Heavenly Armenian Food You Must Try In 2022!

The food, dishes, and Armenian cuisines that you should try out and get to know the culture in a better way and digging yourself through experience from western Armenia, the middle east, and eastern Europe, competing with each other way cooking food.

As Ann Wing More says “The food that you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

The Ultimate Guide To Armenian Food, Drinks, And Desserts

Are you in search of Armenian food?

If so, this is the best site to gather all the Armenian foods that you are looking for. If you have decided to go on a trip or decided to stay in of Armenian household with some Armenian families, then you must be prepared.

To get used to Armenian culture you need to know Armenia’s way of creating its food this could be taken as an inspiration from other countries located in the middle east, eastern Europe, and the other side known as western Armenia.

This is the best and quick guide for you to some of the most popular Armenian dishes out there.

You’ll also meet people who will guide but in return, they will ask for serving you and guiding you through so that they can earn an affiliate commission as a part of their business.

Armenian Food And Why Their Taste Is So Interesting?

Armenian food has mark history in their ingredients and unique Armenian recipes that come with them. Armenian food can improve your mood and make you happy.

Due to the internet, individuals are seeking to find the best Armenian food they can make their memorable moments come true. Armenians still practice making bread, kebabs, and other normal Armenian cuisines that know all over the world.

Armenia highlands is a former Soviet union bordered by Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

If you are going to visit any Armenian close friend, you’ll find yourself dining with filled colorful Armenian dishes and all sorts of different Armenian food to eat.

Their dishes mostly contain fresh vegetables which include eggplants, grains, and herbs.

They also sometimes created Armenian dishes that are related to the raw meat this can be lambs, veal, and minced beef because of their ancient past of farming and having cattle to raise their animals.

Armenian cuisine has a diversified civilization which is of the oldest temple in Transcaucasia, and this is proven evident in the country’s cuisine. Armenian cuisine perfection is due to its eagerness and day-by-day learning from other cultures’ tastes and uniqueness.

Not every Armenian meal is completed without including Lavash. It is a delicious bread which is vital to have in your meals or dinners. 

Traditional Armenian food and traditional dishes stand out, which makes them so special.

Both vegan and non-vegan food lovers can choose what they like to eat and what they don’t.

It depends upon you and your taste buds, what suits you the most.

Տոլմա (Tolma)

Armenian food

Տոլմա (Tolma) contains minced meat in smaller pieces and rice which is spicy, covered in cabbage leaves.


You need to carefully first boil and then dry up the leaves, but you need to be patient to do this. Secondly, you need to have beef or lamb, in which the minced meat is properly managed, and a couple of finely chopped onions and tomato sauce to be followed.

Moreover, to top up the flavor some fresh and cleaned parsley then some coriander, and ill to be chopped appropriately and added.

Furthermore, the Dolma needs to be filled, rolled up, placed in a pan with water, and cooked over a room temperature flame.

They are served most of the time with Matsun, an Armenian yogurt which fermented and mixed with garlic.

Թոփիգ (T’vop’ig/Topik)

Armenian food

Թոփիգ (T’vop’ig/Topik) better known as ‘Chickpea dumplings’, being one of the best culinary Armenia’s food it is considered a traditional dish.


Cooked chickpeas and potatoes with a mixture of salt and sugar to make things even.

As for different Armenian recipes, filling dishes differently.

Common fillings are mentioned in the following:

  • Finely chopped onions
  • Dried blackcurrants
  • Pine nuts
  • Stirred Tahini
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Ground Pimento
  • Dried Fruits

They are boiled and later on drained so that they can be bacteria-free and then kept for cooling at room temperature.

եղինձ (Yeghints)

եղինձ (Yeghints) aka Armenian Rice Pilaf contains rice, cooked with butter, and chicken. Secondly, this is mixed up with lamb meat. You can enhance the taste by adding up Tomato paste to it and a couple of apricots.

