Preply VS Lingvist: Comparing 2 Innovative Apps

Learning a new language is challenging. It needs time, commitment, and the use of the right tools. So today, let’s talk about Preply VS Lingvist. Let’s get started!

It’s the 21st century, and the boundaries across countries are going thinner through time. With technological advancements, digitization, and globalization, people can’t help to join the increasing population of people who wants to learn languages. This is one way to adapt to the rapidly advancing world and widen their opportunities. People now know how to go beyond their native language and learn foreign languages.

There are different ways to learn a language. Compared to the past, learning languages today is more achievable and convenient. Of course, you can always learn through books, modules, and other printed resources. But given this advancement in technology, taking advantage of it to level up our language learning experience is a great idea. We can now have online private lessons or tutoring, online language courses, and language learning apps.


Preply VS Lingvist: Discovering The Two Language Learning Apps

The search for the right language learning app continues. In this part, we will discover different things about Preply and Lingvist. Remember that these two language learning apps are very different from each other. They have a unique learning approach that they are known for. So, I hope that the information below will help you find the right language learning app that suits your learning style.


About Preply

Preply is a language learning app that was created in 2012. It is also an e-learning platform where learners can book online teachers and tutors according to their availability, rate, and of course, the languages they teach. The idea of Preply when it started is simple, and that is to make language learning more effective for everybody. Now, it has grown to over 140,000 teachers teaching 50 languages in 203 countries worldwide.

Preply is not just a platform for learning languages. It is also a platform for learning different subjects and hobbies with tutors of your choice. To give you an idea of how Preply works, here it is.

  1. Go to the app or Preply website.
  2. Choose your desired tutor.
  3. Clarify the details.
  4. Take lessons anytime.
  5. Enter online language classes.
  6. Proceed to payment and select the payment method for your first lesson.
  7. Choose and pay for your lesson packages.
  8. Attend online classes.
  9. Confirm and review the lessons you have taken.
  10. Leave a review for the online tutor.

Preply is also for people who want to teach languages and other disciplines online. This is a perfect part-time job for language teachers, experts, professionals, and freelancers. Backed with a well-developed platform and interface, Preply has been loved by millions of learners and tutors worldwide.

Preply Pros

Preply Pros

After learning about Preply, let’s talk about what’s good in Preply for both learners and tutors.

For Tutors

Earning while sharing your expertise and knowledge is one best thing in life. You tend to do what you love and make a living out of it. Preply provides many opportunities for many people by being an online tutor of your chosen discipline. Here are some advantages of Preply for online tutors. But, we will focus more on language tutors since we are talking about language learning.

1. You Can Teach At C1 Level

For those unfamiliar with the CEFRL levels or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it is a global standard for describing language proficiency. Some language learning platforms require the tutors to be at the C2 level to teach others, but in Preply, you can teach at the C1 level. This means that you don’t have to be a native speaker for you to be able to teach a certain language. You need to have advanced language proficiency in that language.

Signing up as a tutor in Preply will require you to create your profile. If your profile has been approved, you can now have an opportunity to teach and earn. You’ll also be asked to record a short introduction video to help the students know something about you.

2. More Training Process

You might be thinking that it’s easy for anyone to be accepted as an online tutor, but actually, that’s where the real challenge starts. If you don’t have any teaching experience, do not worry that much because Preply has many training, webinars, and other professional development activities that will guide you. You’ll also learn more along the way through your trial classes. Remember, learners might encounter other tutors out there, so make sure to make a good impression and build a strong foundation of your skills and knowledge.

3. Teach Language Lessons Anytime

One of the advantages of teaching in Preply is that you don’t have a fixed schedule like regular teachers in schools and tutorial centers have. This means that you are in control of your time. You can teach according to your convenience, but of course, you need to consider your student’s time. You may have a student with different time zones, which you should prepare for. You can also use the Preply app to message students and manage your schedule on the go.

