Easiest Food Ingredients In Armenian Meals To Know In 2022

If you admire Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, then you will want to taste Armenian foods and learn about the ingredients they use in traditional Armenian cuisine. Fresh ingredients that include herbs, and spices from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines are transformed into a wide range of aromatic, comforting Armenian dishes in Armenian kitchens.

In this article, you will learn all about the Food Ingredients In Armenian with proper detail and a quick list. So let’s get started!

Food Ingredients In Armenian Meals And Its Food Culture

I’ve been traveling for a while, and I have spent some of my days in Armenia. I became fascinated with their food, and I was really curious to know about their ingredients and why their food tastes so good.

Having been researching the market for a while I found that the ingredients not only add value to the food but have benefits for the body and mind. So, I wanted to share the main ingredients and what foods they are, and how they can help you. You can also learn to make it in your home if you are not living in Armenia. It’s super easy to follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

Armenian cuisine is excellent, and its cuisine is magnificent, with an exceptional flavor produced from the ingredients, which may include dried fruits and various types of meat, including ground beef, lamb meat, and raw meat.

Both residents and visitors want high-quality food, and Armenian ingredients are crucial to accomplishing that goal. It aids Armenian cookery in producing food that is similar to western Armenian cooking; culinary techniques are frequently altered when a special occasion comes.

The Importance Of Cooking Ingredients: Making The Best Armenian Cuisine

Most of the time, the families in Armenia consider cooking beef or lamb, which is spiced up with Armenian ingredients that bring amazing flavors to the food. In the Armenian highlands, when their Armenian Christmas arrives with their meals, they like to add their Armenian bulgur salad (բուլգուր) that consists of dried fruits that are rich in pomegranate seeds to top up Armenian cuisine.

What Is It About Armenian Food Ingredients That Is So Amazing?

What is fascinating about Armenian food is that you don’t need to go to a restaurant and order expensive food. You make it in your home, fulfill your stomach’s needs, and have a beautiful rest. The recipes have a secret sauce that will blow your mind away. The food is easy to make and you’ll quickly get to feast on the beauty of the food.

Armenian food is becoming popular and people from other countries are planning to visit Armenia to enjoy its flavor and extraordinary taste. Its beauty has resulted in Armenian dishes being shared over social media and Armenian food is creating awareness about its quality and taste. People are now ordering their Armenian food online too.

Best Armenian Food Ingredients

Food ingredients in Armenian

Have a look at some of the best ingredients and what lies in them that makes them so important in our everyday life. These ingredients will help you plan your cooking schedule, or design a diet or plan a meal you haven’t tried yet. So, check out these ingredients and enjoy the flavor of wonders!

Սոճու Ընկույզ (Sochu Ynkuyz)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Սոճու Ընկույզ (Sochu Ynkuyz) is known as pine nuts. They are popular in and used throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, Asian, and other Italian cuisines. Armenian cooks are die-hard fans of pine huts as they are used as enjoyable appetizers in քուֆթեհ (k’uft’eh), ֆարինա հալվա (farina halva), Մուհամմարա (muhammara), and միդիա տոլմա ( midia tolma).

Moreover, their color is quite creamy while having a crunchy look, and they taste almost like butter. The best thing about them is that they are low in cholesterol levels, reducing symptoms of heart disease and any sort of heart stroke or blockage of the blood veins. Every Armenian dish is served hot and tries to include the most healthy food ingredients.

Furthermore, pine nuts are like antioxidants they help remove toxins in your body keeping your blood clean from having any sort of disease in the future. They are rich in vitamins namely A, D, E, K, B (thamin), and lutein for better and healthier eyes. You can add these in tomato sauce to enrich the dish or even in Armenian yogurt to make a nice dish.

Անփույթ (Anp’uyt’)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Անփույթ (Anp’uyt’) i.e fresh parsley is a great combo with onions (Սոխ) which would make a great combination of foods. Secondly, having a great practice with eggs altogether would be awesome as this would create one of the most popular Armenian dishes from Dikhranagerd.

