77 Provinces Of Thailand: Best List For Tourists

Contrary to common belief, there is so much more to the provinces of Thailand than just the tourist-filled places like Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi. While it is true that you can find tons of jaw-dropping attractions in these places, there are still a number of undiscovered parts that you should not miss out on. In today’s post, we will walk you through all the provinces of Thailand and give you details about each and why you should consider visiting them this 2022. So, if you are up for that, let’s start learning!

The world (โลก pronounced as lok) is a huge mysterious place, and while there is no real shortage in the number of travelers from different countries, there remain to be off-the-radar places that do not even have maps or pictures from the locals! If you think hard about it, there are perhaps a few more international attractions worth visiting, but we are just often so focused on traveling to places already popular.

For the case of Thailand’s tourism, reports are saying that most of the Western people visit only the bustling cities in the country, including Bangkok (where they visit the Grand Palace and floating markets), Chiang Mai (for a gastronomical adventure and the Doi Suthep), and Krabi (to take a plunge on paradise-looking waters). But it allows us to let you in on a secret… the Thai map is still too big, and you must challenge yourself to explore it to understand the country better and appreciate its culture, traditions, cuisine, and language. Let’s get to know more about this in the next part below.


The Provinces Of Thailand

77 provinces of thailand

Before booking a flight and creating your itinerary, what you should ask yourself are the following questions:

  • Am I traveling alone or with my family/friends?
  • Would I want an exotic adventure?
  • Do I want to stay within the capital city/region of the country?
  • What is my budget?

All of these are important to know so that you can plan properly and filter the exact places to visit. For instance, if you are searching for a cheaper place with amazing beaches, you might consider going south and staying at Phuket. On the flip side, you should check out the northeast side of the country and look for Nakhon Ratchasima to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With a land area of about 513,120 km², the country of Thailand is divided into 76 provinces (จังหวัด pronounced as changwat) and one administrative area. Thus, it is much bigger than its neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia (181,035 km²), Malaysia (329,847 km²), and Laos (236,800 km²). It is known that each of these provinces is maintained by an appointed governor, also known as ผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัด (pronounced as phu wa ratchakan changwa). Since the country follows a constitutional monarchy type of government, the governors are all vetted by the Minister of Interior and are not voted by the people.

To give you an idea of which provinces are near each other, check the table below.

Main RegionsBest Destination ForProvinces 
NorthNature lovers Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai / Lampang / Lamphun /  Mae Hong Son / Nan / Pahayao / Phrae / Uttaradit
NortheastCultural ImmersionAmnat Charoen / Bueng Kan / Buriram / Chaiyaphum / Kalasin / Khon Kaen / Loei / Maha Sarakham / Mukdahan / Nakhon Phanom / Nakhon Ratchasima / Nong Bua Lamphu / Nong Khai / Roi EtSakon Nakhon / Sakon Nakhon / Sisaket / Surin / Ubon Ratchathani / Udon Thani / Yasothon
WestMan-made attractionsKanchanaburi / Phetchaburi / Prachuap Khiri Khan / Ratchaburi / Tak
CentralPicture-perfect attractionsAng ThongChai / Nat / Kamphaeng Phet / Lopburi / Nakhon Nayok / Nakhon Pathom / Nakhon Sawan / Nonthaburi / Pathum Thani / Phetchabun / Phichit / Phitsanulok / Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya / Samut Prakan / Samut Sakhon / Samut Songkhram / Saraburi / Sing Buri / Sukhothai / Suphan Buri / Uthai Thani
EastNightlifeChachoengsao / Chanthaburi / Chonburi / Prachinburi /Rayong / Sa Kaeo / Trat
SouthRelaxation / Beach loversChumphon / Krabi / Nakhon Si Thammarat / Narathiwat / Pattani / Phang Nga / Phatthalung / Phuket / Ranong / Satun / Songkhla / Surat Thani / Trang / Yala

Now that we already have an idea of where each of the provinces is located, let us now focus on discussing the major points for each of the provinces and give you our list of top 5 places to visit in each.

