Best Ways To Say Goodbye In 100 Different Languages

A goodbye is a form of particular saying or expression people use to signify good wishes when parting with someone, usually at the end of a conversation or a meeting. It’s the way to say that one person is leaving or departing. The words of farewell, in particular, are socially constructed by people and language speakers all around the globe, making the art of farewell a global norm and culture.

If you’re eager to say goodbye in 100 different languages, you don’t need to read anywhere else. We’ve selected the best ways to say these phrases and will even give you tips for memorizing these words. Let’s get started!

Why Saying Goodbye Is Important?

Just like saying hello, the pronunciation of farewell words is important as it’s a part of one person’s manner in conversation. Imagine you’re saying things and right after that, your interlocutor is busy packing his bag, showing signs he’s about to leave. Without articulating and saying a word to just end the conversation and signify your parting, the entire interaction may end up awkwardly.

Yes, saying goodbye and farewell is actually quite crucial – we’re not merely saying goodbye or seeing you later; it’s a sign of respect to our friend and maybe a portrayal of a continuous bond or friendship. Plus, from now on, you’ll have a basic idea of the way to say goodbye in various different languages.

Again, saying goodbye is as simple as saying hello in different languages – it’s a basic phrase one needs to know to fully experience and understand the language of a foreign society. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the unique ways to say goodbye in different languages. Yes, I provide you with a list of vocabulary – the great vocabulary of 100 goodbye phrases. Let’s go!

How To Say Goodbye In 100 Different Languages

Today, you’ll learn the words and phrases that language speakers all over the world use to say goodbye. Yes, you’ll learn to say goodbye in 100 different languages. I also included the transliteration section to help you in terms of the pronunciation of the farewell phrases of all different languages.

Arabic وداعاً (wadaeaan)
Amharic ቻው (chaw)
Aragonese Adiós
Armenian Ցտեսություն (tstesutyun)
AzerbaijaniSalamat qalın
BasqueAgur / Aio (informal)
Bavarian auf wiedersehen
Belarusianда пабачэння (da pabačeńnya)
Bengaliবিদায় (Biday)
Bosniando viđenja (formal) / ćao (informal)
BulgarianДовиждане (dovizhdane)
Burmeseႏႈတ္ ဆက္ ပါ တယ္ (note Sat Par Tal)
Cantonese再見 (joi3 gin3)
Chinese再见 (zài jiàn)
Cebuano uli nako/adto nako
Croatian: Doviđenja
CzechNa shledanou
Danish Farvel
DutchTot ziens
English Goodbye/bye (standard) take care, see you later, see you soon
Estonian Nägemist
FrenchAu revoir
Georgianნახვამდის (nakhvamdis)
German Tschüss
GreekΑντίο (antio)
YasouΓειά σου (informal) (YAH-soo)
Gujarati આવજો (aavjo)
Haitian CreoleOrévwa
Hausasai an jima
Hebrew להתראות (le’hitraot)
Hindiअलविदा (alavida)
HungarianViszontlátásra (formal) / Viszlát (informal)
IgboKa ọ dị
Icelandic Vertu sæll
Indonesian Sampai jumpa / Sampai ketemu lagi (See you later)
Italian Arrivederci
Japaneseさようなら (sayounara)
Kannada ವಿದಾಯ (Vidāya)
KazakhCау болыңыз (saw bolıñız)
Khmerលា សិន ហើយ។ (Lea sen heuy)
Korean잘 가요 (jal gayo)
Kurdishbi xatre te
Latin Vale (singular) / valete (plural)
Laoລາກ່ອນ (la kon)
LatvianUz redzēšanos
Macedonian Довидување (doh-vee-DOO-vah-nyeh)
MalaySelamat tinggal (formal) / babai (informal) / jumpa lagi
Malayalamവിട (vita)
Mandarin再见 (Zài jiàn)
Marathiगुडबाय (punha bhetu)
MongolianБаяртай (bayartai)
Nepali बिदा भए है त। (bida bhaye hai ta)
Norman Boujou
Norwegian: Hade (formal) / Ha det bra
Odia: ସୁବିଦାୟ (shubidaaya)
Persian / Farsiخداحافظ (khodâhâfez)
Polish Do widzenia
Portuguese Adeus
Punjabiਅਲਵਿਦਾ (alvida)
Romani Devlesa
RomanianLa revedere
RussianДо свидания (da svidània)
SerbianДовиђења (Doviđenja) (formal) / Zdravo (casual)
Scottish GaelicBeannachd leat (singular, familiar) / Beannacht leibh (plural, respectful)
Somali Macsalaamo
Spanish Adiós
Tagalog / FilipinoPaalam
Tamilபிரியாவிடை (Piriyāviṭai)
Thaiลาก่อน (laa-gɔ̀ɔn)
Telugu సెలవు (selavu)
Tswana Go siame
Turkish Hoşçakalın
Ukrainian До побачення (do pobachennya) (formal) / Пока (poka) (informal)
Urduخدا حافظ (kkhuda hafiz)
Vietnamese Tạm biệt
Welsh Hwyl fawr (formal) / Hwyl (hoo-eel) (informal) 
Xhosa Uhambe kakuhle
Yiddish זײַ געזונט (zay gezunt)
Zulu Hamba kahle
how to say goodbye in 100 different languages

Learn How To Say Words And Phrases In Different Languages

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