LingQ Vs Quizlet: A Battle Of Cutting Edge Features

LingQ VS Quizlet. Are you looking for a superb comparison? The truth is, there isn’t so much to compare. Both are amazingly developed but differ in purpose.

The world finally listened to the cries of online technology to be used to educate people and make advances in careers because of the pandemic. Today, more people are going online to do different kinds of things in the comfort of their homes to continue their lives.


Sudden Shifts Leads To More Language Learners

Because of the shifts brought by the pandemic, the boundaries for career opportunities globally were broken because everyone can do business and find career opportunities online. This is why people want to learn new languages to widen their career opportunities. The first option they consider is language learning apps. Take a look at these sample changes in the world.

For businesses owners, they learned to improve their support business hours for their customers.

Social media platforms and websites have been their marketing tools. The business owners learned to improve their support business hours for their customers. They have learned how to use different software like Arlo, which can help them manage a public training schedule even if they are away.

For content creators, streamers, and gamers, are challenged to face larger audiences.

Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook became their platform and live streaming studio to share their passion and earn at the same time.

For entrepreneurs, they are forced to use online platforms to achieve training and learning goals.

Different websites and platforms such as LinkedIn and help entrepreneurs hire and train professionals and conduct office productivity training even remotely.

For learners and educators, online courses and video courses changed the education paradigm.

Educators shift from traditional teaching to knowing how to vibe interactive whiteboard, create interactive courses, and discover how to male a meaningful online learning experience. If they have a course website, it should be a fully customizable course website to accommodate learners’ needs.


How About Language Learning?

One of the huge improvements in the different language learning platforms like Rosetta Stone, Lingvist, LingQ, Busuu, and Duolingo.

The use of machine learning has been revolutionalized and made everything easy for learners to learn a foreign language and achieve language proficiency. This is the reason why the founders of language learning apps are continuously looking for process improvement tools to give you a seamless brand experience while learning your target language.


LingQ VS Quizlet: Comparing Features For Language Learning

Because of the sudden paradigm shift, many language learners sought the help of language learning apps to continue learning a foreign language. Language learning apps can make you learn languages aside from your native language conveniently. In addition, you can schedule lessons on your own, and you can usually choose interesting topics you want, which is different from the normal school setup.

You might be wondering why I gave all those sudden shifts above since we’re talking about LingQ VS Quizlet. The answer is pretty simple. LinQ and Quizlet as learning platforms can help you achieve your goals on career growth.

As mentioned above, there isn’t too much to compare with these apps because they can be used differently, but since we are talking about language learning, we will focus more on that. So, let us now go to our main topic, which is LingQ VS Quizlet.


Before diving into the difference between LingQ VS Quizlet, first, let’s get an overview of Quizlet.
Quizlet is a free website that provides students with learning resources such as flashcards, study, and gaming modes. The first success of Quizlet can be traced back to 2005 when Andrew Sutherland successfully created a study tool to help him in his French vocabulary test. Next, he shared his success stories with his friends with the hopes of helping them to ace their tests too. Then it did.

Now, with continuous development, Quizlet was able to help millions of learners to ace their exams. Though it started as a language learning app, it now caters to other subjects also. It has now grown to 5 different study modes and two game modes.

How Does Quizlet Works?

Quizlet’s main feature that put it into the spotlight is the flashcard-flipping learning approach. You can simply access pre-made study sets, and you can also put all your learning content by yourself and make your own study set. By using flashcards, users will be able to learn their target words and phrases with their meaning or translations in a flashcard-like design.

How Does Quizlet Works?

Quizlet gives emphasis to the importance of retrieval practice, question types, guidance fading, goal setting, and pretesting as essential activities in learning. Quizlet also earned the Research-Based Design product certification given by Digital Promise, which shows that their educational technology products are research-based, meaning every suggested software innovation is a product of research.


The aesthetic factor of a language learning app greatly contributes to learning. People who provide a review about a certain app are most likely to miss it, so; we will feature it in our topic LingQ VS Quizlet. Users want an app that is easy to the eye. Some prefer it minimalist, and some prefer it creative. Color, font styles, and sizes, pictures, icons, and even amazing audio effects should be harmonious with each other to male a positive visual impact on the users.