North Of Thailand

north province of thailand

The northern place of Thailand is known for its glorious mountain ranges, plantations (of coffee, teas, and berries), and elephant sanctuaries, making it a family-friendly destination. It borders Myanmar and Laos and given its strategic place. It is where some of the biggest festivals are held, like the Songkran and Yi Peng.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Chiang Mai – The second-largest city in Thailand, perfect for digital nomads.
  • Pai – A small town in Thailand perfect for backpackers since the place offers cheap hostels, restaurants, and shops.
  • Mae Hong Son – A town also known to be the city with veils of mist since it stays cold the rest of the year and is surrounded by mountains.
  • Lampang – Historical city filled where you can find artisanal products and ceramics
  • Phrae – Historical architecture and budget-friendly hotels

Northeast Of Thailand

northeast province of thailand

LonelyPlanet brands northeast Thailand as Thailand’s forgotten backyard, and it remains one of the best places if you want to immerse yourself with the Thai people’s real-life fully. Due to its amazing stretches of nature parks and the slow life of the locals, this is perfect for those looking for some quiet time.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Bueng Kan – This special province offers unique natural attractions, wildlife spotting, and a number of waterfalls and mountainous backdrops.
  • Buriam – This province is best known for its Wat Khao Angkha located just on top of an extinct volcano.
  • Kalasin – This is a perfect place to visit for history buffs interested in dinosaur displays, bones, and excavations pits.
  • Khon Kaen – If you are after some exotic adventure, then the King Cobra village which you can find in this province is what you should consider.
  • Mukdahan – This is an ideal destination for those who are interested in seeing natural sandstones.

West Of Thailand

west province of thailand

Western Thailand is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a quick getaway without city life’s noise. What makes this an interesting place is because this is where most of the manufactured structures are located.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Kanchanaburi is the historical “Death Railway” bridge used in World War II and is best known since it is just over the River Kwai.
  • Prachuap Khiri Khan – If you are interested in something fun and historical, then you must visit this place where you’ll find the first-ever beach resort in Thailand.
  • Hua Hin – This is a famous beach destination among the Bangkokians due to its white-sand and outstanding view of the Khao Takib mountain range.

Central Of Thailand

central province of thailand

There is no denying that if there is one national destination known across the globe, then that would be the central part of Thailand where Bangkok is located. It is a good place for families to visit since it is filled with historical yet trendy places that will surely keep you excited to explore.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Lopburi – Thailand is also best known to be animal lovers, which is why there is no surprise that this province allowed monkeys to roam around the ancient temples freely.
  • Nakhom Pathom – this Thai place is just around the West of Bangkok is known to be the place where you’ll find the 16-meter-tall Buddha statue.
  • Phichit – This place is where you’ll get to see 900-year-old ruins that will surely make you fall in love with the country’s history.

East of Thailand

east province of thailand

Eastern Thailand is known for its amazing nightlife due to Pattaya. You can meet tons of tourists looking to have a good time drinking, trying out the local cuisine, and river rafting from this place alone.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Prachin Buri – This place is the home to the Kaen Hin Phoeng River, where you can try out all sorts of water adventures.
  • Chanthaburi – Just nearly tucked within the Gulf of Thailand, this province is the home to scenic places, making it a good destination for waterfall chasers and hiking enthusiasts.

South Of Thailand

south province of thailand

Southern Thailand is where all the beach hunters and vacationers should be since it boasts a number of natural attractions and swoon-worthy beaches. This place is also filled with history, which is why we also recommend that you visit the Kallayani Wattana Institute of Arts and Culture after your dip.

The Places You Need To Visit Here Are:

  • Krabi – aside from the secluded beach, the Krabi island is great for rock climbers and those looking for 100% natural hot springs.
  • Phuket – this paradise is the third largest island in the country and is the home to some of the best watersports activities.
  • Ranong – not all countries can boast that they have natural hot springs, but Thailand has it all, complete with mountain views for a relaxing look.



77 provinces of thailand

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to identify the top places to visit in Thailand and that you will become more open to going on an adventure in other places within the country. If you enjoyed this page, we highly recommend that you search our site and check out our other latest language tips about the Thai language, including the vocabulary about places, the best local desserts, and the history of the Thai flag.

But before you hop on the plane and prepare your Instagram-worthy poses, we highly recommend that you also set aside time to learn their language in order to get by like a pro.

The reason why we are advocated for learning Thai before you travel is that not all of the locals speak the English language, which is why it might be difficult for you to travel or ask for directions, especially if you are in secluded provinces. So if you want to jumpstart your learning, continue reading below to find out our most recommended FREE language learning app today!


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