20+ Best Words For Astronomy In Thai

Astronomy In Thai

Looking for the right words to use when speaking about ดาราศาสตร์ (pronounced as darasaat) or astronomy in Thai? In today’s post, we will dive deep into the translations for some of the most unique topics there is related to science, and that is none other than the galaxy. So whether you are a big fan of astronomy or cosmology or simply looking to prepare words related to it, then this post is perfect for you. Get to know more about this in this post!

There is no denying that among the number of modern studies, learning about space and the planets beyond Earth has always been one of the most highly popular scientific branches there is. Not only does the idea of learning about the planets excite most of us, but also the fact that there might be life or another species existing in this vast universe that we are in.

We are all curious, and perhaps this is the reason why you landed on this page! You probably want to explain your theories and stance related to extragalactic astronomy with a Thai national. Well, look no more as we have prepared the most comprehensive list associated with this topic. Read on below to find out.

Epic Words For Astronomy In thai

Epic Words For Astronomy In Thai

Planning to visit an observatory with a Thai friend and impress them with your skills? Here are some of the unique Thai words that will definitely wow them!

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Alienมนุษย์ต่างดาวManewtaang daow
Asteroidดาวเคราะห์น้อยDaow kraw noi
BlackholeหลุมดำLum dum
Constellationกลุ่มดาวKlum daow
EarthดาวโลกDaw lok
Falling starดาวตกDaawtok
Light yearปีแสงPisaeeng
Milky wayทางช้างเผือกTaang chaang peuak
Moonดวงจันทร์Dwung changthr
North starดาวเหนือDawneuwa
SatelliteดาวเทียมDaow tiem
Satellite dishจานรับสัญญาณดาวเทียมJaan rab sanyaan daowtiem
Solar systemระบบสุริยะRabob sureya
Space shuttleกระสวยอวกาศGrasuayawagaat
Time zoneเขตเวลาKhet welaa
UniverseจักรวาลChak grawaan

Did you get the translations you need for the words related to astronomy? If we missed anything and you’d love to learn more, feel free to send in a comment down below and we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Astronomy In thai Planets

Planets In Thai Language

There is no denying that a lot of things have changed over the years, but if there is one thing that has remained constant, then that would definitely be our sincere interest in learning about the planets in outer space. In fact, this curiosity even fueled the desire of many to become astronomers or scientists (with specialization in the cosmos, physics, and optics). Perhaps, even you had considered becoming one back when you were much younger.

Now that we have the idea of the basic words related to astronomy, it is time that we draw our attention to cosmology and focus on the translation for every planet in the Thai language. In the table below, you will find details about the translation, but you can learn further about this topic in this post.

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Mercuryดาวพระพุธdao phra phut
Venusดาวพระศุกร์dao phra suk
Marsดาวพระอังคารdao phra ang khan
Jupiterดาวพระพฤหัสบดีdao phra pah roo hat sa bor dee
Saturnดาวพระเสาร์dao phra sao
Uranusดาวพระมฤตยูdai phra ma root dta yuu
Neptuneดาวพระเกตุdao phra ket
Plutoดาวพระยมdao phra yom
Astronomy In thai observatory

Observatories In Thailand

Are you looking to do research or drop by some of Thailand’s science and technology establishments? Fortunately, there is a variety of places that cater to astronomy-related studies, and below are some of the top spots you surely do not want to miss:

  1. Chachoengsao Observatory and Planetarium located at Chachoengsao, central Thailand.
  2. Thai National Observatory is located at the top of Thailand’s highest mountain in Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
  3. Hat Yai Observatory is located in southern Thailand.

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Have you encountered any of these words before? Let us know in the comment section below. As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to find the exact translation for the word you want to use and that you’ll find the confidence to use these when speaking with the locals.

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