Լավաշ (Lavash)

Armenian food

Լավաշ (Lavash) is the king of Armenian bread and is one of the most delicious bread to try with other Armenian foods. It is one of the national flatbreads of Armenia. You’ll find it mostly served on Armenian tables. It consists of cracked wheat flour and water, you need to be quite skillful and put in the effort to make this.

Firstly, the dough is rolled into layers, it is then attached to the wall of the tonir. It is a deep round hole oven in the ground that helps to bake in minutes. They are paired up with some ground meat pieces that are filled in them.

Չի Կոֆտե (Ch’i Kofte)

Armenian food

Չի Կոֆտե (Ch’i Kofte) is a traditional dish that you would enjoy eating pieces of raw meat and fish, then perhaps you’ll be delighted to have chi kofte in your dinner. Armenian version of steak made with ground.

To get ready, it needs at least several attempts to ground the meat for it to become into paste-like form. It is combined with bulgur as well as herbs and spices, having a fist-shaped form.

Չեչիլ (CH’ech’il)

Չեչիլ (CH’ech’il) is Smoked string cheese, made in Armenian highlands, and has the shape of thick braided ropes.

Contains low-fat cheese made from the pasteurized milk of cows. Moreover, the dense stings are then converted into thick ropes before they are ready to be sold out.

Լյուլե քյաբաբ (Lyule k’yabab)

Լյուլե քյաբաբ (Lyule k’yabab) popular in Armenia and Azerbaijan, created by different meat such as beef and lamb. The meat is then wrapped and then grilled down.

To put an extra kick into the flavor, you can use some sprinkling of sumac this would make you feel like you’re in heaven.

Իմամ Բայլդի (Imam Bayldi)

Իմամ Բայլդի (Imam Bayldi) aka Armenian Eggplant is one of the most simple and favorable vegetarian dishes in Armenia many consider it as a salad but it can also be used as an appetizer or another wholesome side dish. 

Unlike many of the local Armenian recipes, its preparation time is also quite simplistic. Firstly the eggplant is sliced and fried until its color is gold and brown then a  combination mixture of yogurt, grated garlic, and chopped walnuts, is introduced and is spread amongst the eggplant slices than the slices are finally rolled, garnished, and tenderized with pomegranate seeds and chopped dill. 

It then provides a rich and tantalizing flavor to the food which is simply to die for in Armenia.

Խաշլամա (Khashlama)

Similar to Khorovats, Խաշլամա (Khashlama), also known as Armenian Lamb Stew, is a famous dish in Armenia made with boiled and heated lamb. Furthermore, it is also made up of vegetables like eggplant, bell peppers, and fresh herbs.

This is an outdoor dish that is mostly eaten in groups of friends. It’s best to eat in the summers.

Խաշ (Khash)

Having a heavy head? Need something to lighten up? Խաշ (Khash) is the best dish for you, the perfect medicine containing cow hooves. This is mostly served in the winters, usually served with mulberry vodka.

Another sort of breakfast is this bone soup recipe widely known in Caucasus and Transcaucasia areas. This soup contains sheep legs, head, and intestines. It is also used with Lavash as a side dish.

Բաստուրմա (Basturma)

Բաստուրմա (Basturma) is the most reasonable Armenia food there is, meat that is dried up is served with bread. Furthermore, it is a pairing of lamb meat with fenugreek powder, turmeric, and some black pepper or bell peppers.

You can pick up your favorite pickles or onions that would match up with the meat.

If you have decided that want to make it in your house it might take you two weeks or more than that.

սուջուխ (Suǰux)

սուջուխ (Suǰux)is a dried and fermented sausage with a well-pleasing taste, containing big chunks of meat rich in proteins. Later on, it is set into the form of sausage.

If you are a meat enthusiast, then you should go for it.

Նշխար (Nshkhar)

Նշխար (Nshkhar) looks similar to a cookie but is an Armenian bread. Churchgoers mostly received this Armenian food, as it is represented as a holy dish.

