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Frequently asked questions about learning Italian

How Easy Is It To Learn Italian?

When it comes to learning Italian, it won’t take you years to pick up the vocabulary. According to the Foreign Service Institute, it only takes 600 hours to reach proficiency in Italian.


Of course, those with a background in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or other Latin languages will be able to pick up Italian easier.


Besides taking free online Italian classes, these facts will help you with the language:


  • Grammar: Italian pronouns have cases (nominative, oblique, accusative, and dative). Italian also contains definite and indefinite articles, as well as conjugated verbs depending on tenses and moods.
  • Vocabulary: Italian contains at least 2750 frequent words.
  • Speaking/Listening: The most prominent feature of Italian is its rules on the letter “R”. Remember to roll your tongue when you say this letter!
  • Reading/Writing: The Italian alphabet has a total of 21 letters. In Italian, letters are pronounced exactly like how they are written.
How Can I Teach Myself Italian?

You can start with free Italian lessons online or using an Italian app for language learning.


Here are some of the most common factors that can affect a language learner’s ability to self-study:


  • Low/inconsistent motivation level
  • Distracting study environment
  • No clear goals
  • Spending too much time searching for the best way to learn Italian


Sound familiar to you? If you’re searching for a learning resource, try the Ling app! With over 200 Italian lessons, you’ll be fluent in Italian in no time!

Is Italian Worth Learning?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Italian is one of the world’s most popular languages. You’ll find yourself among 67 million native speakers if you start learning Italian now!


But why learn Italian? Here are some benefits:


  • You’ll land a job quicker – Want to impress your next boss? Learn Italian to widen your job scope and land a job in Italy faster!
  • Best way to make new friends – Italians are known for being energetic, talkative, and welcoming of new people. So, if you’re planning on staying in Italy for a long time, you should at least learn basic Italian for practicality and to meet new people.
  • Avoid getting lost – It’s not hard to get lost in Italy’s beauty, so make sure to brush up on your direction and transportation vocabulary before traveling there.
What Is The Quickest Way To Learn Italian?

The best way to learn Italian doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the quickest way. So, you have to do homework on which methods work best for you.


Need to learn Italian in less than a year? Here are some suggestions as you continue your language learning journey:


  • Mimick pronunciation and gestures: Italians love to use gestures and facial expressions to convey how they feel. In order to really learn and understand Italian, you should do your best to copy these gestures and any pronunciation patterns.
  • Use a good languge learning app: Don’t waste your time trying to find out how to learn Italian. Ling is the best language learning app for developing your Italian reading, listening, speaking, and listening skills.
  • Find an Italian language partner: Another cheap way to become fully immersed in Italian is to find an Italian language partner. You can always opt to find friends online through language forums like iTalki, Linguaholic, or Reddit.