Merry Christmas In Urdu: 20+ Attractive Ways

Have you ever wondered how to wish someone a Merry Christmas in Urdu? The month of December brings joy to people all over the world, including those in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christians who live and work in other countries are encouraged to return home to celebrate this day with their families. Christmas is a joyous occasion. Everyone enjoys singing Christmas carols and watching amazing performances of the Christmas story by children for their families or in church.

Let’s find out about all of the Urdu Christmas blessings and break down each blessing. As a result, you will remember what they all mean. Furthermore, the Urdu culture is rich in unique traditions, which you will learn about today.

Our online lessons on the Ling app are designed to help you learn Urdu. Here, you can learn how to wish Merry Christmas in Urdu effectively. Not only that, but also find out how to pronounce them correctly in order to communicate in Urdu. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How People Celebrate Christmas Day In Pakistan

Christians return to Church on Christmas Day, for the celebrations. People dress up in their brightest, most colorful outfits. They can spend hours in the Church courtyard, sampling various foods from the various stalls.

Despite the Muslim majority, Christmas is freely celebrated in Pakistan. By declaring this day a national holiday, this country gives equal rights to the Christian minority. As a result, the national holiday allows Christians in this Muslim-majority country to commemorate Christ’s birth.

The planning process begins in the first week of December. Every Christian family attempts to purchase and decorate a Christmas tree.

December is also a popular month for engagement and wedding ceremonies. Whereas, poor families wait an entire year for their children to say ‘Mern’ to receive new clothes and shoes.  

Common Phrases To Say Merry Christmas In Urdu

Here are the most common ways to greet each other and wish Merry Christmas in Urdu on Christmas Day in Pakistan.

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Merry Christmas!کرسمس مبارکChristmas mubarak
May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter!میری دعا ہے کہ آپ کی چھٹیاں ہنسی خوشی گزریںMeri dua hai key aap ki chuttiyan hansi khushi guzrein
Happy Holidays!چھٹیاں مبارکChuttiyan mubarak
Happy Christ Day!حضرت عیسی کی سالگرہ مبارک ہوHazrat Eesa ki saalgirah mubarak hou
Be Merry!خوش رہوKhush rahou
Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright!آپ کو روشنی اور خوشیوں سے بھری کرسمس بہت مبارک ہوAapko roshani aur khushiyoun sey bhari Christmas bohat mubarak hou
Merry Christmas with lots of love.میری طرف سے ڈھیر سارہ پیار اور کرسمس کی مبارک بادMeri taraf sey dhair sara pyaar aur Christmas ki mubarakbaad
Hang the stockings on the chimney with careموزوں کو دیھان سے چمنی پہ لٹکا دوMozoun ko dihaan sey chimney pey latka dou
Best wishes for a joyous Christmas that brings love, happiness, and prosperity in your lifeمیری خواہش ہے کہ یہ کرسمس آپ کی زندگی میں محبت، خوشی اور خوشحالی لاۓMeri khwahish hai key ye Christmas aapki zindagi main muhabbat, khushi aur khush haali laiye
I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy, and happiness.مجھے امید ہے کہ آپ کی چھٹیاں پر سکون اور خوشیوں سے بھری ہوں گیMujhe umeed hai key aapki chuttiyan pur sukoon aur khushiyoun sey bhari hongi
May you have the best Christmas!تمہاری کرسمس بہترین گزرےTumhari Christmas behtereen guzre
Smile on this happy occasion! It’s Christmas!اس خوشی کے موقعے پر خوب مسکراؤIs khushi key mouqey par khoob muskurao
May God shower you with his blessings this Christmas.اس کرسمس خدا تم پر رحمتیں بر ساۓIs Christmas, khuda tum per rehmatain barsaye
Enjoy the holiday seasonچھٹیوں میں مزے کروChuttiyoun main mazey kero
May this Festival of Lights bring blessings upon you and all your loved ones.یہ روشنیئوں کا جشن آپ کے اور آپ کے خاندان کے لۓ رحمتیں لاۓYe roshniyoun ka jashn aapkey aur aapkey khaandaan key liye rehmatain laiye
Best Wishes For The New Year!نۓ سال کے لۓ بہترین خواہشات رکھیںNaye saal key liye behtereen khwahishaat rakhein
Have A Great Winter Vacation!آپ کی سردیوں کی خوشیاں اچھی گزریںAapki sardiyoun ki chuttiyan achi guzrein
See You Next Year!اگلے سال ملیں گےAgley saal milein ge
Enjoy The Holidays!چھٹیوں کے مزے لوChuttiyoun key mazey lou
Happy Hanukkah!ہنوکا مبارک ہوHanukkah Mubarak ho
Happy Kwanzaa!کوانزا مبارک ہوKawanza Mubarak ho
Have A Happy New Year!نیا سال مبارک ہوNaya saal Mubarak ho

