3 Best Ways To Say Thank You In Slovenian

Slovenian people are extremely generous and humble and might shower you with compliments and gifts if you happen to fall on their good graces. Therefore, you must be aware of some of the most common ways of showing gratitude and phrases to say thank you in Slovenian.

Learn Slovenian on your own, and you’ll thank yourself for initiating your language-learning journey. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Thank You In Slovenian

It is essential to know how to respond when someone is being kind to you. Let’s look at the most common words/phrases to use in different situations while you are in Slovenia.


Slovenian is a South Slavic language, and like other Slavic languages, the word used to express gratitude is hvala. This is an extremely informal and casual way of thanking someone. You can say this when someone has not done an exceptionally huge favor but a small act of kindness that matters. For example, if you’re asking the directions in Slovenian, hvala is enough for them to acknowledge that you are grateful.

Another instance is if someone lets you go first because they see you in a hurry, you could say hvala.

Hvala Vam

The formal way of saying thank you in Slovenian is Hvala Vam. You should use this when someone older than you (both in status or age) does something you should thank them for.

For instance, if your Slovenian grandmother makes you cookies, you could say Hvala Vam. Similarly, if your teacher praises you for something and you want to show gratitude in Slovenian, you could say Hvala Vam.

Najlepša Hvala!

What would you say in a situation in which you have been bestowed with a huge favor? You should say Najlepša hvala! Which means thank you very much.

For instance, if you are at a shop and you are at a loss of one euro only, the shopkeeper won’t let you have what you need otherwise. In such a situation, if a stranger comes up to help you, you could use Najlepša hvala!

Other Useful Slovenian Phrases

Here are some of the most common possible thankful responses. You can learn about the right sentence structure in Slovenian and use words from these statements to make sentences of your own.

Slovenian ExpressionsEnglish Translations
Imate mojo hvaležnostYou have my gratitude
sem v tvojem kotuI’m in your corner
Neskončna hvaležnostUndying gratitude
To je zelo prijazno od tebeThis is very kind of you
To mi veliko pomeniThis means a lot to me
Najlepše se vam zahvaljujemI thank you most warmly
Hvaležen sem za vašo pomočI’m grateful for your assistance
Najlepša hvalaThank you very much
ti si dragaYou’re a dear
Hvala, ker ste me povabiliThanks for inviting me
Povejte mi, kaj lahko storim za vasLet me know what I can do for you
Vaša podpora in prijaznost sta zelo cenjeniYour support and kindness is much appreciated
Kako se ti sploh lahko zahvalim?How can I ever possibly thank you?
Kako premišljeno od tebe!How thoughtful of you!
Besede ne morejo opisati, kako sem hvaležen?Words can’t describe how thankful I am?
Je zelo prijazno od vasIt’s very kind of you
za vedno bom hvaleženI’ll forever be grateful
Vi ste reševalecYou are a lifesaver
Ne vem, kako naj se vam zahvalimI don’t know how to thank you
Zelo sem hvaležen zateI have so much gratitude for you
Milijonkrat hvalaThanks a million
Imejte se prisrčno hvaleženConsider yourself heartily thanked
Hvala lepaThanks a bunch
Ne morem se vam dovolj zahvalitiI can’t thank you enough
Zahvaljujem se vam iz srcaI thank you from the bottom of my heart
ne bom pozabilI won’t forget it
Spremenil si mi življenjeYou’ve changed my life
To je zelo prijaznoThat’s very kind
Rad bi se vam zahvalil za vašo pomočI want to thank you for your help
Cenim tvoj časI appreciate your time
Vsa moja ljubezen in hvala tebiAll my love and thanks to you
Bilo je tako super od vasIt was so awesome of you
Moja hvaležnost ne pozna mejaMy gratitude knows no bounds
jaz sem tvoj dolžnikI’m in your debt
Tako sem hvaležen, da sem lahko tukajI’m so grateful I get to be here
Prosim, sprejmite mojo globoko zahvaloPlease accept my deepest thanks
Milijon hvala tebiA million thanks to you
Hvala lepaThanks a ton
Naslednji je na meniThe next one’s on me
tako sem hvaleženI’m so grateful
Hvala za tvojo pomočThank you for helping me
Brez tebe ne bi bil tam, kjer semI wouldn’t be where I am without you
Kaj bi jaz brez tebe?What would I do without you?
Najlepša hvalaThanks so much
Nimam besed, s katerimi bi se vam zahvalilI don’t have words to thank you
Težko je najti besede, s katerimi bi izrazil svojo hvaležnostIt is hard to find words to express my gratitude
Besede so nemočne izraziti svojo hvaležnostWords are powerless to express my gratitude
Hvala za vašo premišljenostThank you for your thoughtfulness
Hvaležen sem za vašo pomočI’m grateful for your help
Želim, da veste, kako cenim vašo podporoI want you to know how much I value your support
Ti si najboljšiYou are the best
Super si, ker misliš nameYou’re awesome for thinking of me
cenim toI appreciate it
Vaša velikodušnost me prevzameYour generosity overwhelms me
dolgujem tiI owe you one
Rešil si mi danYou saved my day
ne bi smeliYou shouldn’t have
Ne morem izraziti svoje hvaležnostiI cannot express my appreciation
Želel sem se zahvaliti čim prejI wanted to thank you as soon as possible
Oh, ne bi smeli!Oh, you shouldn’t have!
Cenim vse, kar si naredilI appreciate everything you’ve done
Če si kdo zasluži zahvalo, ste to viIf anyone deserves thanks, it’s you
Imaš me, če me potrebuješYou have me if you need me
Ne vem, kaj bi brez tebeI don’t know what would I do without you
Hvala za vseThank you for everything
Nikoli ne bom pozabil, kaj si naredilI will never forget what you have done
super siYou’re great
Brez tebe ne bi mogelI couldn’t have done it without you
tako si v pomočYou’re so helpful
Najlepša hvalaMany thanks
Najlepša hvala za…Many thanks for…
ZažigašYou rock
sem ti dolžanI’m indebted to you
povrnil ti bom dvojnoI will repay you twofold
Najlepša hvalaThanks a lot
Sprejmite mojo neskončno hvaležnostAccept my endless gratitude
Cenim vaše prijazne misliI appreciate your kind thoughts
Najlepša hvalaThank you so much
Hvala za brezplačen obrokThank you for the free meal
Dober večer, hvala, ker ste prišli.Good evening, thank you for coming.
Dobro jutro, dober dan!Good morning, have a good day!

Wrapping Up

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