20+ Moods And Emotions In Urdu: Easy Guide

Whether you are feeling angry, sad, or happy, you need to learn how to express moods and emotions in Urdu. In my experience, Pakistanis are hospitable, emotionally involved, and warm toward their family. It is also true when it comes to visitors or foreign tourists.

In Urdu, the translation for emotion is jazbaat (جذبات). You will learn here about moods and emotions mizaaj aur jazbaat (مزاج اور جذبات) Our online lessons on the Ling App are designed to help you learn Urdu more effectively. Come on over and have a look for yourself.


How To Say Different Moods And Emotions In Urdu

These vocabulary words will assist you in discussing various feelings, emotions, and situations that we encounter. Discover how Pakistanis address their moods and emotions in Urdu in everyday life.

English WordsUrdu WordsPronunciation
Scaredڈرا ہواDara hwua
Exhaustedتھکا ہواThaka hwua
Sleepyخواب دیداہKhwaabeedah
DisgustedناگوارNa gawar
Angryغصہ۔ناراضGhussa, Naraz
Surprisedحیرت زدہHairat zada
Anxiousفکر مندFikr mand
ConfidentپراعتمادPur aitamaad
IndifferentلاتعلقLa taaluq
Frightenedخوف زدہKhouf zada
HopefulپرامیدPur umeed
Excited or excitementپرجوشPur josh
RelievedپرسکونPur sukoon
Thankfulشکر گزارShukr guzaar


Emotions In Common Sentences

To further illustrate moods and emotions in Urdu, read the sentences below in the English language with roman Urdu and Urdu translation.

English SentencesUrdu Sentences Pronunciation
He felt fear again, which is a sign of weakness.اسے خوف آیا جو کہ کمزوری کی الا مت ہےUssey khof aya jokey kamzori ki ilamat hai
She uttered a sentence of love for her cat.اس نے اپنی بلی کو پیار بھرے الفا ظ بولےUsney apni billi ko pyaar bharey alfaz boley
I am afraid of dogs.مجھے کتوں سے ڈر لگتا ہے۔Mujhe kuttoun sey dar lagta hai
My mother felt pain in her knees.میری امی کو گھٹنوں میں درد محسوس ہو ہا ہےMeri ammi ko ghutnoun main dard mehsoos horaha hai
The soft bed was relaxing for her.اس کا بستر آرام دہ تھاUska bistar araam dey tha
He was embarrassed by his act.اسے اپنے کام پر شر مندگی ہو رہی تھیUssey apney kaam par sharmindagi horahi thi
She doubted her capability.اسے اپنی قابلیت پر شک تھا۔Ussey apni qabliyat par shaq tha
The one that is hurt the most is here.جس کو سب سے زیادہ تکلیف پہنچی ہے وہ آج یہاں آیا ہےJisko sabsey ziyada takleef pohanchi hai, wo aaj yahan aya hai
The baby was crying after his mother left.ماں کے جانے کے بعد بچہ رو رہا تھا۔Maa key jaaney key baad bacha roraha tha
Your jokes are so funnyآپ کے لطیفوں پر بہت ہنسی آتی ہےAap key latifoun par bohat hansi aati hai
Love, grief, and hatred are human emotions.محبت، غم اور نفرت انسانی جذبات ہیں۔Muhabbat, gham aur nafrat insaani jazbaat hain
Students are excited for the trip.طلباء سفر کے لیے پرجوش ہیں۔Tulba safar key liye pur josh hain
Students are worried about their exam resultطلبا ء کو اپنے امتحان کے نتیجے کی فکر ہےTulba ko apne imtehaan key nateejey ki fikr hai
I am fed up of the same routine.میں اس روز کی روٹین سے تنگ آگئ ہوںMain is roz ki routine sey tang agayi hoon
They are upset, so take care of their feelings.وہ پریشان ہے اس کے جذبات کا خیال کروWo pareshaan hai, uskey jazbaat ka khayal kero
Helping one another brings joy to life.ایک دوسرے کے کام آنے سے زندگی میں خوشی آتی ہےEk doosrey key kaam aney sey zindagi main khushi ati hai
The family lives happily together.ان کا خاندان خو ش باش ہے ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ رہتا ہےUnka khaandan khush baash hai, ek doosrey key saath rehta hai
Poverty made their life miserable. I can hear their sorrows.غر بت کی وجہ سے ان کی زندگی بہت مشکل ہو گئ ہے، مجھے ان کے مسلوں کے بارے میں پتہ ہےGhurbat ki waja sey unki zindagi bohat mushkil hogayi hai, mujhe unkey masloun key baarey main pata hai


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