In addition to family gatherings, those who are able to attend church gather on Christmas Eve. The majority try to attend a midnight service. Also, a traditional liturgy is practiced by some mainstream churches. Small churches in the countryside and the village include prayer, scripture, and especially intergenerational family groups singing psalms and carols.

People returning from the midnight service greet other walkers and anyone who comes their way. Some families continue to visit each other after the midnight service.

Other Terms Related To Christmas In Urdu

Various groups perform carol singing during the last week of Advent of Christmas time in many areas. They walk on the streets and go from one house to another while singing carols in exchange for the families donating something to the choir.

Each house in the major Christian areas is decorated and has a star on the roof. The streets are also decorated and illuminated. The houses, rooms, and the Christmas tree are also significant decorations. There are crib competitions every now and then! Christians will also occasionally exchange Christmas cakes.

Here is some related vocabulary for Merry Christmas in Urdu.

English UrduPronunciation
Churchگرجا گھرGirja ghar
Christmas Dayکرسمس کا دنChristmas ka din
Christmas Eveکرسمس کی راتChristmas ki raat
Santa Klausسینٹہ کلوسSainta Klaus
Seasons greetingsبہت ساری مبارک بادBohat saari mubarakbaad
Mulled wineشرابSharab
Jesus Christحضرت عیسی علیہ السلامHazrat Esa (peace be upon him)
Reindeerقطبی ہرنQutbi hiran
Christmas dinnerChristmas ki dawat
Gingerbread cookiesجنجربریڈ کے کوکیزGingerbread key cookies
Christmas porridgeChristmas ka dalyaکرسمس کا دلیہ
Christmas treeChristmas ke darakhtکرسمس کے درخت
Wreathچادر چڑھاناChaddar charhana
Snowmanسنو مینSnow man
Snowflakesبرف کا گولاBaraf ka gola
Turkey مرغMurgh

The evening is usually spent with immediate family, loved ones, or relatives, and special foods are served. Adults frequently visit their parents.

Churches are packed on Christmas Eve for midnight or vigil-mass services. The choirs perform some very special hymns. In some areas, fireworks are set off after the vigil mass to commemorate the start of Bara Din. People dance, exchange gifts, and have a good time on this special night.

Other Traditions Followed On Christmas Day In Pakistan

Also, in the first week of December, some churches host special “White Gift” services for women who dress in white to honor Mary as Jesus’ mother. During these services, the church gives gifts to its female members. Many Urdu Christians give needy widows, children, and families food, baskets, and money.

Another strong cultural custom is for parents to send gifts and sweets to their married daughters before Christmas. Because married daughters usually live close to, if not with, their husband’s parents.

Therefore, a daughter waits with bated breath for her mother to bring her a Christmas gift at her in-laws’ house. It is considered to be a sign of love and care, as well as an honor to the daughter.

On Christmas Eve, everyone at home keeps an eye on their clocks, waiting for all three arms to converge at precisely midnight to celebrate Christmas. What a joyful moment it is when everyone compliments each other, “WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! MUBARAK! BARRA DIN MUBARAK!” 

Elders bless their children for long life, peace, love, and unity while children hug each other. On the streets, young people and their elders light fireworks, yet another symbol of joy, love, and happiness for this special day.

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