Getting Around Tokyo: 5 Insider Tips For Backpackers

Getting Around Tokyo 5 Insider Tips For Backpackers

I know that look in your eyes when you first unfold one of those insanely complicated Tokyo transit maps. That rising panic of “Oh crap, how am I gonna navigate getting around this monster of a city without losing my mind!?” Well, the good news is that I’m here to let you in on insider strategies for getting around Tokyo like a real local.

When I first backpacked through Tokyo way back in 2020, I was totally overwhelmed, too. I mean, the only place I even knew how to get to was my tiny sharehouse in Sumida when I arrived. And to get there, I gulped and took a private van straight from Narita airport all the way to my neighborhood.

Whopping 27,700 JPY, baby!

Should’ve brought more travel buddies to split the cost, but nope – just me, my backpack, and enough personal space to starfish inside that plush Nissan Elgrand. I felt pretty fancy for a hot second, until I told my Tokyo coworker about my arrival ride. He immediately was like, “Dude, you got ripped off! There are way cheaper trains and buses to get into the city.”

But hey, every backpacking mistake is a lesson, right?

So, after draining my wallet on that airport splurge, I wisened up. I let my local friends show me the transportation ropes, mastering cheaper modes like express trains, subway passes, and night buses between cities. And now? Now I freakin’ rule at navigating Tokyo’s transit maze like a champ!

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna hook you up with in this post – the inside scoop on getting around Tokyo without losing your mind or your entire travel budget. Stick with me, and I’ll bless you with all my hard-earned navigation hacks and easy Japanese phrases.

How To Get Around Tokyo


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I know you’ve seen all the slick photos of Japan’s legendary shinkansen bullet trains zipping by at top speeds. And you bet your booty I’m gonna tell you to ride those beautiful beasts! We’re talking about the pride and joy of the nation here – the freakin’ Bullet Train!

Hopping aboard is THE best way to travel between Tokyo and other Japanese prefectures fast. We’re talking Tokyo to Kyoto in under 3 hours fast! You could crush a roundtrip same-day if you really wanted to rage hard!

Now if you plan on tacklin’ a bunch of domestic destinations, here’s my hot tip: invest in a Japan Rail Pass before touching down. Unlimited bullet train joyride for one, two, or three weeks? Heck yeah, sign me up! Just note, though, that this should only be considered if you’re planning to actually use JR trains since an ordinary pass amounts to 50,000 JPY.

Train And Subway Lines

I know that spider web of train lines and subway maps in the Tokyo station looks crazy confusing at first glance. All those colors and labels are enough to make your head spin! But here’s some good news: there are always helpful staffers around to bail you out if needed!

I remember when I first tried heading out to Nagoya from Tokyo Station. One look at those tangled train lines had me sweating. Thank god for that friendly security guard who saw my confusion and literally stepped away from his post to walk me to the right platform. Even waited with me until departure just to be sure! Gotta love that Japanese hospitality.

Oh, and here’s a mega tip if you’ll be train hopping for over 24 hours around Tokyo: invest in one of those Suica or Pasmo prepaid IC cards! Just charge it with Yen upfront using the charging booth found at the entrances, then top up enough yen to cover your fare on literally any train or subway line instead of fussing with tickets constantly. Plus, it works across all of Japan!


Alright, so Tokyo’s got a massive bus network traversing the city far and wide. We’re talking about everything from short-distance neighborhood routes to overnight sleeper buses between cities. For intra-city travel, buses fill gaps where subways don’t go. And at just a couple hundred Yen, way cheaper than cabs for short trips. Just tap your trusty IC transit card when boarding same as trains.

As for long-haul buses between cities and regions, they’re basically Japan’s budget travel option. We’re talking overnight sleeper buses with bunks! It’s not always comfy for tall tourists, but you’ll save some yen that a South Asia “sleeper bus” wouldn’t.

Just be sure to book tickets for intercity rides beforehand since seats sell out fast. Then night bus it from Tokyo all over Japan on the cheap while you snooze!


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Let me be real with you: taxis in Tokyo don’t come cheap! So I’d only recommend cabbing it if you’re rolling four deep or have an insane amount of luggage. Taxis can also be a godsend if you miss the last train at night (due to your Izakaya-hopping) and are stranded at some lonely station in the boonies. At least you won’t have to sleep on a platform bench for a few measley hours!

Otherwise, cabs should generally be a last resort if public transit can get you there. Nothing more sad than watching your vacation budget rapidly drain as you sit in traffic. I’ve been there…it hurts.

If you do take a taxi, be sure to have your destination written in Japanese to show the driver and grab one of the rear doors instead of a back seat for opening. Oh, and no need to tip because gratuity is included!

Car Or Bicycle Rental

Now if you’re craving wheels of your own to cruise Tokyo’s massive landscape, there are definitely rental options!

