Pimsleur Vs. Speakly – An Honest Review Of 2 Apps

Which foreign language would you like to study? Do you have any prior knowledge, or are you starting from scratch? Is your goal to speak, read, or write your target language fluently? Finding the right language-learning app requires answering all these questions—this Pimsleur Vs. Speakly comparison will help you choose the language app that suits you the best.

Besides these, another app in the market can help you learn a new language quickly– the Ling app, something we’ll discuss in more depth at the end of the article. Stay tuned.


Pimsleur Review

Dr. Paul Pimsleur developed this scientific study on active listening. Unlike most language apps, the Pimsleur app is for auditory learners. Pimsleur language courses consist of audio files and interactive exercises. And, since we all learned our first languages through listening, it’s a very good approach to learn a second language. 

The Pimsleur method of teaching is unique. It uses the following best language learning strategies in its audio courses.

  • It uses graduated interval recall, a scientifically proven method for moving content from short-term to long-term memory.
  • Another feature in Pimsleur courses is organic learning. It uses conversational language exchange learning through which you can learn a second language exactly like you learned your first. Besides language exchanges, you will get the bonus of a scientifically proven method to boost adult brain learning.
  • While learning languages through Pimsleur lesson-based courses, you will learn basic words and phrases. In this way, you can begin speaking in a meaningful way immediately.

Available Languages On Pimsleur

Pimsleur offers 51 languages including French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, etc. The software also provides a driving mode, which allows you to practice your language abilities while driving without looking at a screen.

Pimsleur Pricing Plan

You can access free lessons through a seven-day free trial, but you have to pay a fee after that. The Pimsleur lessons cost between $14.95 and $20.95 a month for a subscription. The cost of purchasing a lifetime subscription ranges from $21.95 for five classes to $575.00 for a complete 5-level course when paid in advance.

Talk like a native speaker through audio-based Pimsleur lessons.The online courses do not develop great reading and writing skills.
51 foreign languages are available to learn. You can improve your language skills through its scientifically proven methods. 


Speakly Review

Speakly focuses on spoken languages and reading, listening, and writing skills to develop your confidence in your target language. It employs a Spaced Repetition System to aid in the retention of vocabulary. Also, it teaches you the 4000 most statistically relevant words in your target language.

  • Before starting the program, you can take a placement exam to see how many of the 4000 most common terms you already know. Then you’ll be assigned to one of nine stages.
  • You’ll begin with a series of sentences in which you’ll study terms in context before filling in the spaces for recall. After learning a few words, you’ll be put in a live situation where you’ll have to replicate a conversation using a native speaker’s recording. The dialogues are also quick enough that you may listen to them again and again, practicing speaking along with the recording.
  • The app focuses on reading and listening exercises with engaging content, flashcards, and dialogues. You can download the audio to study offline, which is quite useful.

Available Languages On Speakly

Speakly has a drawback. It only offers eight languages. Italian, French, English, German, Finnish, Russian, and Estonian. You can also learn Spanish at your own pace, from beginner to advanced. 

Speakly Pricing Plan

It has a free version, but if you want to have all the features, you have to purchase a premium plan. 

  • €10.99 Per month (One language included)
  • €9.00 Three months (One language)
  • €8.33 Six months (All languages included)
  • €5.83 Per Year ( All languages included)
It focuses on reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. It only offers eight languages. 
It has a user-friendly interface.Some of the voices are not native or too rough to understand.
It focuses on quality rather than quantity. 


Pimsleur Vs. Speakly – Which One To Choose

Pimsleur Vs. Speakly

If we compare Pimsleur Vs. Speakly, the value of Pimsleur is limited to conversational speech rather than in-depth grammatical comprehension. This audio-based system does not include any games or interactive exercises, nor teaches you to read or write.

On the contrary, Speakly focuses on the most often used vocabulary and grammar. Also, Speakly’s speech recognition system is excellent. But it only offers eight languages so far.

There isn’t much to choose between these two but I’d pick Pimsleur for the more casual learner, and Speakly for someone who wants to get in-depth.

I hope, after reading Pimsleur Vs. Speakly reviews, you can choose the language learning app that suits you more. But, if you want to look for more options, you can read our blogs on “Memrise Vs. MosaLingua” and “LinguaLift Vs. Rosetta Stone“.


The Ling App – A Great Alternative

Developed by Simya Solutions, the Ling app is a great language learning app. The gaming components and puzzles allow users to learn 60+ major languages while having fun.

Moreover, chatbots can help you improve your conversational abilities. You will have a firm grasp of your second language, from vocabulary development to grammar instruction. Download the app now to learn a foreign language immediately!

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  1. One issue with Speakly, for Spanish learners, is the lack of Latin American Spanish. There are many, many more Spanish-lesrners in the USA than there are in Europe, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to learn Castellano Spanish in the Americas.

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