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50+ Useful Vocabulary For Rooms In Urdu

Do you know any different vocabulary for rooms in Urdu? Did I hear ‘No?’ Don’t worry; you came to the right place. After reading this, when you visit an Urdu speaker’s house in Pakistan or maybe in India, you will not be left scratching your head.

For people in Urdu-speaking countries, a house is more than just a physical structure. It is also a symbol of power, authority, and a variety of other things. Further, it provides a sense of security and well-being, and financial standing in society.

Hence, rooms (Kamray) are the most important part of the house. Our body needs to recover so that the mind can work properly. In this way, rooms provide space and quiet time, which adds to some peace. The best example is the bedroom where we spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

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Easy Vocabulary For Rooms In Urdu With Pronunciation

Vocabulary For Rooms In Urdu

Houses have different rooms, so it is difficult to keep track of them all. There are many places that use room types that you may not be familiar with. Knowing the purpose of every type of room in a house is critical in determining exactly what you require in a home.

In your Urdu learning journey, you must be excited to know which words are used for which room. Urdu is a cultural language with rich literature that is similar to Hindi, Punjabi, Persian, Turkish, and Sanskrit. Learning Urdu can help an individual better understand the other languages mentioned.

BedroomKhawab gahخواب گاہ
BalconyBala khanبالاخانہ
CorridorBaramdaبر آمدہ
Dining RoomKhanay ka kamraکھانے کا کمرہ
Kitchen/Cooking RoomBawarchi khanaباورچی خانہ
BathroomGhusal khanaغسل خانہ
Laundry roomKapray dhone wala kamrahکپڑے دھونے والا کمرہ
Living RoomDeewan khanaدیوان خانہ
BasementTey khanaتہ خانہ
ClosetNijji kamrahنجی کمرہ
PantryTosha khanaتوشہ خانہ
Home officeGhar daftarگھر دفتر
SunroomKhula kamrahکھلا کمرہ
Library/ Study RoomKutub khanaکتب خانہ
Storage roomGodamگودام
Kid’s bedroomBachaun ka kamrahبچوں کا کمرہ
NurseryDaaya khanaدایہ خانہ
Guest roomMehman khanaمہمان خانہ
PlayroomKhel ka kamraکھیل کا کمرہ
Home gymgymnazeemجمنازیم 
GarageCar godamکار گودام
Utility roomUtility kamrahیوٹیلیٹی کمرہ
LoftBala khanaبالاخانہ
Porch or VerandaPaesh gahپیش گاہ
GreenhousePoda gharپود گاہ

Other Terms Related To Rooms In Urdu

Whenever we think about a room in a house in general, a variety of other related terms also come to my mind.

DoorbellDarwazay ki ghantiدروازے کی گھنٹی
FireplaceAag ki jagahآگ کی جگہ
TV setTelevision setٹیلی وژن سیٹ
Back doorPichla darwazaپچھلا دروازہ
Bunk bedAik k upper aik bistarایک کے اوپر ایک بستر
DoorknobDarwazay ka dastaدروازے کا دستہ
Curtain rodParday ka dandaپردے کا ڈنڈا
GableMakan ka konaمکان کا کونا
LumberBekaar samanبے کار سامان

With around 160 million speakers in over 26 countries, Urdu is among the world’s 20 most spoken languages, which means that if you are traveling to any of these countries for studies or career opportunities, language will not be a barrier. You must be aware of the basic Urdu words and important terms. Also, read our hands-on review on how to wish happy birthday in Urdu.


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Vocabulary For Rooms In Urdu

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