4. You Can Customize Your Learning Plan For Learners

Teaching in Preply allows you to customize learning activities for your students. You can assess their strength and weaknesses and design the activities and lessons to address their weaknesses.

5. Earn

Teaching with Preply will help your money. You’ll be the one to put your rate in your profile. In doing this, make sure to make your rate reasonable, and it should also fit your skills and language proficiency. After all, your talent and skills will be why learners will keep on learning with you. Make each penny worth it for them.

For Learners

Preply is a well-developed platform for learners. You can say from their interface and policies that they are learner-centered. They designed the app to make language learning easy and convenient. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of Preply for learners.

1. Superb User Experience

Preply has incredibly well-developed features. It is indeed one of the best apps when talking about user experience. You can maximize the use of different filters to find the right tutor for you.

2. Find Online Tutors That Are Native Speakers Or Expert Language Tutors

One of the most effective ways to learn a new language quickly is taking private lessons with language teachers, experts, or native speakers. They know what you need to know as a beginner and can also assess your weaknesses. They can also customize your learning activities depending on your language skills and proficiency. Since one of the problems mentioned above is self-doubt, taking private tutors will help you become more motivated and feel that it’s a safe space for both learning and mistakes. You can also take a placement test to know your level so that the tutor can help you more.

Since Preply is an online marketplace for finding a tutor, you have the power to choose a tutor whom you think can help you achieve your goals unline enrolling in a class where you have classmates and one teacher. To find a tutor in Preply, go to the “Find tutors” button and use the filters.

3. Short Video Introductions Of Online Tutors

How will you find the right tutor for you if you don’t know anything about them? Well, Preply different ways to give knowledge about these tutors. Of course, the easiest way is checking student reviews. But, if you want to know more, watching short video introductions that tutors prepared will also help. When you click the profiles of the tutors, you’ll see a short introduction video that will give you information about your tutor. Hearing them introduce themselves will give you an idea of whether they fit your learning style.

4. Trial Lesson With Online Tutors Is Free

Another way to find out if the tutor fits you is through trial lessons. You can have a one-hour lesson with a Preply tutor for free. You can also message tutors online or send pictures and videos. If you like learning with your tutor, you can buy more lessons, but if not, you can switch tutors for free. You can quickly transfer your credits at any time.

5. Reasonable Rate

The rates of tutors in Preply vary on their language proficiency and experience. Language professionals are paid high when you go to educational institutions. The rate of Preply tutors is extremely low. There may be tutors with high rates, but it will make your learning worth it. Also, with the free trial lesson for each tutor, you have nothing to complain about. It’s an hour of commitment and dedication of the tutors.

Preply Cons

Preply Cons

After learning the advantages of Preply, let’s go to the downsides. Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect app. There may be rooms for improvement like the following:

For Tutors

Trial Lesson For Each Student Is Free

Free trial lessons is an advantage for the students, but for teachers, it’s not. The goal of Preply about free trial lessons is reasonable but, one hour is long considering that you won’t earn anything from it. It will be okay if it is shorter, like a thirty-minute lesson, to show what you can do as a tutor. This is the main reason why it’s hard to earn right away. This is also why it’s tough for them to gather student reviews.

For Learners

1. Few Tutors For Other Subjects Or Discipline

Preply is famous as a language learning app. You can choose different courses like Business English, Kid’s English and even test preparation. But, this app also offers other subjects, disciplines, and even hobbies. Unfortunately, the number of tutors for different disciplines, especially those not so popular, is very low. It means that there are only a few tutors available.

2. The Company Isn’t Responsible For The Quality Of Learning Process

The whole process of finding a tutor is very long, and you have trial lessons to decide. If you start learning with paid lesson packages and in the middle of your class you don’t like the quality of teaching, the company will not be liable for it.


About Lingvist

Lingvist is also one of the most famous languages learning apps today. It uses big data and AI to help learners learn languages quickly. Learners will be first evaluated based on their language efficiency, providing them with the language learning materials and experience appropriate to them. Lingvist was founded in 2013, and it started in a French-speaking part of Switzerland. Just like the stories of other language learning apps, Lingvist started in the experience of a man, Mait Müntel, who struggled to learn a new language because of a lack of time and a tight schedule.

