Slovenian Prepositions: Don’t Make This Mistake #1

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Prepositions are one of the essential elements of any language and its grammar, yet they can be some of the most difficult ones to learn. Slovenian prepositions are no exception to this. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most typical Slovenian prepositions and how to use them correctly so that you can build confidence in using them in your own sentences. With some practice, you’ll be using Slovenian prepositions like a pro!

Slovenian Grammar

Slovenian is a Slavic language spoken by about 2.5 million people, primarily in Slovenia, where it is the official language. Like other Slavic languages, Slovenian uses a lot of demonstrative pronouns and has a complex system of personal pronouns.

It also has a rich vocabulary of phrases and nouns. Compared to other Slavic languages, Slovenian is relatively easy to learn for those who speak French, partly due to its use of Latinate words and loanwords from German.

Slovene Prepositions

Let’s look at an epic list of the Slovenian prepositions, which are an ultimate must for you to know if you want to make sentences like native speakers.


according topo navedbahclose toblizu
againstprotidue tozaradi
askotexcept forrazen
as far asdoklerfar fromdaleč od
as well astako dobro, kotforza
because ofzaradiinv
beforeprejin addition topoleg
behindzadajin front ofpred
belowspodajin spite ofkljub
besidepoleginside ofznotraj
betweenmedinstead ofnamesto


near toblizuthankot
nextNaslednjithree wordstri besede
next tozraventhroughskozi
on behalf ofv imenutowardproti
on top ofna vrhutwo wordsdve besedi
outvenunlikeza razliko od
outside ofzunajupgor
prior topredwithoutbrez

Usage Of Slovenian Prepositions

In Slovenian, prepositions are always placed before Slovenian verbs, often changing form depending on the verb’s tense.

Adverbs are also frequently used as prepositions, which can be either masculine or feminine. 

When translating Slovenian sentences into English, it is essential to remember that interrogative words are often used as prepositions.

Lastly, remember that the accusative case is used for direct objects of verbs (such as “I see the man”), while the nominative case is used for subjects of verbs (such as “The man sees me”). 

No matter what language you’re trying to learn, prepositions can be tricky, and Slovenian prepositions are no exception. To understand how to use them, let’s look at some examples. 

Use Of Pred 

The preposition “pred” means “in front of/before.” Let’s look at some helpful sentences while breaking them down.

  • There is a cat in front of the house. (Je mačka pred hišo.) 
  • I put my jacket on the chair in front of the door. (Položil sem jakno na stol pred vrati.) 
  • The cat is lying in front of the stove. (Mačka leži pred žarom.) 

Helpful Glossary

A catMačka
A chairStol
A jacketJakno
Bring it backVrati
I amSem
It isJe
Lie downLeži
The houseHišo

Use Of Pod 

The preposition “pod” means “under.” Let’s look at some examples:

  • The cat is hiding under the bed. (Mačka se skriva pod posteljo.) 
  • Let’s put the table under the tree. (Ponesimo mizo pod drevo.) 
  • I left my bag under the desk. (Pustil sem torbo pod pisalno mizo.) 

Use Of Iz 

The preposition “is” means “out of.” Here are some examples for you:

  • He took the book out of his backpack. (Vzela je knjigo iz nahrbtnika.) 
  • She poured water out of the vase. (Iz vaze je odlila vodo.) 
  • We took the vegetables out of the fridge. (Iz hladilnika smo vzeli zelenjavo.) 

Confusing ‘S’ With ‘Z’

Slovenian Prepositions

If you are learning the Slovenian prepositions and you often confuse ‘s’ with ‘z’, then don’t worry since many people do that. Some consonants work well with ‘s,’ and some are cool with ‘z.’

T, S, H, Š, K, F, C, P, Š, and Č are consonants that require using the Slovenian preposition ‘s.’ The rest of the Slovenian alphabets can be written using the preposition ‘z.’

Let’s look at an example of each alphabet.

With AlphabetZ AbecedoAWith HouseS HišoH
With BallZ ŽogoŽWith IrelandZ IrskoI
With BalloonZ BalonomBWith LasagnaZ LazanjoL
With CameraS KameroKWith MomZ MamoM
With ChocolateS ČokoladoČWith MovieS FilmomF
With CoastZ ObaloOWith SandwichS SendvičemS
With DuckZ RacoRWith SchoolS ŠoloŠ
With ElectricityZ ElektrikoEWith SlippersS CopatiC
With FriendS PrijateljemPWith TelephoneS TelefonomT
With GiftZ DarilomDWith WeatherZ VremenomV
With GondolaZ GondoloGWith YogurtZ JogurtomJ
With HourZ UroUWith ZebraZ ZebroZ

General Sentences

Finally, look at some of the most common sentences you must know if you are trying to learn Slovenian prepositions.

Considering this matter, I think you need some space.Glede na to zadevo mislim, da potrebujete nekaj prostora.
Go into your room.Pojdi v svojo sobo.
Go without me.Pojdi brez mene.
He is in front of the market.Pred tržnico je.
I don’t know anything concerning this issueO tem vprašanju ne vem ničesar
I need this within the next five minutesTo potrebujem v naslednjih petih minutah
In spite of the warning, you did that.Kljub opozorilu ste to storili.
Need solution regarding this problem.Potrebujete rešitev v zvezi s to težavo.
On behalf of my dad, I am throwing this wedding party.V imenu mojega očeta prirejam to poročno zabavo.
Place this upon the table.Postavite to na mizo.
Six out of ten.Šest od desetih.
The bedroom is next to the bathroom.Spalnica je poleg kopalnice.
This matter is getting worse, given that you don’t care.Ta zadeva postaja vse hujša glede na to, da vam je vseeno.
This road is closed according to my informationTa cesta je po mojih informacijah zaprta
We are dying, including you.Umiramo, vključno z vami.
We are in the middle of a crisis.Smo sredi krize.
We start laughing during the fight.Med prepirom se začnemo smejati.
You can find him across from this streetNajdete ga nasproti te ulice
You did not solve the matter provided that we had less timeZadeve niste rešili pod pogojem, da smo imeli manj časa
You need to take the cat out from beneathMačko morate vzeti ven

Wrapping Up

Slovenian Prepositions

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