Best Spaceship Related Vocabulary In Tagalog: #1 Guide

Spaceship Related Vocabulary In Tagalog

Space is an interesting topic to talk about since there are lots of things to discover. Like exploring space, there are Tagalog words that you’ll truly be amazed about. Want to learn the Tagalog language? Widen your knowledge and make your conversations interesting by starting with spaceship related vocabulary in Tagalog!

After learning these words, translations, definitions, and examples, you’ll be a pro in the language and won’t be able to stop learning!

Fun Spaceship Related Vocabulary In Tagalog

While learning a new language can be overwhelming, especially with the grammar rules and all the phrases out there to learn, don’t worry! Anything is possible, and learning this spaceship related vocabulary should be fun!

SpaceshipSasakyang pangkalawakan
Outer spaceKalawakan
PlanetsMga planeta
StarsMga bituin
Space stationIstasyon ng kalawakan
Unidentified flying object (UFO)Hindi kilalang lumilipad na bagay
Solar systemSistemang solar
SpacecraftSasakyang pangkalawakan
Learn more Spaceship related vocabulary in Tagalog

Learn More Spaceship Related Vocabulary In Tagalog Through These Sentences!

While you might have already gotten yourself acquainted with the most common words related to space, you should learn how to use the words in a sentence!

Learning these sentences will give you an idea of the Tagalog sentence structure and make the language easier for you to understand and practice.

The Filipinos were told to wait for the landing of the spaceship since it is a very monumental occasion.Sinabihan ang mga Pilipino na hintayin ang paglapag ng spaceship dahil ito ay isang napakalaking okasyon.
We said goodbye to the people that will board the spaceship a few minutes before they took off.Nagpaalam kami sa mga taong sasakay sa spaceship ilang minuto bago ito lumipad.
The take-off was led by a very famous astronaut and was broadcasted live on tv, making a lot of people all around the world witness it.Ang take off na pinangunahan ng isang napaka sikat na astronaut ay na-broadcast nang live sa tv, na naging dahilan upang masaksihan ito ng maraming tao sa buong mundo.
He was the first person to land on the moon and made a lot of people inspired.Siya ang unang taong nakarating sa buwan, na ginagawang inspirasyon ng maraming tao.
Exploring outer space was always encouraged because the lives of humans may eventually face extinction.Ang paggalugad sa kalawakan ay palaging hinihikayat dahil lamang sa mga buhay ng mga tao ay maaaring mapaharap sa pagkalipol, sakaling patuloy na lumala ang daigdig.
The moon looked very beautiful the night before.Napakaganda ng buwan mula noong nakaraang gabi.
In the Philippines, there are a lot of hidden meanings behind astrology and astronomy.Sa Pilipinas, maraming kahulugan ang nakatago sa likod ng astrolohiya at astronomiya.
On NASA’s website, there are a lot of features that talk about spaceships and outer space.Sa website ng NASA, mayroong maraming mga tampok na pinag-uusapan ang tungkol sa spaceship, at ang outer space.
Talking about anything that is related to spaceships and space really interests me.Ang pakikipag-usap tungkol sa anumang bagay na may kaugnayan sa spaceship at space ay talagang interesado ako.
In the exhibit, there were a lot of examples as well as talks that furthered my education when it came to science and space.Sa eksibit, maraming mga halimbawa pati na rin ang mga pag-uusap na nagpasulong sa aking pag-aaral pagdating sa agham at espasyo.
She was the pride of the country, having been able to operate the ship in space with little to no errors and successfully landing it on Mars.Siya ang ipinagmamalaki ng bansa, na nagawang patakbuhin ang barko sa kalawakan nang walang kaunti o walang pagkakamali at matagumpay na nalapag ito sa Mars.
There were a lot of things that were spoken about the galaxy during our discussion which I made sure to note.Mayroong maraming mga bagay na sinabi tungkol sa kalawakan sa panahon ng aming talakayan na kailangan kong tandaan.

These are just a few sentences that you might come across should you decide to keep learning the language of the Philippines. Through these sentences, you can definitely pick up a noun or two that can help you become fluent in the near future.

Aside from that, these words related to spaceship can definitely get you started in learning something new and refreshing!

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