Represented as a communion bread, the Armenian food’s main components are water and bread.

խորոված (Khorovats)

խորոված (Khorovats) are grilled pork kebabs that are served hot and spicy, some argue on its origin whether this was from Armenia or Russia and that it is part of their cuisine. The originality is of Armenia cuisine but so far nothing is confirmed.

No matter who’s cuisine it is, no one can stand up to Armenia dish of meat whether you use any sort of meat such as lamb, pork, sheep, or veal and to some extent fake meat as well.

Բոզբաշ (Bozbash)

Բոզբաշ (Bozbash) is the lamb meat matched with root veggies, dried fruits, and beans. The name was derived from two meanings Boz meaning light gray and bash meaning head. This is usually eaten up with pickles and flatbread or you can try Armenian bulgur salad.

չորացրած, կաթնագույն (ch’vorats’rats, kat’naguyn)

չորացրած, կաթնագույն (ch’vorats’rats, kat’naguyn) aka Choreg/Tsoureki Armenian Easter bread is cooked with a coat of bread crust and thin layers of eggs that eventually become darker after being baked, this is another sort of holy bread that represents christ’s blood.

լահմաջուն (Lahmacun)

լահմաջուն (Lahmacun) aka Armenian pizza originated from regions of the Caucasus and the Middle East. A layer of thin dough that spreads portions of beef toppings over it is added with lemon juice.

With an aromatic scent, that has spicy toppings, sliced onions, and chopped tomatoes which are later on crushed into making tomato sauce. 

Grab the opportunity and get a chance to have your first bite of it, if you have planned to visit Armenia. 

Տջվջիկ (Tjvjik)

Տջվջիկ (Tjvjik) is mostly considered in the village parts of Armenia. The fried beef liver is cooked with numerous onions, seasoned with salt, and some black pepper or bell peppers. It is a non-vegan dish

It is quite rare and hard to find the traditional Armenian cuisine as it has left a mark in the 1962 Soviet Armenian short movie long after the Armenian genocide.

Befriends with locals to find this amazing Armenian food.

Արիշտա (Arishta)

Արիշտա (Arishta) are the homemade noodles that are thick than traditional noodles. Armenian food is stiffer and the main ingredients are water, salt, and flavorings (spices). Mixed with salad is one of the most perfect dishes.

Many individuals have their way of creating Arishta in their homes.

Քուֆթա (K’uft’a)

Քուֆթա (K’uft’a) are stuffed meatballs are grilled and heated up at room temperature. They are many types of Kufta in different countries that have a variety of tastes. Contains melted butter, beef or ground lamb, and salt in it.

Մանթի (Mant’i)

Մանթի (Mant’i) is an important dish that was introduced by the Turkish and is now widely spreading in Armenia, which is then covered with sauces and then soaked, then is it absorbed inside the Armenian version of dumplings.

Yogurt and garlic would be the best match for Մանթի (Mant’i) to eat with. 

Պասուս Տոլմա (Pasus Tolma)

Պասուս Տոլմա (Pasus Tolma) is the most inseparable Armenian cuisine there is. Furthermore, it is a vegan cuisine it has the presence of chickpea, beans, cracked wheat, and maize pea.

The majority of the grain is covered up with canned cabbage or any sort of grape leaves. Later on, it can be served both in hot or cold temperatures according to your taste.

Finally, it can last up in your refrigerator without going bad and is kept for the Christian new year’s table.

The most popular drinks to try in Armenia and why you should care?

There are a number of drinks in Armenia but here are the most popular ones:

Թան (T’an)

Թան (T’an) also known as ‘Kefir’ fermented milk close to yogurt. Being a popular beverage amongst local Armenians, it is essential for hot summer days if you want to cool down your body from the inside.

Armenians mostly drink this while they are eating an Armenian food known as ‘Lahmacun’. Both are the best complements for one another adding tomato paste would make it even better.

