15 Crazy Yummy Armenian Desserts

Sweets and desserts are considered gold mines in our lives. Some people fall for them as if a cupcake can fix their problems, while others just take them as part of their normal diet. On the other hand, some people do not give two hoots about them. The best thing about desserts is that every country has unique versions of its desserts. In this article, we are going to discuss Armenian desserts, their importance, what they are made of, etc.

20 Luscious Armenian Desserts

Here, we are going to discuss the most important Armenian desserts, which are considered the fairytale of an Armenian kitchen.

Armenian Baklava (Paklava)

Armenian Desserts

Armenian Paklava is almost similar to Baklava, an important dessert in Greek food culture. The only difference between Greek and Armenian Baklava is that Greeks use honey while Armenians use powdered sugar that diffuses spices.

This delectable delight is prepared with chopped nuts, shredded phyllo dough filled with honey, and butter is an essential part of this treatment which is used to brush every layer of phyllo dough and also it is spread all over the dish after layering. Some people use cinnamon sticks to jazz up the dish.

Lavash (An Armenian Traditional Flat Bread)

Armenian Desserts

This delight is loved by many and used as a snack or appetizer, and people have a whale of a time when it is paired with soup. It can be muffled around the barbecue or can be sandwiched with cheese or herb blends to make it tastier.

It becomes dry and wilted if not used promptly but can be rehydrated with water when required. 

The ingredients used for this Armenian shortbread cookie are honey to light it since it consumes a lot of sugar, cornstarch, and oil are also integral parts to prepare this bread. So if you want to try this, just search its recipe, and it will surely melt in your mouth.


Armenian Desserts

Its name implies this delight, Matnakash, means ‘drawn with fingers.’ It is a puffed bread, and before it is put in the oven, the top lines are marked with fingers to design it. The ingredients used in Matnakash are salt, baking soda, flour, yeast, and flour creams. Some people flavor it with tea relish to make it pleasing. It goes perfectly well with an Armenian mint tea.

Tahinov Hatz (Armenian Tahini Bread)

Armenian Desserts

This type of bread is a sweet Armenian confection. It is also known as Khobz bi-tahini or tahini roll. It is covered with sesame paste (a famous Chinese paste made up of toasted sesame seeds), sugar, and cinnamon layers (optional).

Often this Armenian dessert has bread with crispy sesame buns with insides that are soft like pillows. Honey and tahini are the main ingredients used to prepare this Armenian dessert. Tahini is the middle eastern condiment prepared from toasted hulled sesame, and honey is the normal food item that can be used in every dessert, and everyone is familiar with this. Both of these give a nutty and sweet flavor to the dish.

These buns are famous throughout the middle east. This puff pastry is also preferred as dinner rolls that subtle the craving and kill the hunger. Many people have successful businesses by selling Tahini-related items, especially Tahinov Hatz.

This bread can be prepared right according to your taste. If you like a crispy one, roll the dough of the bread tighter; if you like a soft one, roll it accordingly. This Armenian meal can be used as a snack; anytime you crave a light refreshment, you can make it and enjoy it!

Chorek (Armenian Sweet Bread)

Armenian Desserts

Chorek is a long braided loaf with curled strands that gives the shape of knotted rolls. It consumes clarified butter in a very rich amount. Mahlab is an important spice used to prepare this bread. Mahlab is an aromatic spice made up of cherry seeds. It is used in powdered form to flavor the bread.

The dough prepared to make this bread is dusted with flour to avoid friction while handling. After that, bread is formed into long strands of rope and then cut down into pieces.

Wax paper is used while wrapping the thin layers of dough. Don’t forget to oil the bowl before putting the dough inside it. The ASMR of making Chorek is like music to the ears. It is pretty simple to prepare and elegant to eat.

Nazook (Sweet Armenian Pastry)

Armenian Desserts

This coffee-cookie cake is a luscious Armenian dessert cooked in many different shapes and is quite attractive for children. Nazook is also spelt nazouk or nazuk. This sweet pastry consumes butter that is rolled inside, and walnut cream is used for filling the pastry. This dessert is similar to Armenian gata (also an Armenian sweet pastry commonly loved by many).

Nazook can also be called an Armenian Christmas pudding as it is a common meal that everyone would recommend eating on such a special occasion. The ingredients used to prepare this delicious dish are egg yolk, sugar, vanilla extract, sour cream, melted butter, and flour. You can cook this Armenian gata by searching Armenian recipes for this, and you will be over the moon. 

Katah (Butter-Layered Pastry)

Armenian Desserts

Katah is a traditional dessert in Armenian communities, also known as an Armenian croissant. It is crammed down at events like Candlemas and also at other festivals. Regardless, you can also normally bake it and can enjoy this Armenian dessert with tea or a cup of coffee.

This flaky sweet is prepared by stretching the dough with fingers underneath. Then, a thin layer of this dough is doused in warm butter. After that, you crease the dough many times and recline it. Ingredients used to prepare this dish are yeast, salt, butter, water, milk, eggs, and sesame seeds are optional, but if you want to use them, these will give a nice topping. So if you want a different taste during your tea breaks, you can check its recipe straight and enjoy this tenderly Armenian gata.