Quizlet uses a minimalist design. On its landing page, you can barely see pictures and too many texts. This will help you focus on what you need to click first to begin learning using Quizlet.

Languages Available

As stated above, Quizlet was initially launched as a language learning app. But now, it’s not solely for language learning anymore. Although you can still learn languages from it, it doesn’t offer a variety of languages, unlike other language learning apps. This is one of the most important factors that you should consider in our topic LingQ VS Quizlet.

Quizlet has been a tool you can use in studying in general. Below are the languages offered by Quizlet but, you can also do your research on an existing site and transfer it to Quizlet to do your own study set.


Create Own Study Sets

If you think that the four languages arent enough for you, creating your own study sets is the key.

Making a study set is easy. Just click “CREATE,” and you will be able to put terms and definitions you like to put. You can also put pictures to make it more alive. After creating your study set, you may choose a way to review through the different study modes. Aside from flashcards, there are also other study modes that you can use depending on the type of activities you want.

Because anyone can share their study sets publicly, it is hard to determine the content’s accuracy and authenticity, which is crucial, especially for beginners.

Study Modes

Quizlet has a total of 5 different study modes to choose from. Having a variety of study sets will give you options on which learning style best suits you. The most popular study set of Quizlet is Flashcard, but it also has the Learn, Write, Spell, and Test mode. Take a look at the descriptions of these below:

Study Modes

1. Flashcards – helps you build vocabulary and test your knowledge of the definitions and terms; can be made and shared or can be pre-made by other users

2. Learn – generates a study plan for you, guiding you through what you need to know and reminding you when it’s time to revise

3. Write – assesses your understanding of the content and maintain track of what you missed so that you can improve later in your study session

4. Spell – encourages you to type what you hear in order to improve your spelling skill. It has a progress check at the end.

5. Test – allows you to see how well you’ll do on a test.

It is pretty nice that Quizlet has a lot of study modes that learners can choose from but, most of these study modes do not actually improve other language skills.

For example, Quizlet needs a more advanced audio player because the sound of audio recordings is kind of robotic. Other language learning apps use native speakers, so you’ll get how words should be pronounced. It is perfect for vocabulary building, but for learners who want more advanced specific skills, these study modes won’t be that much of a help.

Quizlet also doesn’t have the spaced repetition system, which is a proven effective approach when it comes to language learning. It used to have a spaced repetition system, but it does not have it anymore because of the latest update.

Game Modes

Another important and exciting fact to consider in LingQ VS Quizlet is gamification. It keeps learners motivated and engaged. Gamification is proven to have a positive effect on learners, according to researches.

Quizlet has two game modes that you can use to learn and have fun at the same time. Here are the two game modes in Quizlet

1. Match – Match terms and definitions against the time, and compete with others for the highest score. Match displays six pairs per game, so if you’re studying a larger set, you’ll need to play multiple games to go through everything. Keep in mind that each incorrect match adds one second to your total time!


2. Gravity – Gravity is a fast-paced study game in which each correct response, you advance to the next level. The game is simple. You must avoid asteroids from colliding with your planet by answering correctly. As you progress through the levels, asteroids fall quicker. Questions you didn’t answer return as red asteroids. If you make a mistake with a red asteroid, the game is over.

Course Building/Class Creation For Teachers

Quizlet has a special feature for educators. You can create a class and build a course for your class. Creating a class can help you organize your study sets and share them with others. If you subscribed to the premium version, you’d have access to learner management features that will make it easy to manage your class.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a high-energy, collaborative review game. It’s based on Quizlet, a popular online flashcards platform that’s been around for a long time. To win the f=game, students are divided into groups and must work together to successfully answer all 12 questions in a row.

It benefits both students and teachers. Students can work collaboratively. They can learn and remember terms while having fun. Teachers can create a competitive but friendly learning environment which is essential in learning. It is far from the traditional way of assessments, so teachers can make learning more engaging.

This feature may not specifically improve other language skills of the users, but teachers can create modifications to improve other language skills. Some of the content also can be used by the students for cheating because it can be easily accessed.



Quizlet also has the explanations feature where you can find textbook solutions to your toughest challenges that have been validated by experts.

