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January 12, 2021

Nobody is expecting you to rock up in Serbian when talking to your friend or partner who is a native speaker of this beautiful language. However, knowing to say “How are you" in Serbian and other basic phrases will definitely be deeply respected by any local.

So, you don't have to be an expert in understanding the Serbian language, but getting some of the basics down will be the difference between a good time and a great one. Keep in mind the sentence Serbians like to say when joking: “Govori srpski da te ceo svet razume!” (Speak Serbian so the whole world understands you!). 

Let's learn more about Serbian greetings and common phrases and expressions in Serbian



About Serbian Greetings

  • A firm handshake with direct eye contact is the most common form of greeting.
  • When meeting someone for the first time, people tend to shake hands and ask “Kako ste?” (“how are you?”) or “Drago mi je” (“nice to meet you”). 
  • When addressing an acquaintance, the appropriate form of address is the title of ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’, followed by their surname.
  • Failing to acknowledge others by introducing yourself with a handshake may offend some.
  • Kissing is a common greeting among friends and family. Three kisses, alternating each cheek, is the general custom.
  • If you are seated, stand when you meet people, particularly older men and women. 
  • The usual way to say “hello” is “Zdravo” or “Ćao”.

Kako Ste? (KAH-ko steh?) — How Are You In Serbian

A simple question and one imbued with more meaning in Serbia than the rest of the world. In many parts of the Western world, this question will be asked with all the interest of a ‘hello’. In Serbia, it is an invitation to put the world right.

And now, let's learn how to answer the question “kako si”: 

Dobro. Hvala. (I'm fine, thanks!)

A vi? (polite); A ti? (And you?)

Dobro/Kako – tako.(Good/ So-So.)

Other Serbian Phrases 


Serbian  English
Ćao! Zdravo! Hi! Hello!
Dobro jutro! Good morning!
Dobro veče! Good evening!
Dobrodošli (pl); Dobrodošla (f); Dobrodošao (m) Welcome! (to greet someone)
Hvala (puno)! Thank you (very much)!
Nema na čemu! You're welcome! (for "thank you")
Hej! Prijatelju! Hey! Friend!
Nedostajao (m)/ Nedostajala (f) si mi puno! I missed you so much!
Šta ima novo? What's new?
Ništa posebno Nothing special.
Svašta. Sedi da ti ispričam sve- Many things. Let's sit and talk about it. 
Laku noć! Good night!
Vidimo se kasnije! See you later!
Doviđenja! Goodbye!

How To Introduce Yourself

Serbian English
Da li govorite (polite) / govoriš Engleski/Srpski? Do you speak (English/ Serbian)?
Samo malo. Just a little.
Kako se zovete (polite) / zoveš? What's your name?
Zovem se… My name is ...
Gospodin / Gospođa / Gospođica Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…
Drago mi je! Nice to meet you!
Veoma ste (polite) / si ljubazni (polite) / ljubazan (m) / ljubazna (f) You're very kind!
Odakle ste (polite) / si? Where are you from?
Ja sam iz (SAD-a/ Srbije) I'm from (the U.S/ Serbia )
Ja sam (Amerikanac) I'm (American)
Gde živite (polite) / živiš? Where do you live?
Živim u (SAD-u / Srbiji) I live in (the U.S/ Serbia)
Da li vam (polite) / ti se sviđa ovde? Did you like it here?
Srbija je predivna zemlja. Serbia is a wonderful country
Čime se bavite (polite) / baviš? What do you do for a living?
Radim kao (prevodilac / biznismen) I work as a (translator/ businessman)
Sviđa mi se srpski. I like Serbian
Učim srpski 3 meseca. I've been learning Serbian for 3 months
Oh! To je dobro. Oh! That's good!
Koliko imate (polite) / imaš godina? How old are you?
Imam (dvadeset, trideset..) godina. I'm (twenty, thirty…)
Moram da idem. I have to go
Odmah se vraćam. I will be right back!

How To Wish Someone Something

Serbian English
Srećno! Good luck!
Srećan rođendan! Happy birthday!
Srećna nova godina! Happy new year!
Srećan božić! Merry Christmas!
Čestitam! Congratulations!
Prijatno! Enjoy! (for meals...)
Voleo (m) / volela (f) bih da posetim Srbiju jednog dana. I'd like to visit Serbia one day
Pozdravi Džona u moje ime. Say hi to John for me
Nazdravlje! Bless you (when sneezing)
Laku noć i lepo spavaj! Good night and sweet dreams!

Other Serbian Expressions And Words

Serbian  English
Dobro/ Loše/ Tako-tako. Good/ Bad/ So-So.
Veliko/ Malo. Big/ Small
Danas/ Sada. Today/ Now
Sutra/ Juče. Tomorrow/ Yesterday
Da/ Ne. Yes/ No
Izvoli/ Izvolite (polite). Here you go! (when giving something)
Da li ti/ vam (polite) se sviđa? Do you like it?
Veoma mi se sviđa. I really like it!
Gladan (m) / Gladna (f) Žedan (m) / Žedna (f) sam. I'm hungry/thirsty.
Ujutro/ Predveče / Uveče. In the morning/evening/ At night.
Ovo/ Ono. Ovde/ Tamo. This/ That. Here/There
Ja/ Ti. On/Ona. Me/ You. Him/ Her.
Stvarno! Really!
Pogledaj/ Pogledajte (polite and pl). Look!
Požuri/ Požurite (polite and pl). Hurry up!
Šta? Gde? What? Where?
Koliko je sati? What time is it?
Deset sati je. Sedam i trideset je. It's 10 o'clock. 07:30 pm.
Daj/ Dajte (polite) mi ovo! Give me this!
Volim te! I love you!
Loše se osećam. I feel sick.
Treba mi doctor. I need a doctor
Jedan, dva, tri One, Two, Three
Četiri, pet, šest Four, Five, Six
Sedam, osam, devet, deset Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Restaurant And Bar

Serbian English
Mogu da dobim… Can I get…
Koliko je košta? How much does it cost?
Račun Bill

Everything Else

Serbian English
Ulaz / Izlaz Entrance / Exit
Guraj / Vuci Push / Pull
Otvoreno / Zatvoreno Open / Closed
Muškarci / Žene Men / Women


I hope this blog post was useful to you, and that you learned some Serbian words, phrases, and expressions. Make sure to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation. If you want to learn more Serbian words or just to practice what you have learned here, consider using Ling App.

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