Mait Müntel used his experience and skills from being part of the CERN Higgs boson, discovery team, cognitive Science theory, and basic language statistics to learn French in just 200 hours. This gave way to the development of Lingvist, which aims to make language learning fast and lower inefficiencies.

Lingvist is known for its cloze-style learning approach. Now, it helps millions of users learn a new language faster, learn real-life vocabulary, speak with confidence, and take control of their progress. Since it is proven to be effective by other users, Lingvist will remain as one of the top language learning apps for the coming years.

Lingvist Pros

Lingvist Pros

After discovering about Lingvist, let us talk about the advantages. How can Lingvist help you to be successful in your language learning journey? Here’s how.

Immersive Learning Style

Lingvist uses an immersive learning style. As stated on the problems related to learning a language written above, immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. Lingvist uses this approach. This app is famous for cloze-type of quizzes where you will be asked to fill in the blank with the correct word to complete the sentence or phrase. This will help you use the right word in a given context. You can also learn through examples which is helpful.

Lots Of Features For Improving Language Skills

Aside from the cloze-style quizzes and activities, Lingvist also offers other features – Grammar, Listening and Reading. These features will help you develop essential language skills such as speaking, reading, and writing. It also uses audio recordings to practice the right pronunciation of the words.

Uses an Algorithm For Monitoring Ability And Progress

Monitoring your progress is important. Since no teacher will assess you, Lingvist has the “Insight” feature to help you determine your progress.

Gives Focus To Essential Words

Learning vocabulary is one of the essential parts of learning a language. With lots of vocabulary to learn, it’s hard to know where to begin. Lingvist focuses on essential words that you can use in daily life conversations.

Spaced Repetition

Lingvist also uses a spaced repetition system, an essential feature of a language app. It is a technique for efficient and effective memorization which uses a repeated review of words that follows a schedule. This schedule is determined by a spaced-repetition algorithm which helps your brain transfer your knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

Lingvist Cons

Lingvist Cons

After learning the advantages, let us now discover the disadvantages or rooms for improvement of Lingvist.

Lack Of Beginners Lesson

Lingvist uses an immersive learning approach. This is proven effective but can be too challenging, especially for beginners. You’ll solely rely on contexts and examples.

Only 8 Languages Available

Lingvist only offers eight popular languages to learn. However, it’s fewer compared to other language apps. They ensured that each lesson in different languages was well developed and of high quality. If your target language is not available, you might consider other apps.


Preply VS Lingvist: Which Language Learning App Works Best?

Preply VS Lingvist

After discovering the two apps, you may now have an idea of what language app suits your learning style. This Preply VS Lingvist review will compare these two apps for language learning. But, take note that these apps are very different from each other. They serve different purposes, and they both have distinct features. Because of this, we will only compare them in their general features.

User Experience

Preply is a marketplace for finding the right tutor with more complicated software or website to develop. It has an excellent user experience that learners and tutors commend. Let’s start by finding a tutor. Users can take advantage of the filters to find the best tutor that fits them.

The video introduction of tutors is also helpful to give you a little information about the tutors. But, the most interesting for users is, of course, the free trial lesson. Interacting with your tutor is pretty much the heart of the amazing user experience that Preply offers.

Lingvist also has a well-developed user interface, but it might be too repetitive for learners since the lessons follow almost the same structure. Of course, videos, quizzes, and audio will make learning fun.

So to wrap up the battle between Preply VS Lingvist in terms of user experience, I think Preply owns this round.

Language Learning Experience

The main purpose of this review is to find out what language learning app can help you learn a language quickly and effectively. Preply and Lingvist are great apps and are well-developed according to their goals.

Preply being a marketplace for finding tutors can greatly affect learners. To learn a new language effectively, you should learn vocabulary, immerse yourself, have a language exchange partner, practice what you have learned, and monitor your progress. This can all be given by Preply.

