Mango Languages VS Drops: 2 Best Apps For 2022?

Thinking of starting the new year, right? Perhaps, part of your resolution for 2022 is to start learning a new language. In today’s blog post, we will know which of these two language learning resources, Mango Languages vs. Drops, is the best language app for a beginner. Let’s get started!

One of the signs that a learner is eager and motivated to become a foreign language speaker is when he/she starts to search and use different language learning resources for their target language. For some, learning some of the hardest and easiest languages is necessary for their career, while others are truly just passionate about the idea of gaining proficiency in a language they are drawn to.

Since there are various language learning apps available on the web today, it is hard to choose the best language learning apps with the best teaching methods. Some of the users must purchase lifetime access (which can be pricey). While others offer a free version but lacks lessons that can make the users engaged in learning a new language.

That’s why today, I will give an honest review about the two of the most popular language-learning apps for a beginner. Mango Languages Vs. Drops, which do you think has the best teaching methods between these two language apps?

Mango Languages App Review

Mango Languages App Review

Mango Languages is a language learning application that is good for learning new words for a beginner. The application teaches language learners up to 70 languages from different parts of the country. Aside from the common languages that some language learning applications have, this application also offers unusual languages and dialects when you start availing of their language course. In addition, Mango Languages is also accessible even when you’re in an offline mode, so you can use it anywhere using your phone.

Mango Languages app is available and compatible with IOS (App Store) and Android (Playstore), but you can also use the website if you’re using a laptop or computer.

Can Mango Languages Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Mango Languages is focused on teaching new vocabulary of your target language. It also teaches a beginner about the cultural context by reading activities, listening activities, and answering comprehension questions. However, having this teaching style as a second language cannot help a beginner to become a native speaker. It lacks grammar explanations and proper pronunciations.

How To Use Mango Languages

Once you’ve signed in, you may learn according to your learning styles. For instance, you may encounter different listening activities (repetitive flashcards) to learn a language quickly, reading activities to learn vocabulary), answering comprehension questions, and speaking skills. However, this app does not have any writing skills.

Features Of Mango Languages

One of the features of the Mango Languages app is that a beginner can learn a language per unit and chapter using the Learning Pathway. Through this, the app can assess the user if they understand and memorize the new vocabulary. Another thing is the patterned and colored words which is a very structured way of teaching new words. Also, they provide short grammar notes and cultural notes to deeply understand the language courses.

Similar to Google Translate, they also have these machine translations wherein the recorded audio has voice comparison when a user sends a recorded voice to know the correct answers. However, this machine translation has a monotone voice. That’s why this app does not teach proper pronunciation, unlike other apps.

Moreover, this app offers videos that serve as a language learning tool to teach new words and expressions that are used in real-life situations. Another thing is the online courses learning over 70 languages availing the premium version.

Below are the languages offered by Mango Languages:

Arabic (Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine, Modern Standard)HindiScottish Gaelic
BengaliIgbo Slovak
Chaldean AramaicIndonesian Spanish (Castilian)
CherokeeIrish (Standard) Spanish (Latin American)
Cantonese ChineseItalian Swahili
Mandarin ChineseJapanese Swahili
CroatianJavanese Tamil
CzechKazakh Telugu
DanishKorean Thai
DariLatin Turkish
DutchMalay Tuvan
DzongkhaMalayalam Ukrainian
EnglishNorwegian Urdu
Shakespearean EnglishPashto Uzbek
Filipino (Tagalog),Persian (Farsi) Vietnamese
FinnishPirate Yiddish
French (Canadian, European)Polish
GermanPortuguese (Brazilian)
Greek (Ancient, Koine, Modern)Potawatomi
Haitian CreolePunjabi (Pakistani)
Hebrew (Biblical, Modern)Russian

Is Mango Languages A Free App?

Mango Languages is a free app but is limited to various features. For instance, you can only access the offline resources (free resources), which you cannot learn all the languages like libraries, language learning schools, and organizations.

Mango Languages Premium Version And Subscription

Below are the three Premium subscriptions of the Mango Languages App:

  • Single Language – you can learn just one language

A monthly Subscription to a Single language costs 7.99$ per month. 

Annual Subscription of Single Language costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

  • All Languages – all 70 languages are accessible

Monthly Subscription of All Languages costs 17.99$ per month. 

Annual Subscription of All Languages costs 14.99$ or 179.99$ paid every 12 months.

