The 5 Best Language Learning Apps In 2022

Going on vacation soon? Planning a business trip abroad? Or even to stay in a foreign country long-term as ex-pats?

In these situations, it’s a huge advantage to be able to talk to the locals in their native language.

And luckily, nowadays there are lots of mobile apps out there to help you practice the language no matter where. Though there are loads of different apps out there. How to choose?

Let’s look at some of the best language learning apps you can download in 2022.

Best Language Learning Apps

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learn apps in the world. It teaches in an interactive way by quizzing you about words and sentences. You can also compare your speaking skills with the native speakers. Awards and achievements will keep you motivated. Duolingo currently can teach you 30 languages.

2. Ling

Ling is a monkey that teaches you 60+ languages. You learn the new language by playing mini-games and quizzes. Want to learn how to write? Ling has an interactive writing game that lets you practice your handwriting. Earn banana points while learning and climb up the global leaderboard to compare your progress with thousands of other users. The latest version even has a Chatbot, so you can practice your conversation skills.

Download free on both Android and iOS.

3. Memrise

Memrise has a ton of features to make the learning as easy and enjoyable as possible. Each word is represented by a flower. The more you learn, the more beautiful flowers you grow. Within the games, you can watch videos of native speakers talking to you. Another interesting feature is the object recognizer. Simply snap a picture of some of the things around you and Memrise will create a flashcard for you!

4. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is primarily focussed on Asian languages, though they keep expanding. Right now you can learn 8 languages with it, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese. They excel at grammar instructions and cute games. LingoDeer also offers a special spaced repetition mode, so you can learn your vocabulary very effectively. You also can track your weekly progress and earn 28 different achievements while learning with LingoDeer.

5. Mango Languages



Mango has a huge range of languages to choose from – in fact, more than 70. The concept is simple: You are presented with a conversation between two native speakers. Then, you dive deep into this conversation: You’ll have to complete speaking exercises, grammar tests and much more. Interested in the grammar details? Want to know more about the culture of the locals? Mango’s got you covered. If you wanna have some fun, try their “Pirate” language!


In 2022, there is no real reason to study in classrooms or with boring books. Mobile apps provide a much easier, interactive, and fun way to learn a new language. Read on if you’re still to decide what language to learn.

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