Having a private tutor will help create a safe learning environment free from judgment. They can assess your weakness and design lessons to address them. Bite-sized practice exercises will help learners practice what they have learned. You can also get direct feedback on what needs improvement or clarify confusion about the lessons. Since it’s conducted online, you can schedule your class anytime you’re free.

On the other hand, Lingvist also offers many features that can help learners learn languages. It uses a spaced-repetition system which is essential and a proven learning technique in learning a language. You don’t have to look for online resources because they are ready-made and designed to make learning engaging. But, unlike Preply, this can all be done through an app or website without the help of a tutor.

In conclusion, for Preply VS Lingvist in terms of the language learning experience, Preply has a bigger chance to learn a language quickly and effectively since native speakers or language experts are tutoring you. Lingvist can be more helpful and effective in learning vocabulary and enrichment activities.


Another important factor to consider is the pricing. Since these apps are part of the leading apps for language learning, you can’t help but pay for the language learning experience and features you desire. Most of the apps have a free and premium version. The free version will help you experience a little bit of what the app can offer.

Preply, as stated above, offers a free trial lesson for your chosen tutor. This is a one-hour long lesson that is free. If you liked learning with the tutor you have chosen, that’s the time when you have to buy lesson packages. The rate of teachers varies depending on their experience and proficiency so, there’s no definite price that I can give. You can find a tutor for as low as $3 per hour, which mostly are tutors with less teaching experience or the field they are teaching is not in-demand. For more experienced and in-demand tutors, expect the rate to be higher.

Lingvist offers two kinds of account – free account and premium account. The free account lets you experience a few lessons, and you can’t use all the features available. For the premium account, you can either pay for a monthly subscription which costs $4.99 per month or an annual subscription which costs $39.99 / year with a 14-day free trial.

For Preply VS Lingvist in terms of pricing, it’s honestly hard to tell which one because it will all come back to your purpose of learning a language. Both apps offer a free trial so take advantage of it before spending your money on a subscription plan.


Final Thoughts

Preply VS Lingvist: Final Thoughts

This Preply VS Lingvist comparison has been a long journey, but I hope you have learned many things about the app. Still, the best way to properly discover more is to experience learning with these apps.

As a language teacher, private lessons with a tutor assessing and monitoring your progress are the most effective way to learn a language. You are being evaluated, monitored, and guided by an actual expert in the language you are learning. Tutors will determine what areas you need to improve and give you activities that suit your proficiency. For this reason, I’ll go with Preply.

But, if you are a total beginner and want to learn some basic words, Lingvist is also one of the best apps to use. Although the free version is limited, the paid version will surely give you a fantastic language learning experience.

It will all come back to the main reason you are learning a new language. Are you learning for professional growth or just for personal reasons. If it’s that serious and urgent, Preply is the one. But, if you want to pick up some vocabulary and develop your language skills without taking classes, then Lingvist is perfect. You can download it on your phone and learn a language anytime and anywhere you want.

Another factor to consider is your budget. You should take your time to review the language apps you’re discovering to make your money worth it. The subscription plans can honestly be too pricey, so explore more to find the language learning app you deserve.


Still, Looking For Another Language App To Try?

Speaking of a language app you deserve, Ling App is worthy of trying. It is a language learning app developed by real language experts that you can easily download on your mobile phone. It also has a web version if you prefer to learn on a computer. What’s amazing about this app is it is a total package for language learners.

You’ll get to develop your language skills through the help of multimedia, translations, and romanization. It has extensive grammar explanations to help you understand the grammar rules. Fun mini-games and quizzes are also available to keep you engaged. If you want to learn about the culture of the language, you can read blog posts available with just a few clicks. But that’s not all; Simya Solutions also offers other apps to help you achieve your goals. You can check the website to know more.

There’s no harm in trying something new. So, why not try learning with Ling App? It might be the app you are looking for.

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