7 Fun Phrases To Say Happy Birthday In Georgian

Celebrating birthdays is memorable and fun in any part of the world. Remarkably, if you like learning languages and traditions, there are many ways to commemorate them. If you’re particularly interested in Georgia, there are fun phrases and greetings that you need to know. Let’s find more exciting words and phrases to say happy birthday in Georgian!

Who doesn’t love attending birthday parties? Being invited to one is thrilling because you’ll think of creative ways to celebrate another year with your friend. Common gestures are exchanging gifts, surprising them with a huge birthday blast, or even taking them on a trip abroad. In that case, have you been to Georgia? We all know how much you’re interested in discovering how other countries. So much so if you’re keen on learning languages. There’s a substantial traditional background for Georgians when celebrating their birthday.

How do teenagers and millennials celebrate birthdays in Tbilisi? Even at present, it’s still a sign of respect to celebrate birthdays and formal events with rules passed from one generation to another. Discover the rich cultural background of Georgia, just even by attending birthday celebrations!

How Do Georgians Celebrate Birthdays?

Georgians love celebrating birthdays with their family and friends. In fact, Georgians are open to meeting new people as they are very hospitable. As a tourist, it’s important to observe rules and customs to avoid misunderstanding. These are especially a sign of respect for your friend’s culture that you’re unfamiliar with.

If you are celebrating his or her birthday and want to make it extra special, you can celebrate Supra. This traditional ceremonial feast is common in Georgia. It is usually an extravagant celebration filled with wine, meat (for those who are allowed to), fruits, and lots and lots of food. Georgians also strictly adhere to having a tamada or a toastmaker. Tamada is similar to European toasting gestures you’ll see in Italy or France.

These toastmakers are usually the parents, a respected authority, or an elder in the family members. They talk about the family’s history, the reason for the celebration, and gratitude to God before saying a happy birthday to the celebrant. It’s a real treasure to witness any of these customs since they are slowly dying today.

Younger, modern Tbilisi people, on the other hand, will greet you with a happy birthday wherever you are. You’ll be surprised with a cake, a restaurant surprise, or even have new people to mingle with. With your close friends, you can celebrate your parties at clubs or even at your house with chips, fast food, and a long night of festivity.

Are you in Georgia to explore their culture or language? Don’t miss out on having a language exchange friend to practice your pronunciation.

How To Say Happy Birthday In Georgian

Happy birthday in Georgian Word

What is the Georgian word for a happy birthday? Say it with me, Gilotsav dabadebis dghes (გილოცავ დაბადების დღეს). Oh, if you’re not yet sure what the Georgian language sounds like, we recommend downloading a language app that will help you speak, write, read, and listen like a native speaker. We have a recommendation at the end of this post. But before anything else, you must know the essential vocabulary for saying happy birthday.

Check out the other Georgian words and sentences when wishing someone a happy birthday.

Happy birthday!გილოცავ დაბადების დღესgilotsav dabadebis dghes
May you have the best week ahead!საუკეთესო კვირა გქონდეთ წინsauk’eteso k’vira gkondet ts’in
Cheers to your life and to your success!გილოცავ შენს ცხოვრებას და წარმატებებსgilotsav shens tskhovrebas da ts’armat’ebebs
All the best!Ყველაფერი საუკეთესოq’velaperi sauk’eteso
I hope you will celebrate your day with happiness!იმედია ბედნიერად აღნიშნავთ თქვენს დღესimedia bednierad aghnishnavt tkvens dghes
A happy birthday to you! May you achieve all the dreams you wantგილოცავ დაბადების დღეს! დაე, მიაღწიოთ ყველა ოცნებას, რაც გსურთngilotsav dabadebis dghes! dae, miaghts’iot q’vela otsnebas, rats gsurt
We wish you a happy birthday. You are lovedგილოცავ დაბადების დღეს. შეყვარებული ხარgilotsav dabadebis dghes. sheq’varebuli khar

Sing Along To A Georgian Birthday Song

What’s an amusing way to celebrate someone’s birthday? By singing, of course! There’s only one way to sing the traditional happy birthday in Georgian language.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your Georgian friends. Singing along and feeling the companionship is a great way to communicate with locals. We’ve got both translations for Georgian and English with this common Georgian birthday song.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to [name of the celebrant]
Happy birthday to you!
Gilotsav dabadebis dghes,
Gilotsav dabadebis dghes,
Gilotsav dabadebis dghes [name of the celebrant]
Gilotsav dabadebis dghes

Other Words And Phrases For Good Wishes

We all love parties and events, so we have other reasons to celebrate. If you want to make a good impression on your Georgian friends, get to know their culture. Wishing someone a good life or even a nice day will lift their moods.

Here are some other words and phrases for good wishes to commemorate important events in the Georgian language.

Happy Holidays!გილოცავთ დღესასწაულებსgilotsavt dghesasts’aulebs
Happy New Year!Გილოცავთ ახალ წელსgilotsavt akhal ts’els
Merry Christmas!შობას გილოცავთ/კ’რისტეს შობას გილოწავk’ristes shobas gilotsav / gilotsav shoba-akhal ts’els
Happy Anniversary!გილოცავ წლისთავსgilotsav ts’listavs
Happy Easter!აღდგომას გილოწავaghdgomas gilots’av
Good luck!Წარმატებებიts’armat’ebebi

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