19+ Easy Ways To Say Beautiful In Slovak

Beautiful is simply an adjective everyone should know in every language! It’s versatile and so necessary to describe people, places, and things! This means you must be on this page because you’re about to visit or are currently in Slovakia, wishing you knew how to describe what you see to those around you. Or maybe you’ve met someone and wish to know how to tell them they are beautiful in Slovak.

Let’s learn all about how to say beautiful in Slovak and its alternatives.

How To Say Beautiful In Slovak

how to say beautiful in Slovak

The direct translation of beautiful is krásne.

You can use krásne on its own to express the awe of something being beautiful or you can be specific with its use when describing people, places, or things.

English Slovak Pronunciation
You look beautiful today Dnes vyzeráš prekrásne
You’re so beautiful si tak krásna
You’re beautiful ty si krásne
Your eyes are beautiful tvoje oči sú krásne
You look beautiful in that dress v tých šatách vyzeráš krásne
What a beautiful voice you have aký máš krásny hlas
The sunset is beautiful západ slnka je nádherný

Best Ways To Describe Beauty

  • It’s lovely – je krásne
  • It’s so beautiful – Je to tu tak krásné
  • It’s beautiful here – Je to tu krásné
  • How beautiful it is here – jak je to tu krásné

Other Ways To Say Beautiful In Slovak

beautiful in Slovak

Alternatives For Expressing Beauty

  • You are beautiful – Si krásna
  • You are beautiful – Si pekna
  • You look wonderful – Vyzeraš vynikajúco
  • You’re good-looking – Vyzeraš dobre

You may also wish to respond if someone comments on your beauty and you can learn how to say thank you in Slovak here.

Other Related Words

Lovely – Krásny (kraz-nee)

This incredibly flexible Slovak word can be used to describe a place, an object or a person who is beautiful, lovely, wonderful, nice… the list goes on. You might even use krásny to describe an experience such as a lovely day out.

My dearest – ko / ka (koh / kah)

Rather than being used as a stand-alone word, ko or ka is actually a diminutive suffix that is usually added after saying a person’s name as a term of endearment. It’s meaning is quite similar to refering to someone as “my dear.”

For example, used after a friend or loved one’s name it would look like Andrejko (for a male named Andrej) or Janka (for a female named Jana.)

Darling – Miláčik (mill-ak-zik)

This common phrase is normally used by partners who will refer to each other as miláčik. Used with a certain intonation, the word can easily be used to express an impression of beauty.

7 Beautiful Words In Slovak

how to say beautiful in Slovak

In all languages, there are words that simply sound beautiful when you say them. These are some examples of the most beautiful words to hear and say in Slovak

1. Flower – Kvietok (kiv-ee-tok)

Not only is flower lovely to say, but flowers are also a huge part of the Slovak culture. It’s tradition to give flowers to friends and family o their name day (birthday) each year. Typically a beautiful bouquet of flowers will be arranged and given to the birthday person in celebration of their beautiful name and life.

2. Good appetite – Dobrú chuť (doh-brew-chooch)

This pleasing to the ears phrase is used prior to eating and can also translate to “enjoy your meal.” It’s tradition for both Slovaks and Czechs to wish each other “Dobrú chuť ” before every meal.

3. Traditional woodwind instrument – Fujara (Fu-har-a)

The fujara is a traditional Slovak folk musical instrument that is both beautiful to listen to and to say. It was traditionally played by the shepherds in Central and Northern Slovakia. UNESCO has even listed the fujara as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

4. Love – Láska (lah-ska)

The Slovak word for love is Láska and is also used in the endearing term for my love which is, moja láska. You’ll hear it in many song lyrics in Slovak pop songs to traditional folk choruses.

5. Adoration – Milujem ťa (meel-u-yem ta)

Milujem ťa is a fantastic expression to hear and say. It’s actually used when people are heavily in love to share their adoration for the other person. If someone asked how you felt about someone and you wanted to describe romantic love, you might answer with Milujem ťa.

6. Fun/Amusing – Zábava (za-bah-va)

So much fun to say, Zábava just rolls off the tongue. Not only is it fun to say and pleasing or the ear, it literally means fun!

7. Happy – Šťastný (ste-ash-nee)

Saying Šťastný will make you feel happy, and maybe that’s why it means to feel happy. Šťastný also happens to be a popular surname in Slovakia. Imagine being called Mr. or Mrs. Happy?!

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