Cheers In Urdu: 25+ Useful Words And Phrases

We all try our best to cherish the small moments in our lives, and they become even more worthy when we are the source of someone’s happiness.

When we say the word cheer to someone, we give them good wishes and confidence to be the person they deserve by encouraging them. But What if we have to say Cheers in Urdu? You can always learn to say Cheers in Urdu, but first, you have to understand some basic concepts and words of the Urdu language.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and more than a hundred million people speak this language, mainly in Pakistan and India. If you want to learn about this historical language, you can use the Ling app, and this application will help you learn Urdu and different languages around the globe.

What Is Cheers In Urdu?

The word cheers are often used to wish everyone good health and happiness ahead. In other languages, it is often said while clinking two glasses of wine. In the Urdu language, this word is said without drinking wine. But Why? The answer to this question is straightforward. 

Being a national language of Pakistan, it is being spoken by Pakistanis. While in other countries, drinking culture and food culture are totally linked with each other. However, the majority of Pakistanis are Muslims, and Muslims avoid alcohol. It is prohibited in Islam and is considered “Haram” meaning forbidden. They don’t drink anything that even has a small amount of alcohol in it.

Here the question arises, how do we say cheers in Urdu? In Urdu, cheers (شاباش ) has several meanings. Following are some English words and their Urdu cheers meanings that can be used as cheers according to the situation.

To cheer someone upکسی کو خوش کرناKisi ko khush kerna
The quality of dispelling gloomاداسی ختم کر دیناUdaasi khatam kerdena

Synonyms Of Cheers And Their Urdu Meanings

Cheers can be used to give a shout-out to someone or to encourage them. It is the quality of being cheerful. Following are some common and similar words of cheer with their Urdu meaning.

hilarious مزاحیہMazahiya
applauseتالیاں بجاناTalian bajana
inspireمتاثر کرناMutasir kerna
brightenروشن کرناRoshan karna
upliftجذبہ بڑھاناJazba barhana
enlivenہمت دلاناHimmat dilana

Some Quotes And Messages To Cheer Up Someone

You have learned a lot about cheers and their meanings in the Urdu language. What if you want to excite someone up or encourage them to make their day better in Urdu? Following are some Urdu quotes and their translation into the Urdu language.

English QuotesUrduPronunciation
Cheer up! Storms don’t last forever.خوش رہو طوفان تو چلا جاۓ گاKhush rahou, toofan tou chala jayega
Time will pass, good days will come.یہ وقت گزر جا ۓ گا اور آنے والے دن اچھے ہوں گےYe waqt guzr jayega aur aney waley din achey hongey
Cheer up it is just a bad day, not a bad life.ایک برے دن کا مطلب یہ نہیں کہ پوری زندگی بھی بری ہوEk burey din ka matlab ye nahi key poori zindagi bhi buri hogi
Don’t count the passing days; count all the cheers.گزرے ہوۓ دن مت گنو، خوشیاں گنوGuzre wey din mat gino, khushiyan gino
The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.انسان کی خوشیوں کا راز دوسروں کو خوس رکھنا ہےInsaan ki khushiyoun ka raaz doosroun ko khush kerna hai

Phrases And Sentences Related To Word Cheers

Let’s take some sentences and phrases to understand better the word cheers and how it is used in Urdu.  

English SentencesUrduPronunciation
It’s okay, cheer up; it’s not the end of the world.کوئ بات نہیں، خوش رہو دنیا ختم نہیں ہو جا ۓ گیKoi baat nahi, khush rahou, duniya khatam nahi hojayegi
Don’t worry, be happy.پریشان مت ہو، خوش رہوPareshaan mat hou, khush rahou
The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.تمام لوگوں نے تالیاں بجا کہ حوصلہ بڑہا یاTamam logoun ney taaliyan baja key hosla barhaya
This declaration was received by the Chamber with loud cheers.اس اعلان کے بعد پورے کمرے میں تالیوں کی آواز گونج اٹھیIs aelaan key baad poorey kamre main taliyaoun ki awaz gunj uthi

How To Say Cheers In Different Languages?

It will be exciting if you know how to say cheers in more than one language. You can read the following table to pronounce cheers in other languages.

Arabicفي صحتكfi sihatik
Russianваше здоровьеvashe zdorov’ye

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