25+ Shopping Vocabulary In Lithuanian: Best Guide for Shopaholics

Shopping Vocabulary In Lithuanian

Are you one of those people who, wherever you go, like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, walking around with your hands full of bags? Well, this Shopping vocabulary in Lithuanian Guide is just for you! Come learn how to say a few essential words before you hit the shops in Vilnius!

If you like shopping, or Apsipirkimas as Lithuanians say, Lithuania is an absolute paradise. I’m not a shopaholic. However, I sometimes like to go on a shopping spree and get a few treats.

The last time I was in Vilnius, I went bananas and really made a dent in my credit card (Ups!). I learned how to say a few words about shopping in Lithuanian, like how to ask for the price or how to ask for sizes, and that made the process so much easier, so I got too excited and went overboard! I even spent more money than my girlfriend, who is a true shopaholic!

This article is meant to be both helpful and painful, as I want to help you shop all you want using several words in Lithuanian, but it will also hurt your wallet!

girls shopping in Lithuania

Shopping in Lithuania

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius is definitely the center of all the shopping activity in the country. All the big brands worldwide have at least one store in the capital, so you can spend hours exploring the streets of Vilnius.

On the other hand, the city of Kaunas has been a very important trading center since the 15th century, so here you can get more traditional and handmade products like tapestries, paintings, clay products, and wood pieces.

Shopping in Lithuania is very straightforward; every piece has its price clearly tagged, so you don’t need to be constantly asking the price of something in every store you go in. Bargaining is not very common in Lithuania, so the price you see on the tag is the best one you’ll get.

In terms of payments, you can either pay with cash or you can pay with a debit/credit card that is available in most shops. Please bear in mind that some places may have a minimum buying price for you to be able to pay with a debit/credit card.

Card Payment in Lithuania

Shopping Vocabulary In Lithuanian – Cheatsheet

To wander around different stores in Lithuania, having a set of Lithuanian words ready to be said will help you explain your needs and desires to the store owners. In the table below are a few words you can use during your shopping madness. If you can’t remember them, keep this article ready to help you whenever you need it.

To go shoppingApsipirkti
To buyPirkti
To payMokėti
CashGrynieji pinigai
GroceriesBakalėjos prekės
Hat / CapSkrybėlė / kepuraitė
Changing RoomsPersirengimo kambariai

Essential Phrases in Lithuanian For Shopaholics

Just the words are not enough for you to properly explain to the lady in the shop the very specific bag you’re looking to get! You have to know how to use these words in sentences. Thus, next are a few examples of phrases you must certainly use while shopping in Lithuania.

How much is this hat?Kiek kainuoja ši skrybėlė?
Excuse me. I’m looking for_____.Atsiprašau. Aš ieškau_____.
May I try it on?Ar galiu pasimatuoti?
Do you have this in size medium?Ar turite tai vidutinio dydžio?
I wanted to get a blue dress, do you have any?Norėjau gauti mėlyną suknelę, ar turi?
Where can I pay?Kur galiu sumokėti?
I’ll take it.Imsiu ją.
Do you have a discount?Ar turite nuolaidą?
Can I pay with credit card?Ar galiu atsiskaityti kredito kortele?
Where is the nearest atm?Kur yra artimiausias bankomatas?
Thank you, but I won’t take it.Ačiū, bet nepriimsiu.
Can I have a bag, please?Ar galiu turėti krepšį, prašau?
Thank you very much!Labai ačiū!

Wrapping up!

You’re officially ready to put your walking shoes on, prepare your wallet, hit the streets, and buy everything you want! During your shopping, don’t forget to be polite and respectful to the shop owners and workers, a good smile and some kind words are just enough for you to get all the help you may need from them on picking your next outfit.

The words and sentences that I just taught you were the first step you needed to start to speak Lithuanian and connect with the wonderful Lithuanian people.

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