Thai Culture Facts: 4 Lessons To Be An Amazing Responsible Traveler


Learning a few phrases in Thai and showing some interest in Thai boxing (มวยไทย, Muay Thai) can be enough to make an impression on Thai people, but learning more about the significance of Thai culture facts would be considerably more impressive.

What Are Cultural Norms In Thailand?

Thailand’s culture is a fascinating synthesis of indigenous practices and those of surrounding nations like South East Asia countries, China, and India. The influence of Buddhism on Thai society may be seen in the Thai customs and aesthetics of the country’s constructions and artwork. In addition to delicious Thai food that is highly promoted by the Thai government nowadays, the country is renowned for its vibrant art, martial arts like Thai boxing (มวยไทย, Muay Thai) and traditional dance (รำไทย, ram-tai) play a significant role in Thai society.

Moreover, appreciating elders is necessary, and the Thai people greatly respect the monarchy. If you live in Thailand long enough, you’ll see it’s expressed in people’s behaviors and interactions daily.


Thai Culture Facts And Their Traditions

If you’ve found this blog, you must be curious about what sets Thai culture unique. Then, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll teach you everything about Thai culture that will make you a more knowledgeable and responsible traveler to Thailand!

Lesson 1: Thai Buddhism

As a first stop, let’s check out a Buddhist temple, Thailand’s national identity and most popular tourist attraction due to its eye-catching design, brilliant colors, and fascinating customs. Then, find out what Thai Buddhism’s cultural norms are like.

  • On their birthday, Thais celebrate by visiting a temple and making merit.
  • Some people pray before bed.
  • When naming a child in Thailand, many parents seek a monk’s advice.
  • Before making major life decisions like getting married, purchasing a house, taking a test drive of a new automobile, moving into a new house, or starting a new business, Thai people typically seek advice from a monk or a fortune teller on a lucky date.
  • Thai people have a deep faith in the afterlife and spirits.

At The Temple, What Is Disrespectful In Thai Culture?

  • Pointing your foot toward the Buddha Image.
  • Taking a selfie with the Buddha Image.
  • Wearing shorts or a considerably sexy outfit, such as a vest, tube top, see-through clothes, etc.
  • Females can’t be close to or touch the body, including the robe of Buddhist monks.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol in the Temple.

Lesson 2: Gesture

Whatever you might do freely in your own culture may be disapproved of in more traditional Thai culture. Therefore, there are many Thai customs concerning public gestures and body movements that you should observe to avoid offending people.

  • The Thais use the gesture of ไหว้ (wâi) as a popular form of greeting, apology, and gratitude. Then, they’ll pull their hands close to their chest and bow a little.
  • On their way past the older family members, or higher ranking at the office, the younger folks will respectfully bow while passing.

What Is Disrespectful In Thai Culture?

  • Public displays of affection, such as kissing, might make some people feel awkward.
  • Touching someone’s head is considered a bad manner.
  • Pointing at someone or something with your foot is rude.

Lesson 3: Thai Families

Each Thai family has its unique culture, passed down from generation to generation through the lessons their parents teach their children. Though there are certain practices, most Thais share a similar culture. So if you’re considering spending your Thai life with your Thai partner, reading up on their culture and customs will make you feel more at ease.

  • The younger generation must show respect to the more senior members.
  • Many families choose to live together, making it common to see a large household.
  • Most Thai parents consider themselves their child’s benefactor. Therefore, once their children begin working, they are expected to contribute financially to their parents.

Lesson 4: Monarchy

Thailand is a country with a rich history and a constitutional monarchy. If you follow Thai news, you may know that many people today oppose the monarchy, but laws intended to silence their voices continue to be on the table. Here, before we get into the things you absolutely must not do, we will examine how Thai royalists pay their respects to the royal family.

  • The King’s Anthem will be played in the theater before the film‘s beginning. To show their respect for the King, royalists will stand to their feet and remain to stand until the song is over.
  • They have photos of the King and Queen up in their home.

What Is Disrespectful In Thai Culture?

  • The image of the King is printed on Thai cash, so people might face serious consequences if caught stepping on Thai banknotes and coins.
  • The law prohibits open criticism of members of the royal family, so they avoid it.

Common Vocabulary About Thai Culture

Here are useful words related to Thai culture to learn.

CultureวัฒนธรรมWát tá ná tam
TraditionประเพณีBprà pee nii
ReligionศาสนาSàat sà nǎa
RuleกฏระเบียบGòt rá bìap
RespectเคารพKao róp
Royal family/dynastyราชวงศ์Râat chá wong

In Summary

You now have a clearer idea of what you can and cannot do in Thailand. The above cultural norms we discussed are pervasive across Thai society, making them essential whether you’re visiting the central of Thailand or making new friends in the north of Thailand. Before traveling to Thailand or any other country with a different culture than your own, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the local customs and practices. Therefore, please make an effort to understand some of their cultures to appreciate the culture better and engage with the locals.

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