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About Us

We want to enable all people
to learn something new every day, anywhere.

Our Story

The idea of creating a fun and effective language learning app as Ling started naturally from our own needs. In 2017, Simon, our Co-founder, came to Thailand and wanted to learn the Thai language as well as Thai culture. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any good online resources to learn the language.

With Simon’s expertise in developing mobile apps and the support from his wife, Kanyarat, who is another Co-founder, they created the Ling app for learning Thai with fun, bite-sized games. Ling soon became popular and trusted by thousands of Thai learners after a few months. With that huge support, we felt more confident to bring more languages to Ling. By now, Ling covers more than 60 languages such as Thai, Serbian, Tagalog.

Our mission is to enable people to learn something new every day, anywhere. We are happy to see travelers use Ling to communicate with local people, or to know that millions of users can learn less-spoken languages such as Lithuanian, Bengali, or Albanian.

Meet The Team

We are a team of young and dynamic people from different backgrounds, from Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, to Western countries like Canada, Germany. Our team members are eager to learn languages, as well as other knowledge from application development to content creation. In addition, we have a network of hundreds of content editors worldwide.

We believe great work starts with an open and supportive environment
where every idea will be listened to.

Ling In A Nutshell

Say goodbye to school books

Fun mini-games and quizzes help you mastering a new language quickly.
Practice hundreds of dialogues on the go. Talk to our chatbot about daily life topics.
Master the language with extensive grammar tips and instructions.
More than 60 language courses

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