  • Enterprise – depends on how many languages (language courses) do you want to access

The price is customized

Pros And Cons Of Mango Languages

Good for learning new words fasterNot focused on teaching proper pronunciation
Gives cultural notesScripted conversations
Gives short grammar explanationsMonotone voice (machine translation)
Gives direct English translationNo writing activities
Has simple user-interfaceRepetitive flashcards
Good for speaking skillsThe machine translation has a slow voice

Drops Language App Review

Drops App Review

The Drops app is a language learning application that is good for a beginner because it has interactive lessons that are focused on teaching vocabulary. These interactive lessons are somewhat gamified because the user interface, like the icons and catchy designs that you can see while using the app, are similar to word games that you play online.

This language learning app is good for a language learner who wants to learn engagingly. Also, this app offers audio files from different native speakers of a specific language as well as the English translation.

In a nutshell, Drops is a language learning application that is designed aesthetically and engagingly to improve vocabulary skills.

Can Drops Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Drops are primarily focused on teaching new words, particularly in the vocabulary of a target language. However, this kind of learning style may not help a beginner to be a native speaker of his/her target language. It does not teach other language skills like grammar skills, proper pronunciation, and conversational skills.

How To Use Drops

Once you’ve signed in on the app, it depends on you if you want to turn on the option of using your native language in learning new languages. You can learn at your own pace using the online lessons (foreign language and multiple languages) if you have the premium version, like playing a game using your phone.

On the other hand, you may choose if which level do you want to start, such as the Beginner level, Intermediate level, and Advanced level. Having straight streaks can also help you achieve a higher level. 

Features Of Drops

The Drops app also has a partnered app in teaching language courses with a different learning style. Since the Drops focused only on teaching words, they created the Scripts app and Droplets. The difference between the three apps is the Scripts app focused on the writing system of a specific target language. While the  Droplets app is the kid’s version of Drops, which is more colorful, engaging and the context of learning languages is child-friendly.

On the other hand, here is this a not so good feature of Drops. This app only gives 5 minutes every 10 hours a week to its user who has a free version of this app. So if you think that you want to learn using this app, you better avail the Premium version. Also, the Droplets app and Scripts are available in Premium subscription.

Is Drops A Free App?

Drops have a free version, but you can count on your finger how many words you learn in a day. It is for the reason that you only have 5 minutes per week. Also, you may encounter a bunch of advertisements while using the free version.

Drops Premium Version And Subscription

Aside from knowing the various features of using Drops, there’s good news if you want to avail of the Premium subscription because there are discounts and vouchers that you may receive on the email that you used when you signed up to Drops App.

Below are more features if you have a Premium subscription:

  • Unlimited access in all 43 foreign languages
  • Advertisement-free
  • You can access it even in an offline mode
  • Unlimited access to learning a language
  • More lessons available on different language courses

The monthly subscription costs $8.49 a month

The annual subscription costs $69.99

The lifetime subscription costs $159.99

Pros And Cons Of Drops

Friendly user-interfaceVague and similar icons and graphics
Audio-files of native speakersDoes not teach grammatical skills
Easy-to-use language learning appRepetitive words (flashcards)
Interactive games and lessons to learn a languageBugs and crashes due to graphics

Mango Languages Vs Drops: Final Thoughts

Mango Languages Vs Drops Final Thoughts

Choosing between these two language learning App, Mango Languages vs. Drops is very significant in language learning.

My honest review is that the two language learning app has their similarities and differences. So I want to focus on their differences which are somewhat their advantage as language learning resources. Mango Languages is a language learning app that is good for a beginner who wants to learn in different kinds of learning styles to like listening skills, reading skills, comprehension skills, as well as audio-visual skills. However, if a language learner wants a language learning app that looks like a game application, then Drops is a great app for him/her.

All in all, both language learning apps are popular language learning apps that teach a beginner a new language. But if you want to have an alternative and a free language learning app to understand and discover other popular languages, then Ling App is here to help you!

Alternative Learning Language App: Ling App

Mango Languages VS Drops

Ling App by Simya Solutions is one of the popular language-learning app in the world that a beginner must have. This app helps a language learner to learn a new language engagingly. It also offers 60+ different languages, both the popular languages and other minority languages.

You can learn a new language by playing interactive mini-games, quizzes and flashcards that introduce you to new vocabulary words. Aside from this, you can also read informative blog posts and mini-lessons that introduce you to the culture, grammar, and slang of a specific target language like Best Of The Meaningful Common Korean Proverbs: Top 1525 Cool Korean Slang Words To Sound Like A Local, and Georgian Proverbs.

Try and download Ling App now and try a new way of learning foreign languages!

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