150 Useful Words About Transportation In Slovak

Whether you are going on an exciting road trip through Slovakia or just catching the plane, the words about transportation in Slovak we will discuss in this blog post will come in handy.


Road Vehicles And Transportation

The Slovak Republic is a Central European country that extends through several European areas (Danube region, Carpathian region, Pannonian plain). These circumstances enabled extraordinary conditions for the development of all types of traffic and traffic through the country.

Slovakia has developed road, rail, air, and water transport. The central traffic hub in the country is the capital, Bratislava.

Slovak Language English Translation
preprava the transport
auto a car
autobus a bus
autobusová zastávka a bus stop
bicykel   a bicycle
školský autobus School bus
mikrobus a minibus
motorka a motorbike
motocykel motorcycle
kolobežka a scooter
taxík, taxi a taxi
kamión a van
nákladné auto a truck, lorry
semafor a traffic light
dopravné znacky   a road sighs
parkovisko a car park
cesta a road
batéria a battery
motor a motor
airbag an airbag
volant a steering wheel
koleso a wheel
bezpečnostný pás a seatbelt
pneumatika a tyre
brzdy the brakes
zadný kufor a rear trunk
automat na lístky a ticket vending machine
pokladňa a ticket office
radar a radar
stopár a hitchhiker
pouličné osvetlenie a street light
chodník a pavement
čerpacia stanica a petrol station
stavenisko a construction site
prechod pre chodcov a pedestrian crossing
dopravná zápcha a traffic jam
diaľnica a motorway
tank a tank
benzín   a petrol
nafta   a diesel
príves a trailer
skúter a motor scooter
križovatka   the crossroads
križovatka a crossing
poistka automobilu a car insurance
porucha a breakdown
klúce the keys
dvere a door
garáž a garage
chodec a pedestrian
pešia zóna a pedestrian zone
cyklista a cyclist
cyklotrasa a bike path


Vehicles In Air And Water Transportation

Slovakia is home to several airlines, the most famous of which is the low-cost airline Sky Europe.

The largest and most important airport in the country is Bratislava Airport “M. R. Štefanik ”in the suburb of Ivanka, 9 km northeast of the city center.

This interesting country is an inland country and therefore has no seaports. On the other hand, river traffic is very developed and of international importance. The Danube River, an important pan-European waterway (Corridor 7) that connects Central Europe with the Black Sea area. The most important Slovak river ports on the Danube are Bratislava and Komarno.

Slovak Language English Translation
lietadlo a plane
loď a ship
čln a boat
letisko a airport
aerolínia an airline
helikoptéra, vrtuľník  a helicopter
let a flight
odchod a departure
príchod an arrival
ekonomická trieda an economy class
biznis trieda a business class
batožina a luggage / a baggage
batožinový pás a baggage claim
batožinový vozík a baggage coach
záchranná vesta a life jacket
kontajner a container
ponorka a submarine
výletná loď a cruise ship
kontajnerová loď a container ship
jachta an yacht
trajekt a ferry
prístav a harbour
záchranný čln a lifeboat


Railway Transportation

The largest railway junctions are: Bratislava, Košice, Galanta, Žilina, Zvolen. Currently, the railway network is being intensively renewed, especially the main railway line in the country, which connects Bratislava and Kosice. It is predicted that speeds of over 150 km / h will be possible with this renovation.

The two largest cities in the country, Bratislava and Košice, have developed tram transport.

Slovak Language English Translation
vlak a train
vysokorýchlostný vlak a high-speed train
lokomotíva a locomotive
vlaková stanica a train station
železnicná stanica a railway station
električka a tram
metro a metro
vagón a wagon
prvá trieda a first class
cestovný lístok   a ticket


Other Vehicles

Slovak Language English Translation
sanitka an ambulance
hasičské auto a fire truck
policajné auto a police car
dodávka a delivery van
bager an excavator
buldozér a bulldozer
vysokozdvižný vozík a forklift
traktor a tractor
kombajn a harvester
lanovka a cable car


Words About Transportation In Slovak: Directions

Slovak Language English Translation
Ako daleko je to? How far is it?
Blázko   Near
Daleko od Far from
Chodte rovno. Go straight.
Další Next
Do Bratislavy   To Bratislava
Z Bratislavy   From Bratislava
Je toto linka k …..?    Is this the right line for ……?
Je vpravo. It is on the right.
Kde je? Where is?
Kolko to stojí na den? How much does it cost per day?
Môžete mi ukázat cestu?   Can you show me the way?
Na ako dlho?   How long would you like it?
Rád by som si požical auto. I would like to rent a car, please.
Oproti   Opposite
Otocte sa Turn back
Roh a Corner
Rovno Straight
Pozdlž, okolo Past
Vlavo   Left
Vedla    Next to
Vchod an Entrance
Vlavo, nalavo   On the left
Vpravo   Right
Vpravo, napravo On the right
Východ Exit
Vystúpit Get off
Zabocte vlavo Turn left
Zabocte vpravo Turn right
Zabocíte dolava, doprava Turn left, right
V blízkosti Close to


Other Transport And Travel Words

Slovak Language English Translation
dátum odovzdania   a return date
dátum vyzdvihnutia a pick up date
medzinárodný vodicský preukaz an international driver license
medzinárodný vodicský preukaz an international driving permit
medzinárodný preklad vodicský preukaz an international translation of driving permit   
vejená doprava a public Transport
vodicský preukaz a driving licence
povolenie a permit
rezervovat   to reserve, book
cestovanie, výlet a travel, trip
cestovateľ a traveler
turistické a tourist
sprievodca a travel guide
turistická prehliadka a tourist tour
vízum a visa
cestovný pas a passport


Máš bicykel? (Do you have a bicycle?)

Kúpil nový traktor. (He bought a new tractor.)

Prišiel som autobusom. (I came by bus.)

Pôjdem autom. (I will go by car).

Neviem, koľko tento motocykel stojí. (I don’t know how much this motorcycle costs.)

Chcem si kúpiť skúter. (I want to buy a scooter.)

Ponáhľam sa, vezmem si taxík. (I am in a hurry, I will take a cab.)

Rád cestujem vlakom. (I like to travel by train.)

Čo sa nachádza v nákladnom vozidle? (What is in the truck?)

Táto jachta je veľmi drahá. (This yacht is very expensive.)

Nikdy som neletel lietadlom. (I’ve never flown by airplane.)

Vrtuľník letí veľmi nízko. (The helicopter is flying very low.)

Sanitka dorazila do niekoľkých minút od uskutočnenia hovoru. (The ambulance arrived within minutes of the call being made.)

Potrebovali buldozér, aby skalu vytlačili. (They needed a bulldozer to dislodge the rock.)


Final Thoughts

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