The famous dish is called սոխով պողդոնոսով դաբաղ (sokhov poghdonosov dabagh). 

Նռան Հատիկներ (Nrran Hatikner)

Նռան Հատիկներ (Nrran Hatikner) i.e pomegranate seeds are mostly eaten in the form of salads at the time of Autumn with Տանձ (Tandz) i.e pears.

Secondly, in Western Armenia during weddings, the bride would throw a pomegranate and break it into many pieces, and then the seeds would scatter following that the bride would ensure to give it to kids.

Պղպեղի Մածուկ (Pghpeghi Matsuk)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Պղպեղի Մածուկ (Pghpeghi Matsuk) i.e Pepper pastes or կարմիր պղպեղի մածուկ (karmir pghpeghi matsuk) i.e red pepper paste is one of Armenia greatest secret ingredients that a chef would not like to share. Պղպեղի Մածուկ (Pghpeghi Matsuk) is considered rare and is not easy to find.

You can easily buy it from Middle Eastern stores but if you are in search of true flavor then you should go for an Armenian homemade version. Here’s a quick tour of the secret recipe

  • Firstly, you would have to go to the farmer’s market and consider buying several bushels of red pepper.
  • Secondly, remove the seeds, clean them, and then grind the peppers.
  • Thirdly, cook the ground peppers in a pot until the liquid doesn’t begin to evaporate.
  • Fourthly, spread the mashed pepper onto sheets and dry them from 1-4 days depending on the intensity of heat and humidity.
  • Lastly, if it gives a brownish-red color it would look similar to a tomato paste (Տոմատի մածուկ).

However, it is finally done all you need to do is keep the past in a jar that is sterilized with a little ձիթապտղի ձեթ (dzit’aptghi dzet’) i.e olive oil on it. Cover the jar and keep it in the refrigerator. Finally, your Armenian red pepper paste is made.

Տոմատի Մածուկ (Tomati Matsuk) 

Food ingredients in Armenian

Տոմատի Մածուկ (Tomati Matsuk) i.e the tomato paste consists of many tomatoes smashed together until it turns into a thick red liquid that should be concentrated. Like Italians, Armenians also use tomato pastes widely in their country.

It is similar to other semi-liquid soups and stews. Tomato pastes are mostly sold in cans as well as tubes. Furthermore, it’s better to make your tomato paste.

The tomatoes are cooked properly for a couple of hours which reduces the moisture and removes the seeds and skin, they are then further cooked so that they become thick and rich in concentrate.

Քաղցր Հաց (K’aghts’r Hats’)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Քաղցր Հաց (K’aghts’r Hats’) i. sweet bread is everyday used in Armenian cuisine. Moreover, the bread is the main source of ingredients for Armenian dishes like Մատնաքաշ (Matnak’ash), Բոկոն(Bokon), Չորեգ(Ch’voreg), Կուլունջա (Kulunja), Թահինի ( T’ahini), and Համարձակվել գլխարկներ (Hamardzakvel glkharkner).

Without sweet bread, this food would be meaningless. They vary in shape, size, and texture as even sweet bread may differ with extraordinary taste. The proper amount of շաքարավազ (shak’aravaz) i.e sugar, ցորենի ալյուր (ts’voreni alyur) i.e wheat flour, or ճեղքված ցորեն (cheghk’vats ts’voren) i.e cracked wheat is needed to be cooked under room temperature to make an Armenian sweet bread with sugar that is of Armenian.

Ձիթապտղի Ձեթ (Dzit’aptghi Dzet’)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Ձիթապտղի Ձեթ (Dzit’aptghi Dzet’) i.e olive oil plays a vital role in Armenian foods as it is beneficial for health as well. It is naturally less in oil and fat and contains the right elements for your body’s health. They bring a sharp taste to Armenian food; they meet dietary needs. Moreover, it helps satisfy the taste of consumers all over Armenia.

