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How To Say Hello In 105 Different Languages

June 22, 2019

When traveling to a foreign country, the first word you should learn is "Hello". Even if you don't speak any other word, it will be easier to connect to the locals armed with this knowledge. In this article we'll show you how to say Hello in 105 different languages.

There are polyglots who recommend learning a greeting in as many languages as you can. It trains your brain to adapt to new sounds and tone sequences. Tip: Challenge yourself to learn "Hello" in a new language every day!

Now, here's the big list of how to say "Hello" in 105 languages:

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Now that you know Hello in so many languages, why not getting serious about learning a new learning? Here's are a few tips to help you getting started.

Don't know which language you should learn next? Take this short quiz and we will tell you which language is best for you to learn.

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