HiNative Vs Drops: 2 Basic Apps For Learning?

In some cases, getting a head start on your learning is essential for both personal and professional growth. In today’s HiNative Vs Drops review, we will walk you through all the features and share with you our honest opinion about these two epic apps. If you are ready for that, then let the comparison begin!


HiNative App

HiNative is one of the world’s most popular language-learning apps, with over a million users. Basically, you will meet and get help from real native speakers within the app. You can literally ask any questions may it be for finding the right word to describe something or even complex grammar questions. This is analogous to the Q&A learning approach, wherein pressing language questions and choosing a featured answer are the basic functions of the app to learn a new language.

Technically, the app is a language exchange platform so you can find different native speakers and learn whatever language you are interested in. That’s a selling point!

HiNative Can Improve Fluency

HiNative comprises native speakers of various languages and anyone can become a language tutor and exchange partner. It also provides audio lessons and example sentences for people who want to learn a language. With this being said, it can truly improve fluency as long as you try to use whatever learning you have from this app.

Even though HiNative is a gamified language app, it lacks active learning and activities like the other language learning applications (Ling AppDrops, or Lingualift). Moreover, this application cannot give you lots of structured vocabulary learning activities such as language skills like learning new words or vocabulary words. In short, you may use this app whenever you need to clarify specific components of language with language tutors (native speakers) in a quicker manner.

Functions Of HiNative

HiNative might well be purchased and downloaded on your smartphone, but you could still directly browse their website if you are using a desktop or laptop. The app’s gamification functionality looks like a part of a pointing mechanism. Users must respond to more questions from other users in order to earn more quality points (if chosen as a featured response) and speed points (when answered a new language question right away). A user’s acquired points can be used to reach the next level. Other users can determine the user’s language skills as a native speaker.

Furthermore, the app encourages users to address the app if they have any questions about a specific language. Overall, HiNative is an excellent app to learn a foreign language.

Because this language study app is a Q&A type of learning tool,  it provides pre-determined question patterns. A search option also allows a language learner to see whether the question has already been asked, preventing topics from being duplicated within the community.

Freemium Version

HiNative is a free app (free version) with a restricted set of features for certain language courses and language resources.

Premium Version And Subscription

HiNative’s premium subscription costs $5.68 per month. The premium version includes functions such as recording, listening skills, and improving your visual skills. This is a fantastic feature that will assist a language learner throughout his or her path.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
You will obtain faster answers if your chosen language is more widely spoken. It is rare for users of this language app to ask unanswered inquiries.
A free version is available. There is no option to meet new individuals or practice discussions with locals by sending private messages.
Native speakers can assist you with pronunciation (available only on premium version). Minor languages would not have the same amount of community or support as popular languages.
Hinative currently supports over 110 languages. You’re learning a new language because of competition from other users.


Drops App

One of the best language resources in the market is the Drops app and this is a great app to help a complete beginner to learn new words quickly.

Language acquisition begins with an emphasis on learning at least the basic vocabulary of your target language. If you’re searching for a language learning app that concentrates solely on this, the Drops app is the one for you. You may learn new words more efficiently by using its aesthetically compelling game-like user interface. This application is also ideal for language learners who chose to study in a gamified context.

Drops Can Improve Fluency

Drops language learning app focuses primarily on vocabulary skills so this means that it can somewhat improve fluency. After all, you cannot become fluent in a language if you do not master at least the basic vocabulary and this is what Drops specialize in. Instead of using plain-old textbooks, you can finally use simple flashcards and experience SRS technique.

Functions Of The Drops App

You may use the Drops app to help you learn multiple languages by enabling the ‘native language’ mode in the settings. Following that, you can also choose your level in whichever languages you want to learn. This app is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. If you have thorough knowledge about your target language (such as the alphabet and a few keywords), you could choose the Intermediate level.

Drops, as previously stated, have a gamified format, which means you may discover different vocabulary through pictorials and letter mazes. The more you play, the more likely it is that you will move to a higher level.

Some Drops functionalities are only available if you subscribe to the VIP version. For example, because the Drops app is solely confined to teaching vocabulary words, they provide the Scripts and Droplets apps as an alternate and associated tool for learning a new language.

Freemium Version

Drops is a free language learning app that you may use for free. It is also available in a premium subscription. When language learner chooses the free version, their options may be limited. For example, there is a 5-minute demo every week for 10 hours, and the free version may have a slew of ads.

Premium Version And Subscription

The following are the unique features where you may enjoy with a premium subscription:

Use the Drops app to access all available languages (43 different languages)

  1. Ad-free browsing
  2. Offline and unlimited access
  3. There is no time restriction for independent assessments of the preferred language.
  4. There are more languages to select from
  • The monthly subscription is $8.49 per month.
  • The rate of a yearly subscription is $69.99.
  • The rate of a lifetime subscription is $159.99.

Please keep in mind that you may use the discounts and special offers you received in your email to get the premium version.

Pros And Cons

A visually appealing game-like user interfaceIt does not teach communication skills.
Language learning app that is convenient and simple to useIcons that seem to be misleading and ambiguous
It incorporates an adaptive algorithm.Few glitches
Speech Recognition Technology 

HiNative Vs Drops: My Final Thoughts

HiNative Vs Drops: My Final Thoughts

Deciding the best language app between HiNative and Drops is mostly driven by the needs of the user. Drops is considerably superior if a language student is a beginner and wants to learn the language quickly via a gamified user interface. In addition, the user will discover popular languages as well as multiple languages.

HiNative, on the other hand, is an extremely effective language learning application, notably for language learners who desire to be native speakers but have a severely limited language option.

By evaluating these two language applications, you should be able to tell the difference between the two language learning apps. If you want to read additional reviews of other language learning apps, go visit FluentU vs. Drops and HelloTalk vs Mango Languages.

Best Alternative: The Ling App

HiNative Vs Drops

Are you seeking an alternative language application that is affordable and useful in learning languages? The Ling App is the best resource for you!

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is a language learning app that may help and thoroughly understand learning your target language. You may choose from a wide choice of a foreign language because it supports 60+ foreign languages. A new language might be learned at any time and from any location.

The Ling app teaches languages by playing interactive games like flashcards, and intriguing quizzes might help you learn new vocabulary phrases. The artificial intelligence feature of the Ling App is the A.I. chatbot that you can speak with to practice learned content. 

Download the Ling App and start learning a language in a fun environment!

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