Kourabia (Armenian Shortbread Cookie)

Armenian Desserts

Kourabia is the one Armenian dessert that everyone craves at festivals or events. These light, brittle and buttery sweets are integral parts of occasions like Christmas, Easter Candlemas, etc.

Some people use clarified butter in preparing the dough. If you are using clarified butter, then you need to put it in the refrigerator for half an hour, and after that, you need to continue the whole process of blending the ingredients like sugar, butter, egg white, baking powder, flour, and almonds. Then, knead the dough properly and make a rope-like structure, roll it down into a donut shape and go for baking. After making sure that this Armenian shortbread cookie is ready, you are up for the meal.

Popoques (Walnut Waffle Cookies) 

Armenian Desserts

Popoques means nuts in Armenian. These are bite-sized sweets made up of two buttery shells with walnut filling. The unique part of this sweet is the walnut filling which is prepared with a cup of dulce de leche, 2 ounces of butter, and 4 ounces of cream. You need to get these, and you are up for the great filling. 

Once you have made the perfect filling, the whole dish is going to be fit for the sweet tooth. Chocolate ganache can also be used as a base, and if you add ice cream to the dessert, trust me, you have made an addictive sweet that everyone is going to fall for.

Khalkha (Armenian Savory Cookie) 

These cracker cookies are also known as Simit/Khalkha/Kekhke. These can be used as an afternoon snack, or you can enjoy them with your morning tea. Let me hint you secretly, and you can make a bunch of these cookies and freeze them for a larger amount of time to take joy whenever you crave them.

Ingredients used to make these perfect crunchy, ring-shaped cookies are oil, butter, sugar (white or brown sugar), whole milk, baking soda, yeast, and sesame seeds or cardamom powder to sprinkle at the top. The best part about these savory confections is that they are made in whatever shape you like. These can be spiral or donut-shaped, which is commonly made in the middle-east.

Zadigi Kahke (Armenian Easter Cookie)

Armenian Desserts

This crispy and chewy cookie is found on Armenian tables at Easter, Christmas, or any other special event. These are small-sized sweets that can be stored in a jar for a long run, but it is a test of your taste buds to store them for a long time because these tasty cookies are hard to leave once you start having them. 

Ingredients used to prepare this easter cookie are flour, farina, butter, sugar, mahlab, sunflower oil, eggs, yeast, cinnamon, and ground cloves. You need to get these ingredients right in your kitchen, prepare your cooking methods, prepare its dough, make rolled balls, convert them into long strands, and make whatever shape you like. Put them in the toaster oven, and you are ready with the perfectly baked easter cookies.

Gata (Armenian Coffee Cake)

Armenian Desserts

This Armenian gata is prepared with unleavened dough that is made of flour, yeast, powdered sugar (white or brown sugar), and butter. This is a sandwiched-shaped baked cake filled with butter and chopped walnuts oozing out of the top.

Prepare the dough and leave it at room temperature for some time. There is no limit on the time you can leave for the whole night as well. Before baking, you need to preheat the oven for 30 minutes and then put the coffee cake inside it. Keep noticing the cake and take it out when the cake has reached golden brown color. You will surely enjoy this Armenian cuisine, so give it a try.

Meshgengouz Gargantag (Eggless Armenian Nutmeg Cake)

Armenian Desserts

This is one of the Armenian desserts that you will surely fail to stop yourself from tasting. This cake is topped with dried fruits like walnuts and almonds and dense with brown sugar. Milk and vinegar are used as a substitute for eggs in this nutmeg cake. It is also liked by people who do not enjoy sweets because the sugar portion is very limited, making it a normal and not overly sweet dessert.

Baking soda, milk, vinegar, yogurt, plain flour, and baking soda are the ingredients used in making this nutmeg cake. If you are drooling over it after knowing about this cake, you can prepare these on your counter and start making them. Gift your family the heavenly-smelling Meshgengouz Gargantag. You will surely not regret it.

Trchni Kat Tort (Armenian Bird’s Milk Cake)

Armenian Desserts

This Ganache glaze will make the party to the top for sure. This soft, tender cake is made up of gelatin jelly, and it is a kind of sponge cake with vanilla-laced sweetness. The ingredients used in making this cake are cocoa powder, parchment paper, chocolate chips, lemon juice (optional), rose water (optional), and dried fruits.

This Armenian bird’s milk cake is not common; you can surprise your friends and family by making it at the next tea party or even an Armenian wedding. Skol!

Ponchik (Armenian Donuts)

Armenian Desserts

This delicious dessert is laminated with powdered sugar and filled with custard. This Nutella dessert is the favorite among kids, and they always wonder how Nutella slips out of the donuts knowing that donuts do not have any holes.

One thing that is a creative trick while preparing these donuts is controlling the oil temperature, which has to be perfectly suitable. Otherwise, the whole recipe would be a flop. So pay proper attention while preparing these little donuts, making them worth the time you spent making them.

Ghapama (Stuffed Pumpkin)

Armenian Desserts

This baked pumpkin requires honey that has natural sweetness along with butter which is the whole and full of most sweets. It is mostly paired with tea or coffee; trust me, it makes the perfect pairing. It is filled with apricot skin, raisins, and dried cranberries. Moreover, walnuts, almonds, and other dried fruits also make a good share of this luscious sweet.

Wrapping Up

Armenian Desserts

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