Crack Slovenian Jokes With These 7 Best Slovenian Phrases

Every language has its unique style of cracking jokes, and so does the Slovenian language. Jokes bring the funny side of people out, making other people laugh. It not only positively impacts a person’s personality, like entertaining and attracting people, but it also improves their health. It helps one overcome stress and nervousness, which affects health positively. 

That said, we want to give you basic know-how of cracking Slovenian jokes using the best Slovenian funny phrases you can use in your everyday life. 

Slovenian Funny Expressions

Slovenian jokes

Let’s look at some funny Slovenian expressions that will make you laugh. Enjoy and have the time of your life learning these.

Imam Macha

Imam macha is a funny phrase to grab someone’s attention. What happens to people who commonly go out and drink on their off days or whenever they want to go for a drink? After drinking so much, most people encounter hangovers by having the symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, etc., right?

But let me tell you how Slovenians handle this; they don’t get a hangover. They have a cat. In the Slovenian language, they call it ‘imam macha.’ It means the same thing that they have a hangover, but they cover it up by saying they have a cat.

What an intelligent way of covering up your hangover while telling the other person about it. Isn’t it?

Sekira Mi Rifle Into V Med

You must be a little puzzled after reading this sentence. So the above phrase has an English translation ‘my ax fell into the honey.’

This phrase is used by Slovenians when they want to wish good fortune to someone. This sentence means ‘may you be given a lot of unexpected happiness and success. It sounds quite normal and a severe wish for luck to someone. But saying may your axe fall in honey sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Vrzemo Pusko V Koruzo

This Slovenian phrase means ‘throwing a rifle into the corn.’ This means giving up on something. So why is it a funny expression? Slovenian people do not give up; instead, they end the cause of what can keep them going in something.

They will stand and say they will never give up but will give up indirectly. It seems funny that you are giving up like anything but still pretending to be on the spot for a fight.

Je Sel Okrog Riti V Zep

To criticize someone for being lazy, this funny expression is used. It literally means ‘go into the pocket around the ass” Slovenian people are generalized here as a nation who would do whatever it takes to cut short the effort, even if they have to fit themselves into the pocket around the ass, but would never take a long way.

Naj Te Koklja Brcne

This kind of funny expression means’ let the mother hen kick you. It is an English equivalent to the phrase ‘go to hell.’ As ‘go to hell ‘is a strong phrase, Slovenians find it dark to use it. They replace this by saying may the mother-hen kick you. You must be confused about the word mother hen. Mother hen is a word used for someone who is overprotective and caring. 

Slovenians take their madness out by saying ‘to have a kick from the mother hen’ to the person whom they upset or mad with, but it sounds cute that they want them to be punished but not in a more complex manner, as a mother hen being caring would not kick harder. How funny, you Slovenians!

Kuzla Mu V Rit Skace

You might have heard this Slovenian joke somewhere if you have a Slovenian friend or you got Slovenian citizenship. This phrase means ‘they have a bitch jumping into their ass.’ It literally means ‘under pressure. 

Do you know what’s more famous in Slovenia? Slovenians do not get under pressure; instead, they feel a bitch who jumps into their ass. You must be thinking it to be the switch of words. Of course, it is. You saw how creatively and humorously they molded their feelings into indirect talks. The funny part is they say everything but then cover up with some funny divergent phrases.

Ima Veliko Masla Na Glavi

This phrase means ‘have a lot of butter in their head.’ It means to be guilty of something. But Slovenians can not be guilty of anything, right? Yes, you have read right. They cannot be guilty of anything. At least they will not say out loud that they are guilty of any mistake. Instead, they would have butter on their heads. 

So if you are married and have a Slovenian spouse, remember this when he/ she has butter on his/her head. (on a lighter side).

Wrapping Up

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