8 Easy Ways To Say Good Night In Georgian

Have you been traveling in Georgia? There are many places to visit, right? But now it’s time to rest and that relaxing sleep. How do you say good night in Georgian? It is easy to pick up new words with a great vocabulary list to memorize. We’ve already done that for you, and we’ll even give you more phrases to learn. Let’s learn the Georgian language without a moment to waste!

Sleep is one of the best moments in life that we’ve often neglected. Especially if we’re too busy with our lives and almost forget to take a rest. It’s essential to get enough sleep so our brain still functions perfectly. Particularly if we’re studying a lot for an upcoming language exam.

It’s inevitable not to be excited when you’re just learning a new language like Georgian. Sometimes, you can’t even understand a single word. However, you like planning which Georgian language lessons to cover next.

But we’ve got you a very simple solution with eight easy ways to say good night in Georgian. Learning Georgian should be fun and easy, so we’re not leaving you hanging alone in the air. We’ve also added the right responses if your Georgian friend said good night back.

Before knowing how to say good night in Georgian, let’s look at the busy nightlife in Georgia.


Places To Visit At Night In Georgia

What do Georgians do before going to bed? Most locals spend their nights walking at parks or visiting the local pubs and bars. But, if you’re staying in Tbilisi for a few weeks, you can check out some famous places, lots, stops, parks, and other unique locations.

Most of these night places and shops open as early as 11 AM. However, the standard time for Georgian tourist spots is open at 4 PM or 5 PM, depending on the day. On the weekends, shops are open from 5 PM until 11 PM. However, you can still see nightclubs available from 9 PM until 7 AM the next day.

No matter if you want to party or enjoy some peace during the night, here are some famous areas to visit.

Famous Tourist Spots In Georgia At Night

  • Bassiani
  • Rustaveli Avenue & Freedom square
  • Narikala Fortress
  • Tbilisi Funicular
  • Central Square in Marjanshvili
  • Mtatsminda Park
  • Vinoground
  • Shardeni Street
  • Akhvlediani Street
  • Night Markets in Tbilisi

Georgians are really friendly, and you will notice how much of the Georgian language you’ll learn if you just ask one question. Memorizing basic words for a good night in Georgian or other frequently used Georgian phrases will reduce your time spent in translation or looking for correct answers. Of course, you can try to speak English, but it will defeat the purpose of naturally acquiring your target language.


Easy Ways To Say Good Night In Georgian

Good night in Georgian language

Whew! That was a great list of places to visit at night in Tbilisi. But it’s time to go to bed and get a good night’s rest for a better experience tomorrow.

Want to say good night in Georgian? You can pronounce it as ghame mshvidobisa, and it is spelled ღამე მშვიდობისა. 

Most greetings and essential Georgian words are formal since many Georgians are still traditional. Of course, as a tourist, they’ll easily forgive you if you’ve pronounced the word wrong, but we recommend you to become immersed and try to speak how

It’s easy to book accommodations in the central city of Georgia, but you can also try sleeping at hostels or AirBnBs in other places too. When you try to speak Georgian, don’t rely on English even for beginner words because some locals of provinces can’t understand it. 

All set and ready to unwind? It’s time to say good night in the Georgian language! We’ve also added a few phrases that you can add other than the standard good night in English.

ღამე მშვიდობისაghame mshvidobisaGood night
ძილინებისაdzili nebisaHave a good sleep
საღამომშვიდობისაsaghamomshvidobisaGood evening
წავალ ახლა დავიძინებts’aval akhla davidzinebI will go to sleep now
მშვიდობიანი ღამე გქონდეთmshvidobiani ghame gkondetHave a peaceful night
კარგად დაისვენეk’argad daisveneRest well
ტკბილი ძილიtkbili dziliSweet dreams
ნახვამდის და ხვალ გნახავnakhvamdis da khval gnakhavGoodbye and see you tomorrow

People often just say ძილინებისა dzili nebisa to their friends or loved ones. On the other hand, if you’re not sleeping yet, you can say საღამომშვიდობისა (saghamomshvidobisa) or ღამე მშვიდობისა (ghame mshvidobisa.)


What To Respond When Someone Says Good Night In Georgian?

You’ve already discovered the Georgian word for a good night, but inevitably, a person won’t reply. There are many ways to respond to your friend and not just by saying good night in Georgian too. You will love these other unique words and phrases in the Georgian language. Just don’t forget to ask your questions the next day if you don’t remember what those Georgian words meant.

დასაძინებლად წასვლაdasadzineblad ts’asvlaGo to sleep
შენც მშვიდ ღამეს გისურვებ!shents mshvid ghames gisurveb!Have a good night too!
მოგვიანებით დავიძინებmogvianebit davidzinebI’ll sleep later
მშვიდი ღამე გავატაროთmshvidi ghame gavat’arotLet’s have a restful night
იოცნებე ჩემზეiotsnebe chemzeDream of me
ხვალამდეkhvalamdeUntil tomorrow
ჯერ არ დაიძინო!jer ar daidzino!Don’t sleep yet!

That’s a handful of words and phrases to learn. Realistically, it will take you years until you can fluently write, read, speak, and listen to Georgian conversations. But why hesitate now when there’s a language learning app to help you in your mastery? Want to know more? Read ahead, and we’ll introduce you to an excellent app for learning languages while traveling, on a business trip, working, or even while studying.


Learn Georgian Before Sleeping With Ling

Good night in Georgian by Ling app

If you keep tossing and turning at night and can’t sleep, there are many ways to achieve a peaceful night. But you can also choose to learn Georgian with a handy mobile app.

Ling is a great way to boost your confidence in learning a new language. You can get 200+ lessons filled with mini-games for your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. There is even a speaking practice feature with an AI chatbot using state-of-the-art voice recognition to check if you’re pronouncing Georgian, Spanish, KoreanTagalogSerbian, or even Arabic correctly.

Not only can Ling keep you productive at night, but it will also even help you retain more vocabulary words. When you wake up, you can continue practicing how to introduce yourself in Georgian. Who knows, you might get invited to a birthday party with your Georgian friends.

Sounds convincing? We recommend you download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store before going to sleep. You can share this app when you wake up with your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a sure way to make your next day more exciting and fulfilled.

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