Web And Mobile App Availability

In the topic LingQ VS Quizlet, another thing to consider is the availability. Language learning apps should be easily accessed or downloaded for convenience. Because mobile phones and computers have different specifications, the developers should take this into consideration.

Quizlet is available for both web and mobile apps. For the web version, you can go to, and the mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


If you’re a language learner, you should be really careful in subscribing to these plans. Make sure you are clear on what you want to improve because language learning apps can be too pricey if they don’t serve your purpose. Luckily, most of the apps have a free trial version that you can use to find out if it works for you. But, most of these trial versions are limited.

In our topic LingQ VS Quizlet, which do you think is affordable? Does it worth your money?

1. Free Version – Quizlet free version is not bad. In fact, you can already do a lot of things with the free version. The downside is the features are limited, and you’ll be distracted by ads.

2. Quizlet Plus – $47.88/year ($3.99/month). This will unlock all the amazing features. For study tools, you’ll have 7 study modes and a basic creation set. For expert explanations, you’ll have unlimited step-by-step solutions. For learning assistants, you can personalize your study paths, you can see progress insights, and you can do smart grading (if you’re a teacher).

For an advanced creation tool kit, you can customize images, audio, and diagrams, scan to create sets, and rich text formating. You’ll not be distracted by ads, and you can also get offline access which is pretty convenient, especially when you travel.

Quizlet Pros And Cons

Now let us summarize what we have discussed:

has a minimalist designcan be too simple for some
can create your own study setshas only four languages available; unverified content
it has five study modes and two game modesit doesn’t actually develop other language skills
teachers can create courses and conduct live classessome students may use the content for cheating
generous free trialother language learning apps offer more activities to improve language skills that have the same price as Quizlet paid version


Launched in 2007, LinQ is a language learning app that emphasizes learning the language from the language itself just how native speakers learn. It is proven effective by the founders themselves, Steve Kaufmann, who speaks 20 languages, and his son, Mark Kaufmann, who speaks four languages.

LingQ has a different approach to language learning compared to other language learning apps. The founders of LingQ believe that surrounding yourself with information that is meaningful to you is the best way of learning a language. Immersing yourself with information and content that interests you will create a link (hence the name LingQ) in learning new words.

The spaced repetition system, speech recognition, and a huge library of language courses will effectively contribute to your language learning journey towards fluency.

LingQ also uses a machine-learning algorithm that manages all learner contents and keeps track of all the things you do. This algorithm will help you pick lessons and online courses that suit your interest.

How Does LingQ Works?

After we learned about Quizlet, now let’s move on to the other half of our topic LingQ v Quizlet.

LingQ works in a different way, unlike other language learning apps. Basically, you’ll be reading a lot of material within the app. You choose from the library available in the app, or you can also copy and paste your own content. There are different categories in the library that you can choose from, like books, podcasts, news, and more. You can also make use of Youtube videos, Netflix, and other multimedia.

But the thing is, it is in your target language, so for beginners, it may not work too easily. It’s good if you have background knowledge of your target language.

Once you have selected the material you’ll read, you’ll see that all words are highlighted in blue color. This indicates words that you do not know. You can click all the words you don’t, and you’ll be given a definition.

How Does LingQ Works?

What’s good about LingQ is that they gather all the possible translations from the community, and they have voted for the most accurate translation. This way, the words are not translated literally, so you’ll get the nearest and best contextual translation of words and phrases, unlike Google Translate. Make sure to click all the words highlighted in blue because it simply means that you already know these words once you do not click. So, when you see these words again on different pages, they will not be highlighted anymore.

LinQ will save all the words you don’t know in your account, and it will automatically be made into flashcards so you can review them anytime you want. After reading several pages, you will notice that most of the words are not highlighted in blue anymore. That should be your main goal. Turn blues into yellows to no highlight at all.

This process is way better than rote memorization because you can encounter words in context. It is not like in Quizlet, where you will just go over and over memorizing vocabulary.


When we talk about LinqQ VS Quizlet when it comes to aesthetics, obviously, they are really different. LingQ is more colorful and uses bold fonts, perfect for learners who love colors and images.