Armenian Wine

Armenian food

Armenian Wine is a form of grape juice that is famous all over Armenia for its sweet taste and it has been recognized for over 2400 years ago. People drink it the most during festivals or special events.

Artsakh (Vodka)

Armenian food

Best-known drink in Armenia, it is a strong drink on white mulberry, it is produced in the same way as other classic berries but using other local processing methods due to using small copper cubes which add to the flavor to provide the end product. 

It can also provide a special aftertaste with other berries such as Spanish broom and other berries such cornelian cherry, apricot, grape, and plum which are used in correlation to produce vodka. It is an ancient Armenian traditional drink mulberry vodka and is with a quite strong tender taste it can be easily drunk without any smell or spirit at all.

Armenian Cognac

One of the many known and famous Armenian drinks. Armenian cognac was produced in the 1900s with Yerevan wine and brandy factory now obtained through a special license. It was later renamed cognac it was considered a special privilege for a producer to be located out of France during those times. 

Armenia grows locally six types of grapes; Georgian Rkatsiteli which was and is famous around the globe. The Armenian cognacs are separated into ordinary, vintage, and collection ones depending upon the methods provided and the period in which cognac spirit ages the most valuable collection of cognacs are those of additional age and vintage cognacs.

The most famous and well-recognized cognac brands are “Ararat”, “Great valley”, ”Mane” and “Armenika”. Thus owing to the climatic conditions favorable for growing wine produce a unique dessert and “sherry” wines. 

The grapes of Armenia contain a high sugar level which accumulates a strong taste in the wine and the high alcoholic concentrations in the center which produces the wine “Ararat Trust”, located at a gorge cut at a rock, has a unique historical museum with a collection recollecting thousands of varieties of grapes grown for centuries.

մատնաքաշ (Matnakash)

մատնաքաշ (Matnakash) means ‘finger pull’. Matnakash is a leavened bread that is wheat-made and is turned into round shapes.

It originated at the time of the soviet union during that period they try innovative ways to make a loaf of amazing pita bread.

Հայկական սուրճ (Haykakan Surch)

The many millions of people of Armenia drink Հայկական սուրճ (Haykakan Surch) aka the Armenian coffee at least three to four times a day it is that addicting. They drink it during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and work to revitalize their energy. 

They also provide drinks to their guests. When they come over for a quick visit or chat you will a coffee drink in a coffee shop or local restaurant where ever you go.

If you want to simply make some in-home it would simply become dark and roasted coffee which is finely grounded over medium to high heat on a stove. It is a very favorably delicious drink to have when visiting Armenia.

Armenian Mint Tea and Thyme

Armenian Mint Tea and Thyme is one of the famous teas in Armenia. Moreover, it is known for its healing properties. It is brewed for 5 to 10 minutes and is served with honey.

Secondly, it’s great to have if you are having a bad day and want to calm yourself down as quickly as possible and loosen up for today if you have no energy at all. This is the most appropriate tea for you.

Կոմպոտ (Kompot)

Կոմպոտ (Kompot) originated from eastern Europe, it is a traditional drink that has peach, cherry, and apricots which can easily be found in Armenia. Furthermore, it is first cooked then added with a large surface volume of water and is served with a piece of fruit stored in a jar that contains sugar as well.

It refreshed your mind with its sweetness and is usually suitable during the hot days and is mostly found on a festival or when serving guests of high profile.

You can also store it in your bottles if you ever get dehydrated on the way or you came back from jogging from a long track. It is a highly recommended drink amongst the locals of Armenia and its people.

Types of Yogurt and cheese made in Armenia

Here are the most common yogurt and cheese which is made in Armenia but is enjoyed in different countries all around the world.

Chanak cheese

It is the signature cuisine of Armenia foods and Armenian dishes. It’s a white and soft cheese. 

Made of sheep and cow milk, serve as an amazing appetizer to start with fresh Armenian bulgur salad, dried fruits, and veggies. Get yourselves these on some celebratory events.