The food that olive oil helps to bring out the flavor of are:

  • Շիշ Կաբոբ (Shish Kabob)
  • Lamb And Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves i.e դոլմազ (dolmaz)
  • Nut salad i.e ընկույզով աղցան (ynkuyzov aghts’an)
  • Sesame cookies i.e Քնջութի թխվածքաբլիթներ (K’njut’i t’khvatsk’ablit’ner)
  • Lentil i.e Ոսպ (Vosp)

Թարմ Սխտոր (T’arm Skhtor)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Թարմ Սխտոր (T’arm Skhtor) i.e garlic is a herb similar to Onion (Սոխ), Leeks (Պրաս), and Chives (Սոխ. Garlic is quite beneficial as it produces a chemical called allicin. It produces a garlic smell and helps reduces High levels of cholesterol and blood pressure reducing the blockage of the arteries.

Fresh garlic or minced garlic is primarily used in Armenian recipes like eggplant slices (սմբուկի կտորներ), Hummus (Հումուս), Muttabal (Մութաբալ), and Surum (Շիճուկ). Garlic is also used in soups and stews as well.

Հանդիպեք (Handipek’)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Meat (Հանդիպեք) is used almost in every Armenian food there is. Meat can be from any animal such as lamb (գառ) or beef (տավարի միս). Minced meat is mostly used for rice-type food such as rice pilaf or Armenian food, or soup Ground lamb or ground beef is used to make shish kabob (շիշ քաբոբ).

Eating raw meat or fried bee liver can increase the number of blood cells in your body as it is rich in carbohydrates. Armenian Families Mostly serve ground meat with lemon juice on it and the most that are a like to is mentioned in the following

  • Douzma (Դոսմա)
  • Lentil (Ոսպ)
  • Ground Lamb meatballs (Աղացած գառան կոլոլակներ)
  • Eggplant Moussaka (Սմբուկով մուսակա)
  • Meatless Kyufta (Անմիս քյուֆթա)

Թթվասեր (T’t’vaser)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Թթվասեր (T’t’vaser) i.e sour cream creates an impact on a lot of Armenian cuisine and Armenian dishes. It is made of raw milk that is fermented for 5-6 weeks and is mixed with herbs like fresh parsley. It is then preserved in a jar in which it is kept in a refrigerator at over 20 degrees.

Furthermore, it is used in food like a cream soup (կրեմ ապուր), cream mushrooms (կրեմ սունկ), and Armenian traditional food Gata (Գաթա). Sour cream also has benefits as it makes your bones strong and teeth as it is rich in calcium and Phosphorus.

It also keeps your eyes healthy and doesn’t cause any sort of deficiency. Furthermore, it keeps your body’s digestive system’s functionality maintained. Sour cream is essential if you want to have a healthier body and a fresh look on yourself for a better appearance. 

Ingredients To Make Your Festival Meals Spectacular

Food ingredients in Armenian

Christmas Day

On 6th January, when the holidays for Christmas are right around the corner, there is also Armenian cuisine special. Pudding (Պուդինգ) is mostly recognized in Armenian during Christmas as Armenian celebrate their special day. It’s a mixture of dried fruits (չոր մրգեր) that consists of hazelnuts (պնդուկ), pomegranate seeds (նռան հատիկներ), and walnuts (Ընկույզ). Secondly, after that, you need to add Armenian syrup and have a pudding set to loosen the syrup and make it thicker and stir it down until it doesn’t look simple. 

New Year’s Eve

The famous traditional Armenian dish served on the New Year’s Eve is the pork ham (խոզի խոզապուխտ) which is filled with different sorts of spices such as black pepper (Սեւ պղպեղ), red pepper (Կարմիր պղպեղ), and minced garlic (աղացած սխտոր). Moreover, Turkey (հնդկահավ)is baked in the oven which it’ll also be containing apples that are also stuffed with dried fruits (չոր մրգեր) and other sorts of nuts as well.

