many mouthwatering vegetarian dishes just bursting with plant power, waiting for you to discover their deliciousness!

How Common Is Vegetarianism In Japan?

As mentioned, Japanese people have a knack for keeping it healthy and balanced. They’re all about that harmonious blend of flavors, so they happily devour anything that comes their way, be it juicy meats or vibrant veggies.

But the good news is Japan also leveled up in the food game! They’ve become a food diversification powerhouse! It now offers a range of options to satisfy every kind of foodie out there. Whether you’re a halal enthusiast, a vegan, or a vegetarian ambitious, Japan has got you covered. This means you don’t have to find specific vegetarian restaurants since they have this option on their menu!

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Tips For Surviving As A Vegetarian In Japan

No more struggling or searching high and low because vegetarian Japanese food is now the norm. So sit back, relax, and let the vegetarian feast begin!

Tip 1: Learn How To Ask For Vegetarian And Vegan Options

If you’re short on time and want to know about vegetarian-friendly Japanese food, try remembering these phrases.

Do you have a vegetarian menu?ベジタリアン用のメニューはありますか?Bejitarianyou no menyuu wa arimasuka?
Is there meat in it?その中に肉が入っていますか?Sononaka ni niku ga haitteimasuka?
I can’t eat meat, do you have any recommendations?肉が食べられないのですが、何かお勧めはありますか?Niku ga taberarenai nodesuga, nanika osusume wa arimasu ka?

Tip 2: Learn About Japanese Vegetarian Food

By the way, if you have a moment to think about Japanese food, I’ve got a few vegetarian, vegan-friendly, and even plant-based diet options to share!

Natto – 納豆 (Nattou)

This fermented whole-soy product is a staple in Japanese cuisine. Breakfast with it and steaming rice is a common sight in many households. There’s karashi mustard and soy sauce to play with, too.

Natto is not only a vegan food but also very nutritious and healthy. Unfortunately, many people aren’t fond of it. Some people may be put off by its unique taste and its consistency’s slimy and sticky texture. But you never know; maybe you’ll end up loving it.

Miso Soup – 味噌汁 (Misoshiru)

If you’re worried about not feeling full from eating natto and a bowl of rice, I suggest pairing it with some miso soup. It’ll help satisfy your hunger! In Japan, it’s common for people to enjoy miso soup as a side dish. They’ll have their main dish and also savor a hot bowl of soup alongside it. It’s a delightful way to enjoy a meal.

Soybeans, like rice and barley, are used primarily to prepare miso. So, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it without worry.

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Soba Noodles – そば (Soba)

You can enjoy soba noodles, either hot or cold! It’s one of the most famous foods in Japan. And the best part is, it’s super healthy too!

However, if you follow a stricter vegan diet, avoiding this dish is best. The soba noodles are vegan because they’re made from buckwheat flour. But the soba’s dashi sauce you dip them in is not vegan; it is made with fish stock.

Rice Ball – おにぎり (Onigiri)

Have you heard of Onigiri? It’s this awesome grab-and-go food that’s popular! You don’t have to stress about finding a vegetarian or vegan restaurant when you wake up every morning. I love how we can simply stroll into those convenience stores on every corner and pick out our favorite onigiri flavor.

As a vegetarian, you totally want to save time. So, I’ve got some awesome flavors that you can easily grab and go!

Natto roll納豆巻Nattoumaki
Kishu pickled plum紀州南高梅Kishuunankou ume
Soy sauce riceしょうゆおこわShouyu okowa
Egg fried rice and soy sauce焼き飯Yakimeshi
Bok choy and salted kelp青梗菜と塩昆布Chingensai to shiokobu
Wasabi kelpわさび昆布Wasabi konbu
Sanriku seaweed三陸産わかめSanriku wakame
Maitake mushroom rice舞茸おこわMaitake okowa
Deep-fried tofu and carrot五目ごはんGomoku gohan

Tip 3: Finding Indian Or Italian Restaurants

Here’s the last handy tip for you! If you’re short on time and don’t feel like learning common phrases to ask the waiter about the vegetarian menu or remembering Japanese vegetarian food names, I’ve got an idea for you.

Instead of searching for specific vegetarian and vegan restaurants, you can simply go to one of Japan’s numerous Indian or Italian restaurants. Most of them offer a great variety of vegetarian options, like the Indian one offering vegetarian curries! Doesn’t that sound good?

In Summary

Once you finish reading this blog, all your worries should be gone. You don’t have to stick with the phone to find a vegetarian restaurant. Instead, you can now be ready for some mouthwatering vegan Japanese food or tantalizing vegetarian food because those tasty choices are waiting to be ordered and devoured.

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