On the other hand, it has a somehow disorganized user interface. This might affect learners that are beginners for language learning apps and those non-techy learners.

Languages Available

When we compare LingQ VS Quizlet, obviously, LingQ offers more languages than Quizlet.


Languages Available in Beta

Chinese (traditional)BulgarianCroatian 

Audio Clip

Most of the reading materials in LingQ are already connected to audiobooks that are read by native speakers. This is a feature that sets LingQ more ahead than Quizlet. So, you can actually hear what you’re reading, which will help you develop your listening comprehension skills.


LingQ developers believe that you will learn best if you immerse yourself in conversations using what you have learned. LingQ has the community tab to find a language exchange partner.


LingQ also has the tutor feature where you can find a tutor for the language you are learning. You can choose a native speaker of your target language that can help you more.


While Quizlet has the two game modes, LingQ is also gamified. In fact, you’ll gather points as you progress. This will keep you engaged and want to earn more points while learning.

Spaced Repetition

Another great feature to consider between LingQ VS Quizlet is the Spaced Repetition System. Quizlet used to have it but not anymore. LingQ uses spaced repetition system, which helps learners learn words in a significant time interval. But, compared to other apps that use SSR, it is a little bit weak.

Web And Mobile App Availability

LingQ is also available both for web and mobile apps. For the web version, you may access For the mobile apps, you can download them in App Store if you’re an iOS user and Play Store if you’re an Android user.


LingQ has both a free version and paid version.

Free version – lets you try how LingQ works, but it is almost unusable because the LingQ is limited.

Premium Version:

Premium Version:

Premium Plus Version:

LingQ Pros And Cons

Now let’s summarize what we have talked about LingQ:

colorful aestheticdisorganized interface
learning in context over drilling random wordsnot easy for beginners; should have background knowledge of your target language
variety of languages availablethe free version is very limited
translation voted by the communitypricey premium version
uses spaced repetition system for the retention of “known words”SSR is a little bit weak
audiobooks help develop listening comprehension 
find language exchange partner through community 


LingQ VS Quizlet: Final Thoughts

The quest for searching which between LingQ and Quizlet is better in learning languages might be answered by now. But like what is stated above, there’s nothing much to compare because Quizlet is not solely for learning a language. It’s more of a general tool that can aid your learning in different subjects. Compared to LingQ, which obviously developed their software based on what language learners need.

Since the founders of LingQ speak many languages now, it will build trust from the users that they really know what they are doing to make their product useful for language learners. Although the founder of Quizlet has his own success in language learning using Quizlet, they have already shifted from being a language learning app to general subjects learning.

LingQ VS Quizlet: Final Thoughts

LingQ has more useful features that will aid language learners than Quizlet, but if you’re a beginner and you want to learn some basic vocabulary first, Quizlet can be a good choice because LingQ is not beginner-friendly. You should have background knowledge about it.

Pricing can’t be compared too because you are actually paying for two significantly different features. Remember, the primary purpose of language learning is to make use of what you have learned in communication. That should be your goal. So, you must consider every feature that you’ll pay for if it will help you grow.

Both apps are uniquely perfect for their own goals. If you want to read another review about Quizlet, you can click on this blog.


LingQ VS Quizlet Alternatives

If you can’t still find what language learning app that suits your standards, there’s a lot of fish in the sea! Simya Solutions have different products that you might want to consider as alternatives for these two apps.



Vocly app can help you build new language vocabulary quickly. You can choose from a variety of topics that you find interesting and useful in your situations. With Vocly, there is an audio recording that you’ll have to listen to. After that choose the right word that corresponds to what you have heard. You may download the app in App Store or Play Store if you want to know more.

Ling App

Ling app is a language learning app backed with linguistic research that you can use to make your language learning journey meaningful and fun. It also has spaced repetition system and gamified interface to aid your learning. Lessons are arranged in flashcards, and each flashcard may contain words, phrases, sentences, images, and audio recordings from native speakers. Activities and tests are also available to test your progress.

I hope this article provided you with deep insights to help you find software that will help aid your language learning journey. There’s no such thing as a perfect language learning app, but every app has its unique feature. Find where you are comfortable and start learning languages like a pro.

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