Armenian Easter Monday 

Celebrated on the 18th of April, on this day Armenians eat their traditional Armenian food called Choreg (Չորեգ) an Easter bread that is quite amazing to eat. It is sweet and tasty and is a mixture of Mahleb (Մահլեբ), eggs (ձու), Vanilla (վանիլ), and milk (կաթ). 

Food Ingredients Vocabulary

Food ingredients in Armenian

Now that you have gained all the important information about the Armenian food ingredients, it’s time that you gain insight into the most spectacular vocabulary. Here are a few categories which contain your must-use food ingredients. Let’s get started!

Մրգեր (Mrger)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Մրգեր (Mrger) is a word for fruits in Armenian. Here is an easy list of fruits for you to check ou!

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Dragon fruitՎիշապի միրգVishapi mirg

Բանջարեղեն (Banjareghen)

Food ingredients in Armenian

Nothing can beat the importance of Բանջարեղեն (Banjareghen) i.e vegetables in any food but especially in the Armenian food. Let’s learn some important kinds of vegetables used in Armenian food as their ingredients.

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Beans And PeasԼոբի Եվ ՈլիզLobi Yev Voliz
Bulb VegetablesԼուլբ ԲանջարեղLulb Banjaregh
Dark-Green VegetablesՄուգ-Կանաչ ԲանջարեղենMug-Kanach’ Banjareghen
Flower VegetablesԾաղկական ԲանջարեղTsaghkakan Banjaregh
Fruit VegetablesՄրգային ԲանջարեղMrgayin Banjaregh
Leafy VegetablesՏերվաբանջարեղTervabanjaregh
Pod And Seed VegetablesՊոդ Եվ Սերմային ԲանջարեղPod Yev Sermayin Banjaregh
Red And Orange VegetablesԿարմիր Եվ Նարանջ ԲանջարեղենKarmir Yev Naranj Banjareghen
Root VegetablesԱրմատային ԲանջարեղArmatayin Banjaregh
Starchy VegetablesՕսլայով ԲանջարեղենOslayov Banjareghen
Stem VegetablesՑողունային ԲանջարեղենTs’voghunayin Banjareghen
Tuber VegetablesՊալարայ ԲանջարեղPalaray Banjaregh

Now that you know the major types, you are ready to get insight into the specific vegetables. So here are some top vegetables for you to know about!

Here are the top 8 root and stem vegetables used highly in the Armenian food:

Root And Stem Vegetables

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Sweet PotatoՔաղցր կարտոֆիլK’aghts’r kartofil

Leafy Greens

Now let’s look at the top 8 leafy greens which will make your food look healthier and prettier:

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian

Fruits And Squash

There are many Vegetables that are actually fruits or squash and learn how to say them in Armenian here:

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Butternut SquashԿարագի դդումKaragi ddum


Who doesn’t love fungus-related vegetables which are actually mushrooms so learn about them in this quick list? Here is an epic list for you to check out!

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Beech MushroomՀաճարենի սունկHachareni sunk
Black Trumpet MushroomՍև շեփոր սունկSev shep’vor sunk
Enoki MushroomԷնոկի սունկEnoki sunk
Hedgehog MushroomՈզնի սունկVozni sunk
King Trumpet MushroomԹագավոր շեփոր սունկT’agavor shep’vor sunk
Morel MushroomՄորել սունկMorel sunk
Porcino MushroomԽոզի սունկKhozi sunk
Portabello MushroomՊորտաբելլո սունկPortabello sunk
White Button MushroomՍպիտակ կոճակ սունկSpitak kochak sunk

միս (mis)

Food ingredients in Armenian

միս (mis) refers to meat in Armenian. As much as the Armenian people love vegetables, they also love meat since it has a great nutritional value. Here are some words for you!

