HelloTalk Vs Memrise – Best Review For #1 Language App

When it comes to language learning, using online resources is essential. In our language learning apps, HelloTalk vs Memrise comparison, we will guide you through the app’s essential features. We will also give you a reliable opinion on whether it is worth your time, and suggest a better choice to learn a new language.

HelloTalk is a language learning app that allows you to converse with a native speaker of your chosen language in real-time. This app is not using spaced repetition and flashcards methods. Memrise, on the other hand, will not make you fluent in a foreign language, but it is one of the fantastic mobile apps to learn a language. This web and mobile app may assist you with memorizing characters, vocabulary words, and phrasing.

Let’s now read HelloTalk vs Memrise review to understand which app is offering structured lessons and an easy learning method.


Quick Review Of HelloTalk Vs Memrise For Serious Learners To Pick Best Language App

Now, let’s read the review of both the language learning apps separately to get better insights.

HelloTalk Review

HelloTalk is a fun and best app that does one thing: it connects you with native speakers and gives you a way to text and talk with a language partner right from your phone.

HelloTalk Vs Memrise

HelloTalk is a direct interface for finding a conversation partner and chatting, sending audio messages, or calling the individuals you wish to practice. There is no need for third-party software.

Key Features

  • Voice chat and Text chat to learn languages.
  • Doodle share (user can draw to visually express what they want to discuss)
  • Camera share
  • Smileys and other features (notifications of new messages, text size settings, GPS location sharing).
  • Language learning specific features: Translation, Transliteration, and speech recognition software help you in speaking practice and writing your target language.
  • Mark exchanges (images, text, voice) for studying later. Also, you can save the whole chat to refer to later.

Language Courses For Learning Languages

Over 150 multiple languages, including English, French, learn Spanish, German, Arabic, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese with other languages.

Pros And Cons Of HelloTalk

Because the community is so broad, you will never have trouble finding someone to practice your target language.Because it is such a lively group, you may receive 20 or more messages every hour when online.
Users and native speakers can correct one other’s grammatical errors.You can’t flip to landscape in the app; you are stuck with portrait.
Options for in-chat translation and transliterationLanguage exchange partners might be impatient or disappear at any time.
Users can use text, audio recordings, phone calls, video calls, and even drawings to communicate with language partners.Rapid battery drain is a problem.
Despite its extensive functionality, the software is simple to use. It has lessons that you can go back to at any time. “You may upload photographs, ask questions, or tell the community what type of chat partner you want.” 
Because the community is so broad, you will never have trouble finding someone to practice your target language. 

The Hello Talk app is available in both a free and premium version. Users may use the full version for free, but there are a few restrictions and many advertising. VIP membership is required to remove the ads. It costs

  • $6.99 per month
  • $45.99 per year.
  • $175.00 Lifetime membership.

Memrise Review

Memrise is a popular language-learning tool that can be used on both computers and mobile devices. It offers many features with the game Flashcard app, which has a lot of free material. Users generate a lot of the material, and there is an advanced membership that gives you access to more features.

HelloTalk Vs Memrise

Memrise employs a purpose to assist you in better remembering the language. It employs a technology known as “MEMS,” which is a customized aperture card. Grammarbots and Chatbots, an entertaining method to interact with language, are also only accessible for subscription editions.

Key Features

  • Memrise is more than simply a Flashcard software since it includes quizzes and puzzles.
  • Memrise’s power comes from two things: mnemonics and an interval repetition mechanism. It enables you to master the language content faster.
  • You may study many languages using this app, covering a wide range of topics and levels.

Language Courses For Learning Languages

If we compare HelloTalk Vs Memrise, Memrise (language software) offers only 23 different languages. The Netherlands, Bahasa, English, Chinese, Korean, Thailand, Finnish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic, French, Persian, Cantonese, and Polish are among the 23 language programs available by Memrise to its 40 million users.

Pros And Cons Of Memrise

It aids in the rapid development to learn vocabulary.Grammar and phrase structure are less important in Memrise.
The basic account is completely free (with no time restriction) and has a lot of features.In target languages, typos and other errors are common.
Offline courses may be downloaded using the Android app.Some important features, such as pinning active courses, have been disabled.
It allows you to write the words, which improves memory.In specific online courses, there is a lack of substance and diversity.
Community own courses that are fantastic 


As compared to HelloTalk vs Memrise, Memrise is much cheaper than the HelloTlk. Although much of what Memrise has to offer is a free version, it is one of the most acceptable options for newbies. For those seeking a premium version of Memrise, there are three options.

  • $8.99/month– Monthly subscription 
  • $5.00/month– Annual subscription 
  • $99.99– Lifetime Membership


HelloTalk Vs Memrise – An Honest Review By Ling Community

When it comes to HelloTalk Vs Memrise, the Ling community recommends Memrise to most users. People use Memrise because it increases your vocabulary by using “mems,” which connect a word to its meaning. Linking a word with an image is a common example. They also use mnemonics to aid with the recall of new words.

HelloTalk, on the other hand, is a learning language program that immediately puts you in touch with native speakers. However, there are some drawbacks, such as crashes at inconvenient moments and a significant power drain. So, a language learner needs to be patient as you keep restarting the app.

After reading HelloTalk vs Memrise review, don’t forget to read our hands-on review on LingQ Vs. Memrise and Mango Languages Vs Memrise, to know the best option for you!


Learn A Language With Simya Solutions – One Of The Free Language Learning Apps

I hope you like our quick and compiled HelloTalk Vs Memrise review. We may provide two effective alternative language learning apps here: the Ling app and the Simply Learn by Simya solutions.

HelloTalk Vs Memrise
  • These language learning apps hire real native speakers to assist you in learning new languages or a native language.
  • It makes the entire process more appealing and engaging for language learners. Its learning methods include interactive exercises, games, and entertaining quizzes to practice languages. 
  • There is a Chatbot function that simulates talks and an extensive exercise to develop your language skills. You can observe your progress since you have different themes and tests with it.
  • These excellent language learning apps are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners to learn foreign languages.

So, download the best free app for your conversational fluency. Further, visit the suggested websites to improve your language skills (listening skills, speaking skills, or other language-related specific skills).

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