5 Amazing Date Ideas In Tokyo For Expats

5 Amazing Date Ideas In Tokyo For Expats

Met your perfect match? When planning a date in Tokyo, thinking outside the box and finding the perfect location is key. But where do you even begin? With so many possibilities spanning Tokyo’s vast, vibrant landscape, it can be tricky to narrow down the options that’ll make your partner go “WOW!”

Lucky for you, I’m here to help! As ex-expat in Japan, I’m spilling the tea on the best date ideas in Tokyo for foreigners living in this one-of-a-kind metropolis. From quirky spots to soaring skyscraper views, I’ll reveal my top date night recommendations to help you plan an evening that will sweep your significant other off their feet!

Romantic Date Ideas In Tokyo

Romantic Date Ideas In Tokyo

Ready for a swoon-worthy night on the town with that special someone? Tokyo delivers urban romance like nowhere else! From soaring views to gardens like something out of a storybook, this city’s date night playbook makes it endlessly easy to impress your number one.

Whether it’s your first date or tenth with a new Tokyo flame, you’ll find possibilities for uniquely memorable evenings in this blog.

Of course, to avoid letting your date go hungry (or else there won’t be a next date!), plan the timing of these activities appropriately. With Tokyo’s famously romantic dinner finishes – even among counters and izakayas – ensure you eat beforehand if hitting up post-dinner gardens or skyline view spots. The convenience store egg salad sandwich is always a backup plan, but forearmed is forewarned!


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Row Your Boat Down The Chidorigafuchi Moat

If you really want to impress your date, go for maximum romance by renting a boat and paddling your way through one of Tokyo’s most iconic cherry blossom spots.

The Chidorigafuchi Moat forms part of the moat system surrounding the Imperial Palace. Every spring, this section transforms into a tunnel of fluffy pink cherry blossoms as the Sakura trees bloom along both sides of the water.

Even locals make special trips just for the atmospheric boat rides under the Sakura canopy. As you row gently through petal-strewn waters, the city seems to fade away, leaving just you, your date, and the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossom season.

Ready to level up further your casual date? Bring your date a homemade onigiri rice snack and bottled tea to recreate an iconic Japanese hanami picnic…but on water! As you navigate blossom-lined passages together, this is guaranteed to be a springtime date you’ll both remember.

Go On A Romantic Cruise On The Sumida River & Tokyo Bay

For a truly fun date night perspective on Tokyo, treat your special someone to a romantic sunset cruise along the Sumida River and Tokyo Bay.

Drifting slowly down the Sumida River, one of Tokyo’s iconic waterways, you’ll glide gently past historic Asakusa with its temples and shrines. Farther along, the soaring Skytree, the world’s tallest tower, rises before you, lit up spectacularly against the dusk sky.

As your boat exits the river, Tokyo Bay opens up, the perfect vantage point to soak in the capital’s glittering skyline – there’s nothing more iconic than seeing Skytree fade into the distance behind the red Tokyo Tower.

Most Sumida River cruise companies offer open evenings year-round or special night cruises. Relax on the open-air deck with a glass of wine, cozying up to your partner as the capital’s neon cityscape slides languidly by.


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Stroll Through Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Craving an urban oasis to spark romance on your Tokyo date? Make your way over to Shinjuku Gyoen – one of the city’s most breathtaking national gardens.

Spanning 144 acres, this green sanctuary has an incredible diversity of scenery, from French formal gardens to English landscapes. Wander through zones filled with sculpted hedges one minute, then find yourself in a traditional Japanese garden with tranquil ponds and teahouses the next.

Spring is the prime time to visit when over 600 cherry trees burst into clouds of blossoms. Pack a bento lunch box and have a hanami flower-viewing picnic under the delicate sakura like locals do.

Shinjuku Gyoen also has summer flowers, autumn foliage, and winter views to impress your date any time of year. Traditional concession stands sell hot green tea, which you can sip as you explore.

Pro Tip: If you’re going on a first date, why not make things memorable by renting a couples’ kimono for the ultimate cultural photo op! Take pics posing by the most picturesque garden backdrops, then scroll through the snaps over ice cream or coffee after.

Have A Drink At A Rooftop Bar In Tokyo

After all that walking around Tokyo, you and your date likely deserve a delicious drink, why not soak in the skyline while you’re at it?

When the sun starts to set, head to a rooftop bar to soak up those glittering city lights with someone special by your side. Top-floor venues like the Oriental Lounge at Mandarin Oriental and the New York Bar at Park Hyatt Tokyo should definitely be on your radar.

Gaze out at the urban sprawl below with a fancy cocktail in hand, toasting your magical evening out on the town. Many rooftop bars offer standing spaces too, which is perfect for a more casual vibe where you can cozy up together and chat the night away under the stars.

Rooftop bars allow you to take in Tokyo’s immense scale in serious style. For extra romance, save these swanky venues for the latter part of the night when the 360-degree views make the perfect backdrop for a first kiss!


“Touching the sky above Shibuya, I find myself suspended in awe as Tokyo’s boundless beauty unfolds befire my eyes. A mesmerizing dance of city lights and life, a moment I’ll cherish forever.🌃 #teamrt001

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Take In City Views At Tokyo Skytree Or Tokyo Tower

Want to quite literally sweep your date off their feet? Head to the Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower observation decks for bird’s eye views that will leave you both awe-struck.

At 634 meters high, the Skytree is the world’s tallest stand-alone tower. Ascend to the upper observation deck for panoramas of Tokyo that stretch all the way to Mt. Fuji on clear days. The scale is immense skyscrapers look like Lego blocks spread out around you!

As one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, Tokyo Tower also offers romantic sky-high perspectives. Take the elevator up to the main deck or special events observatory.

At sundown, the orange and pink light bathes Tokyo in an ethereal glow – a prime selfie moment with your date! The glittering skyline is even more dazzling after dark, making these elevated views the perfect way to end your evening on a literal high note.

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Easy Japanese Phrases For Your First Date

So you finally asked that cute expat out for an introductory date while living in Tokyo. Great job! But now you want to make a good first impression by breaking the ice with some Japanese. Don’t worry – here are flirty yet easy phrases to make your date smile.

Kirei desu ne – 綺麗ですね

Translation: You’re so pretty!
A classic line to show your admiration early on. Say while gazing gently into their eyes.

Douzo yoroshiku onegaiishimasu – どうぞよろしくお願いいたします

Translation: Please take care of me!
Use this polite phrase when you first sit down to demonstrate your gracious manners.

Kimochi ii desu yo ne – 気持ちいいですよね

Translation: This feels nice, doesn’t it?
If you hold hands or lock eyes, utilize this romantic line adding some tenderness.

Mada owaritainai n desu ga – まだ終わりたくないんですが

Translation: I don’t want this date to end yet)
When the night is winding down, but you’re keen to keep the sparks flying, try this flirtatious expression.

Ready To Visit Romantic Places In Japan?

Well, there you have it – a mix of quintessentially Japanese and uniquely Tokyo romantic date ideas guaranteed to wow that special someone!

But while grand romantic gestures go a long way, also remember – sometimes simple shared moments are the most magical while dating overseas. Ordering two strawberry daifukus and people watching in Yoyogi Park. Splitting a tall boy of Asahi on the summer riverbank. Sharing childhood stories at a tiny hidden kaiseki restaurant counter.

More importantly, the idea of going on a date is about connecting in deeper ways. So, don’t be intimidated by any language barriers! Apps like the Ling app can make grasping basics and flirty phrases fun, whether on the go or from home! Download Ling to unlock the first 2 units for FREE to charm your date in their native tongue!

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