Սպաս (Spas)

Սպաս (Spas) also known as ‘Tanov Apur’ and is an Armenian yogurt dish that will touch your heart instantly.

It’s usually eaten during the winter season as it considers a hot and warm eaten meal.


Ingredients that are added to it are as followed:

  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Sour cream

They are mixed and heated up with herbs and some dried fruits for more than fifty minutes.

The most recommended traditional Armenian food to eat in winter.

Դաբգաձ Բանիր Բոերագ (Dabgadz Banir Boyerag)

It is one of the traditional and classical dessert pastries of Armenia is a mix of puff pastries filled with a range and variety of cheeses whether it is homemade or brought from a store some people prefer puff pastries while others prefer phyllo or dough. 

One is soft and thicker while the other is light and crisper it is often more delicate the dough is precisely cut into square and rectangular pieces which are then filled with a mix of Feta, Kashkaval, Ricotta, and a large egg and are finally baked till the color is perfectly gold.

Ժինգալովի գլխարկներ (Zhingalovi glkharkner)

Ժինգալովի գլխարկներ (Zhingalovi glkharkner) is a fired flatbread from Artsakh, which is located in the South East of Armenia Highlands. The next best flatbread of Armenian foods.

It is completely vegan and lent-friendly with sliced herbs, it includes more than 30 herbs from different recipes.


Made of flour and sour cream and filled with seasonal greens such as Cilantro, Spring Onions, Spinach, and lettuce.

It only takes 5 minutes into frying and dries it, making it golden sideways. Being the best Armenian street food.

What (Really) goes into Armenian desserts that work?

Armenian food

After you have finished eating your Armenian food it’s time for desserts and here are some of the best desserts that you should try before leaving Armenia. Get yourself these desserts on the new year’s eve.

Գաթա (Gat’a)

Armenia sweet bread varies in different sizes and shapes, with a round shape.

It is a common dessert during the holidays. It is shaped like a coin, it is shaped so that when it is cut down into pieces you may receive some fortune or souvenir from it.

Crispy and crunchy nuts develop more of the taste with it. This is mostly eaten at the time of Armenian Christmas.

Truly, nothing is better than drinking coffee with some pieces of Gata with you.

Պակլավա (Paklava)

Armenian food

Armenia’s dessert is phyllo pastry filled with enormous honey, pine nuts, and walnuts which are then paired up.

The sophistication and delicacy in this phyllo pastry dessert are a must-try on special events or occasions if you are in Armenia.

հարիսա (Harisa)

Armenian food

հարիսա (Harisa) is a wheat thick porridge that is quite light to digest and is deeply roasted. You can get it in meat form or non-meat form, both vegan and non-vegan can eat this light porridge being the perfect meat stew.

Herb’s porridge or chicken/lamb porridge is available for you.

Միդյե Տավա (Midye Tava)

Armenian food

Միդյե Տավա (Midye Tava) is a battered mussel, it doesn’t require extreme effort to make it. Secondly, deep frying with oil until it doesn’t become crispy.

Being the next best street food in Armenia.

Էտչ (Etch’)

Armenian food

Էտչ (Etch’) is a bulgur salad that is the best and most healthy salad in Armenia. You can put any variety of vegetables in it such as parsley, paprika, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers in it.

Lastly, add olive oil and lime juice to make the taste extraordinary and enjoy eating your food.

Պոչապուր (Potchapur)

Պոչապուր (Potchapur) is a Red bean soup that contains a unique taste, a popular dish in every region that you can enjoy in the winter months.

The red beans are gathered with onions along with a triangular-shaped dough piece, after being cooked they resemble white bean tails.

Last but not least, it is poured into a bowl by topping it with sliced and chopped coriander and garlic served with Khemi-suneli if needed necessarily.

Ղափամա (Ghap’ama)

Ղափամա (Ghap’ama) is a baked pumpkin that the majority of Armenians love to eat and is highly appreciated for its taste.