Let’s start with bikes. Pedal power is huge here, with locals opting to cycle rather than even public transit for shorter trips sometimes. And Tokyo’s got cool designated bike lanes to tap into. I’m talking simple city bike rentals up to fancy racing models if you want to cosplay Tour de France.

Decent prices, too – as low as a couple of bucks an hour. Just don’t forget to return bikes to racks before the last train to avoid extra fees!

As far as cars, major rental companies are around but require an International Driving Permit. Make sure to secure one before your trip, along with the standard license. Driving in Tokyo can be intense with narrow streets, but having a car does allow awesome day trips to see Fuji and beyond at your own pace!


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Now I know hoofing it everywhere might not sound super sexy. But hear me out – walking is hands down the best way to fully soak up Tokyo’s vibrant neighborhoods!

Just slip on some good shoes, grab public transit between major districts, then lose yourself wandering lesser-known intersections once you arrive. Let your feet guide you past salarymen sprinting to train platforms, hip students flocking boutique thrift stores, grandmas watering potted plants outside traditional homes, all that good stuff.

Before you know it, you’ll have walked 10+ miles and forgotten public transit even exists! Be sure to take a snack and drink pitstops at convenience stores along the way. And if the clouds roll in, pop open that pocket umbrella you packed.

Getting around Tokyo shibuya

Insider Tips For Getting Around Tokyo

We covered a crap ton of transit options for getting around Tokyo already. But to really rule the navigation kingdom, read these insider tips and say bye to confusion!

Tip 1: Get A Suica / Pasmo IC card

These reloadable plastic smartcards are dead simple: just charge them with Yen credit and tap when entering and exiting all trains, subways, and buses. Say goodbye to fumbling with single-journey tickets! Both cards are essentially equal – offering flexible payments deducted based on distance traveled. Top it back up at station kiosks easily along your journeys.

Tip 2: Download Japan Travel Maps Ahead

Arm your smartphone or tablet with this free tourism app tailored for foreigners. Toggle English mode, then plan routes, get walking directions & live transit schedules, see station layout maps, train fare estimates, and more. Functionality works offline without data, too – super handy if you grab local SIM cards or pocket WIFis with limited internet packages.

Installing Google Maps and Google Translate can also help out.

Tip 3: Learn The Main Stations And Transit Hubs

With dozens of stations spanning Tokyo’s vast metro, a few act as crucial waypoints when deciphering routes around the city’s railway labyrinth. I recommend writing down these station names and marking them on maps when trip planning. Having a sense of how the biggest transit hubs interconnect allows smarter navigation decisions on the fly too – like realizing alternate routes via switches at key junction stations.

Tip 4: Pack light

I cannot stress this enough – the lighter your luggage, the better as a backpacker attempting marathon Tokyo travel days using their transit network. Treating yourself to taxi rides everywhere with an overloaded roller bag will drain funds quickly. Resist overpacking! Stick to a slim, mobile carry-on backpack, ideally. Your back and wallet will thank you big time, schlepping up staircases and riding at rush hour.

Tip 5: Embrace The Art Of Aimless Wandering

Getting gleefully lost and stumbling upon hidden local gems is my favorite part of backpacking off-grid in monster metropolises like central Tokyo. Without rigid plans, you organically wander side alley eateries, hole-in-the-wall bars, quirky boutiques, and more like a wide-eyed local.

Getting around Tokyo shinjuku

Useful Japanese Phrases For Transportation

Getting around Tokyo’s vast transit networks and neighborhoods is vastly smoother with some key localized transpo-related vocabulary handy. Master these simple yet essential phrases:

Sumimasen – Excuse Me

Use frequently if lost to politely get someone’s attention for help

Kore wa doko desu ka? – Where is this place?

Helpful when indicating your destination on a map to get directions

X eki wa docchi desu ka? – Which way is X station?

Replace X with the station you are trying to locate

Kippu o kudasai – One ticket please

Request train, subway, or bus tickets by inserting “one” (as needed) before “ticket”

X platform doko desu ka? – Where is platform X?

Confirm you are boarding transport at the right platform

Time simple terms to enhance getting around interactions! Knowing basics like excuse me, ticket purchasing, clarifying directions, plus key spots demonstrates effort. Locals will eagerly assist!

Tokyo Transit – Conquered!

And that’s a wrap! From trains and subways to taxis, buses, occasional cab splurges plus all the wanderlust-fueled walking, my friends – you now have the skills to elegantly navigate whatever rapid transit adventure Tokyo throws down.

Just stick to those insider tips and useful lingo phrases, embrace the junction station mastery, and travel lightweight. The endless route options of this urban playground should start feeling like an exciting challenge, not intimidating whatsoever.

Oh, and if you really catch the Japan travel bug from this wild Tokyo ride? Consider diving deeper into the language with everyone’s fave app – Ling! Build up more conversational confidence at your own pace to reach higher echelons of smooth Tokyo travel through bite-sized lessons and retain key phrases with fun quizzes. Download it for FREE now!

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