Reviewing 2 Great Apps: HelloTalk Vs Duolingo

As language learners, our number one studying resource is probably language apps. But, there are hundreds of language apps out there so how are we supposed to know which one is best? Simple. Keep reading our app review posts, and we promise you won’t regret it!

In today’s post, we will compare HelloTalk vs Duolingo. These apps are so popular among language learners, which is why we want to take a look at their reviews and help you decide which is best for you!

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HelloTalk VS Duolingo

HelloTalk is basically an international chatting app where language exchange happens naturally. You can practice your target language with someone whose native language is the language you are learning.

This is the best way to actually use a foreign language to communicate. You can become language partners with other users and chat about any topic you want. HelloTalk even offers you different communication options, such as text, voice calls, and video calls.

You can find a more detailed HelloTalk review here!

Features Of HelloTalk

Language Partners

HelloTalk is designed to help you find a language partner that you can practice with. To find an exchange partner, all you have to do is filter your search by languages they speak, location, age, gender, etc. Once you find someone, you can send them a text message.


HelloTalk offers an automatic translation feature. This is really helpful if you are a beginner, but you still want to communicate and practice. It also helps keep the conversation flowing, since you don’t have to open another app to translate any unknown text. Single-tapping any message bubble automatically translates it to or from your target language!

When someone sends you a message, you can always click the show translation option to see whether or not you understand it. This is yet another way you can practice language learning with the HelloTalk app!


When you chat with a native speaker, they are able to correct your sentences thanks to HelloTalk’s feature “select to correct”. Isn’t that neat?

Pros And Cons Of HelloTalk

Now, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of HelloTalk!

Provides a comfortable speaking environmentSome additional features are expensive
Enables you to speak with real native speakersCharges you for services that are free in other apps
30+ million active usersNo review section
150+ languages availableNot all users are there to learn a language



HelloTalk VS Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps because it’s a great way to start learning a new language and to get a general knowledge about a language.

Now, let’s go through Duolingo to find out if it’s the right app for you! You can find a more detailed HelloTalk review here!

Features Of Duolingo

Gamified Teaching Approach

Duolingo combines games and teaching to make language education fun and exciting. On Duolingo, every time you make a mistake your heart goes down, and when you don’t have any more hearts you have to wait until they are filled again. This can be frustrating at times, but this is what makes it a game, right? Once the hearts fill again, you can continue learning.

Friendly Competition

On Duolingo, you can compete with your friends as well as other random Duolingo users who are learning the same language as you. The leaderboard is updated each week so you always have a chance to get first place in the competition.

There are ten leagues in total, but only the top 10 users get the privilege to level up to the next league.

Lesson Design

Each language course is made up of a skill tree. As you finish lessons one by one, you reach a checkpoint. In order to pass the language course successfully, you have to complete all the checkpoints. The lessons follow the same plan more or less, consisting of new vocabulary and phrases being added to the lessons as you level up.

Duolingo activities include listening exercises, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, and multiple-choice questions.

Short Stories

On Duolingo, there are many short stories available based on your language proficiency level. There are various stories that have themes about different daily situations. The more you read, the more difficult they become, but you can always reread the stories whenever you want.

Pros And Cons Of Duolingo

Now, let’s briefly go over the pros and cons of Duolingo!

Sufficient up to an advanced proficiency levelIsn’t useful for more advanced learners
Huge language repertoireLessons are repetitive
Engaging activitiesUnnatural phrases
Offers a completely free versionDistracting ads


Which Is Better: HelloTalk Vs Duolingo?

HelloTalk VS Duolingo

Even though the two apps are there to teach you languages online, HelloTalk and Duolingo are very different in terms of content. Duolingo is based on translation between two languages, while HelloTalk is based on communicative language teaching.

If you already know the language to some extent and want to be able to communicate in your target language or practice it, then HelloTalk is a great option for you.

But, if you are a total beginner who wants to learn the structure of the language and vocabulary, then Duolingo is better for you.

Are you still looking for something else? You might be wondering what are the other alternatives out there? Well, why don’t you give this amazing language app below a try!


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