It contains multiple things such as dried fruit, walnuts, and boiled rice all of them will be added up together and cooked with olive oil in a pumpkin of medium size.

This is mostly eaten on new year’s eve on 6th January. No one can celebrate without having this delicious dish on the side of their table.

Չուրխելա (Ch’urkhela)

Չուրխելա (Ch’urkhela) is a sweet national dish that is low on fat and cholesterol. It’s a healthy sweet that doesn’t affect your body systems.

Consisting of apricots, nuts, grapes, and pomegranate seeds. This is covered with dark syrup and a coat of strings.

Low or no sodium is involved in it, containing less fat and reduction in cholesterol.

Ղուրաբիա Թխվածքաբլիթներ (Ghurabia T’khvatsk’ablit’ner)

Ղուրաբիա Թխվածքաբլիթներ (Ghurabia T’khvatsk’ablit’ner) are the Armenian cookies filled with butter, cooked with eggs, walnuts, and cinnamons are another Armenian Christmas special dish for the new year and easter day. It will be shaped similar to a horseshoe which defines health, wealth, and prosperity.

Պոպոկի Մարհաբա (Popoki Marhaba)

Պոպոկի Մարհաբա (Popoki Marhaba) is the most loved walnut jam there is, it also offers health benefits like empowering your immune system. You should experience the great taste of this dessert, but only if you eat it in a specific amount.

Չիր (Ch’ir)

Չիր (Ch’ir) aka dried Fruit is the most notable street Armenian food there is, covered in sugary syrup, the types of dried fruits you can find in the market are as followed:

  • Prunes
  • Peaches
  • Cherries
  • Figs

You can eat any one of them if you are traveling from city to city and are a sugar lover but wants to be on diet at the same time this is the best one for you.

Միկադո տորթ (Mikado tort’)

Միկադո տորթ (Mikado tort’) is the most authentic dish in Armenia has the sound of a Japanese title, layer cake that consists of chocolate and caramel coverings both in custard and some buttercream with it. Secondly, irresistible to eat with powdered cocoa, not the most Armenian diet-friendly dessert but it is worth trying.

T’tu Լավաշ (T’tu Lavash)

T’tu Լավաշ (T’tu Lavash) is an Armenian version of fruit that looks close to leather, is huge and is rolled up together, and is thin. It can be eaten or used with Armenian soup to bring in the sweet taste and is considered a symbol of food in Armenia

Լոռի պանիր (Lorri panir)

A well-known Լոռի պանիր (Lorri panir) aka Armenian Lori cheese that is cherished by chees-lover all over the world. It has a mixed color of white and yellowish look.

This Armenian dish origin is from North America where the name was adopted from the Lori region side.


It is quite firmed and needs to be cooked twice. With added salt for its taste and creamy design.

մածուն (matsun)

Like other Armenian yogurts, մածուն (matsun) is comparatively thicker and denser. This is a mixture it is not just cow milk but milk from buffalo, goat, sheep, and other milk.

It is mostly eaten as a light breakfast for the morning. To get the right Matzoon you need to search different marketplaces. This is mostly considered a yogurt soup.

Trip To Armenia

Armenian food

There’s no doubt that a local of his/her own country has more knowledge of food. So, if you are planning to travel to Armenia, do your research first, this would be the best and a shortcut to experience the best phase of your food tour life. Reach the city’s best markets and explore different areas, if you have a chance.

Enjoy the sensation and mouth-watering taste. From past to present and then future, this has been classified as being rich in a variety of Armenian cuisine from now and onwards to come. Armenia foods are turning out to be wonderful in every aspect, so grab a chance to get a ticket there and explore the Armenian food culture, wonders that would gain you the experience for your taste buds.

Wrapping Up

Learn Armenian with Ling

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to head out to Armenia and enjoy the extraordinary taste of Armenian food culture! If you want to learn more about the then try Ling App. Also check out transportation in Armenian and greetings in Armenian.

Happy learning!

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