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
BeefՏավարի միսTavari mis
Chicken LiverՀավի լյարդHavi lyard
Chicken StockՀավի պաշարHavi pashar
Free Range ChickenԱնվճար տեսականի հավAnvchar tesakani hav
Grass Fed ChickenGrass Fed ChickenGrass Fed Chicken
Kidney MeatԵրիկամների միսYerikamneri mis
Lamb MeatԳառան միսGarran mis
Meat StockՄսի պաշարMsi pashar
MuttonՈչխարի միսVoch’khari mis
Mutton LiverՈչխարի լյարդVoch’khari lyard
Organic ChickenՕրգանական հավOrganakan hav
PorkԽոզի միսKhozi mis
Skinned ChickenՄաշկով հավMashkov hav

ծովամթերք (Tsovamt’erk’)

Food ingredients in Armenian

ծովամթերք (tsovamt’erk’) refers to the seafood in Armenian which is also extremely significant in the Armenian recipes. Let’s learn the most important terms.

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Land snailsՑամաքային խխունջներTs’amak’ayin khkhunjner

Hամեմունքներ (Hamemunk’ner)

Food ingredients in Armenian

համեմունքներ (hamemunk’ner) is the Armenian word for condiments. You can make a lot of Armenian dishes like Armenian manti and Armenian bulgur salad by adding these condiments. So let’s get started!

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Bay LeavesԴափնու տերևներDap’nu terevner
Chili PowderՉիլիի փոշիCh’ilii p’voshi
Curry PowderԿարրի փոշիKarri p’voshi
Fennel SeedՍամիթի սերմSamit’i serm
Garlic PowderՍխտորի փոշիSkhtori p’voshi
Ground CardamomԱղացած հիլAghats’ats hil
Ground GingerԱղացած կոճապղպեղAghats’ats kochapghpegh
Ground MustardԱղացած մանանեխAghats’ats mananekh
Onion PowderՍոխի փոշիSokhi p’voshi
Smoked PaprikaԱպխտած պապրիկաApkhtats paprika

Healthy Sauces

Here are some of the most spectacular sauces which are used in the Armenian meals as a condiment.

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Apple cider vinegarԽնձորի քացախKhndzori k’ats’akh
Balsamic vinegarԲալզամիկ քացախBalzamik k’ats’akh
Grass-fed butterԽոտով կերակրվող կարագKhotov kerakrvogh karag
Lemon juiceԿիտրոնի հյութKitroni hyut’
Nut butterԸնկույզի կարագYnkuyzi karag
Nutritional yeastՍննդային խմորիչSnndayin khmorich’
Olive oilՁիթապտղի ձեթDzit’aptghi dzet’
Plain Greek yogurtՊարզ հունական յոգուրտParz hunakan yogurt
Raw honeyՀում մեղրHum meghr
Red hot sauceԿարմիր տաք սոուսKarmir tak’ sous
SauerkrautԹթու կաղամբT’t’u kaghamb
Toasted sesame oilՏապակած քնջութի յուղTapakats k’njut’i yugh

Limited Sauces

Here are a fw sauces which are considered unhealthy in Armenian and Armenian meals usually do not include these.

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Artificial sweetenersԱրհեստական քաղցրացուցիչներArhestakan ​​k’aghts’rats’uts’ich’ner
Barbecue sauceԽորովածի սոուսKhorovatsi sous
Fat-free salad dressingԱղցան առանց ճարպի սոուսAghts’an arrants’ charpi sous
Pancake syrup.Նրբաբլիթի օշարակ.Nrbablit’i osharak.

These Armenian ingredients can save you time and money, you can also stay around with Armenian families to have a know-how of how the food should be made to learn practices that can speed up the process. You can also open a restaurant that is inspired by Armenian food and Armenian cuisine. This way you’ll be promoting Armenian food in your own country, and you’ll enjoy the taste that you desire by spreading enjoyment through your locals and awareness about Armenian food and what makes them so good that they are of high-quality taste.

Wrapping Up


Now that you know every detail about the Armenian version of the ingredients used in the Armenian food culture, you have also reached one step up in getting to know the Armenian culture and learning the Armenian language. Learning Armenian from Ling app is the best decision that you would ever make. We have both app and website versions with an interface easy to use on both mobile and computer. Start learning now to have the best experience.

Happy learning!

Download Ling today and start speaking confidently in Armenian!

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