10+ Useful Info About Expat Networking In Slovenia

Expat Networking In Slovenia

Slovenia, a tiny country in Europe, is becoming a favorite for expats who are looking for beautiful scenery, rich culture, and modern comforts. The country is a friendly, vibrant place that’s a mix of historic charm with modern living, making it a great place to call home.

If you’re wondering about expat networking in Slovenia, including health insurance, finding a job, or simply navigating life while trying to learn Slovenian vocabulary, this post will cover it all! I’ll help you face all the challenges of moving to a new country and be the first one to extend a warm welcome.

Expat Networking In Slovenia

Whether you’re just thinking about relocating or you’ve already got a job lined up, you’re in for a really fun adventure! There’s great expat networking in Slovenia that will help you transition easily.

The country offers a very welcoming environment and many social events where you can make new friends. Slovenians are super friendly, so it’s easy to connect with them and other expats living there who share your interests.

Expat Communities And Organizations In Slovenia

The most well-known expat community in Ljubljana that offers regular social events and networking opportunities is InterNations Ljubljana. It organizes everything from casual meetups to cultural excursions, as well as professional networking events.

Another great way to meet some people is through Meetup. This platform is not only great to use around the world, but works excellently for expats in Slovenia as well!

Expat.com is an international platform that offers forums and resources where expats in Slovenia can share experiences, ask questions, and get advice on living in the country. It’s a useful tool if you’re a newcomer looking for information and connections.

One of the easier ways to get in touch with other expats is to simply search for Facebook groups, such as “Expats in Ljubljana ” or “Foreigners in Slovenia.” These groups are always active, posting tips and organizing meetups every day. It’s also a direct way of getting first-hand experience when you’re facing any kind of challenge.

Career And Job Networking In Slovenia

Looking for an English-speaking job in Slovenia? Your best bet would be Linked-In, where there are new jobs being posted every day.

Of course, there are other platforms as well, such as Europe language jobs, and The female factor. They, too, will have a large choice of jobs for you to choose from.

Living In Slovenia As An Expat

Now that you know how to connect with other expats, let’s learn a bit more about living in this welcoming country.

Slovenia has been an independent country since 1991 and has been part of the EU since 2004. It’s a parliamentary republic with a well-functioning democracy, regularly holding free and fair elections.

Slovenia is known for its high quality of life and relatively low cost of living compared to Western Europe. Other than that, it’s considered one of the safest countries in Europe!

The Slovenian transportation system is great and easy to use. Since it’s a small place, it won’t take you long to discover all the corners of the country using only public transport. You can very easily travel and visit the neighboring countries as well: Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia.

Where Should I Live And Work?

Slovenia, though small, has a growing expat community, especially in major cities like Ljubljana, Maribor, and Koper. The community includes workers and digital nomads, all experiencing the amazing Slovenian work culture. Other people who come to live in Slovenia are exchange students and retirees.

Most likely, you’ll find a job in Ljubljana, because it’s the largest city. Ljubljana already has many expats living there, so you’ll already have a built-in support network. You’re more likely to get English-speaking jobs here as well. If you choose to work in Ljubljana, you may live in nearby, smaller charming cities like Škofja Loka or Kranj. This makes it a bit of a commute, but the cost of living is much cheaper! Everywhere, you’ll find amazing restaurants with traditional Slovenian food.

Other options are smaller and more laid-back. The pro of this option is that there’s a stronger sense of community. Koper is located on the coast, and is kind of a unique blend of Slovenian and Italian culture. Not to mention, you have access to the Adriatic Sea, and the climate is nicer. Consider all of this when picking your place to live and work in.

Health Insurance In Slovenia

In Slovenia, you can get good healthcare either through the public system, which everyone pays for with insurance, or through private options. Public healthcare covers a lot of services and has modern hospitals. Some foreigners choose private healthcare because it’s faster, even though it costs more. Emergency help is quick and reliable, and it’s important for foreigners to have health insurance. EU citizens can access emergency services with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Ljubljana city center

Going To School In Slovenia

For expat families coming with children, you’ll be pleased to know that Slovenia has international schools that offer an international baccalaureate.

They help kids adjust to living in Slovenia while giving them a great education. Examples of these schools in Slovenia include the British International School of Ljubljana and the QSI International School of Ljubljana. They’re important for families who move to Slovenia for work or other reasons, making it easier for kids to settle in and learn.

Work Permit And Work Visa

In Slovenia, you can stay short-term with a Schengen visa or long-term with a temporary residence permit. The process depends on why you’re staying, like for work or study. For work permits, you’ll need a job offer.

Remember to renew your permit on time to avoid problems. After five years, you can apply for permanent residency if you meet certain requirements like having enough money and health insurance.

It’s a good idea to get legal advice, and there are experts who can help, as well as groups for expats where you can find support and make connections.

Learning The Slovenian Language

The official language is Slovenian, but English is widely spoken among Slovenians. So much so you may even hear it in everyday conversations. It’s not an official language, though. You will hear Slovenian everywhere: in schools, on the TV, on the radio, at offices, and everywhere else. There are many classes offered that you can attend to improve your Slovenian language skills. Another great option would be to use the Ling app, as it is a fun way to learn hard languages.

Expat family in Slovenia

How Do You Say Expat in Slovenian?

The word for expat in Slovenian would be izseljenec. This basically translates to someone who has moved out (of their own country) and is now residing in another foreign country.

Essential Expat Networking Vocabulary

Networking is super important for expats in Slovenia. It’ll help you fit into your new community, do better at work, and make friends. You should start with some basic Slovenian vocabulary, but here are some super easy words related to being an expat in Slovenia.

Work permitDelovno dovoljenje
Culture shockKulturni šok
Language barrierJezikovna ovira
Legal mattersPravne zadeve
Residency permitDovoljenje za prebivanje

Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Expat In Slovenia

How Many Expats Live In Slovenia?

There are around 150,000 foreigners living in and working in Slovenia right now.

Is It Expensive To Live In Slovenia?

Living in Slovenia as an expat can be cheaper than in some other countries in Europe, but it depends on where you live and how you spend money. Big cities usually cost more than rural areas. Things like rent, food, and transport can vary. It’s important to plan and budget before moving. Talking to locals or other expats can help you understand how to manage costs.

What Is The Quality Of Life In Slovenia?

Slovenia always ranks quite high in global quality of life rankings, with high scores for things like healthcare, safety, and happiness. It’s also known for its stunning nature, strong economy, and friendly people. The United Nations ranks Slovenia 22nd out of 189 countries for human development. Perfect if you’re thinking of moving there as an expat!

Slovenian flag

Ready To Join The Thriving And Welcoming Community?

In Slovenia, expats find themselves in a warm and friendly community that helps them thrive. We locals love to welcome people to our homeland and share our amazing culture and history. With its safety, good healthcare and adventure options, Slovenia should be high on the list for expats looking for a fulfilling life!

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