FluentU Vs iTalki: #1 Best Review For Learners

What features do you want in a language-learning app? To learn a new language quickly, many of us seek a shortcut. You could desire to learn a new language to improve your multitasking ability at work or for a future vacation. In this FluentU vs iTalki review, you will find out the main features, available languages, cost, and other important info about these famous language apps.

For free online classes with native speakers, you may use apps like Ling (learn with a native speaker). The Ling app is the best language learning software for learning situational vocabulary, words, and phrases. On this amazing platform, there are 60+ languages.


FluentU Review – Improve Your Comprehension Skills

FluentU Vs iTalki

FluentU claims to make learning languages come to life with multiple real-world videos.

The creators of FluentU searched the internet for professional videos and training documentation webinars in hundreds of languages. Then, they translated FluentU videos into written language. Then they added interactive subtitles to short live video interviews and video responses so you can learn more. They are always adding new language lessons and music videos to the library.

FluentU has professional video lessons in 10 different languages and English for Japanese, Korean, and Spanish speakers. However, not all languages have the same amount of content.

For example, Portuguese, their most recent edition, only has 38 different videos in the content library. So you should think about which languages you want to learn before deciding if FluentU is the right tool to use.

FluentU Languages

Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese are among the ten languages offered by FluentU. More advanced learners may access a large range of films, audio samples, and flashcards in each language. FluentU also allows you to learn many languages at the same time.

Overall, it is a great way to study certain languages. We’ll talk more about the key features of FluentU below to help language learners gain a clear understanding when choosing the best app for learning a language.

FluentU Has A Lot To Offer

The videos are broken into six different difficulty levels, from “Beginner 1” to “Advanced 2.”

Because you can translate every word and go at your own pace, you can replay sections as many times again as you want. So, you can get as much value from 50 videos as 1000. But having so many videos does mean that you can look around until you find topics that you like.

When you choose the 14-day free trial or one of the subscription plans, you get the following:

  • Streaming Video content from TV shows, YouTube videos, commercials, speeches, music videos, and more.
  • A set of interactive subtitles that are in both English and other native languages (e.g., can display the Kanji or Katakana, for Japanese).
  • A hover-over option lets you learn the meanings of words as they are said.
  • An option for video clips to repeat themselves.
  • A place where you can learn about things like flashcards and the dictionary.

Video difficulty, subject matter, and format are some things you can choose from on the left side of the page. If you want a video on Health and Lifestyle that’s easy to find.

1. There Are A Lot Of Videos

It doesn’t matter what language you’re learning; there are hundreds of streaming videos and audio clips that you can use to help you learn. If you hover your mouse over words in a video, you can see what they mean in the dictionary or as a tooltip if you click on them. It means you don’t have to stop every five seconds to write down something or look up a word.

  • Customized Learning Is Good

You can track everything you’ve learned so far with FluentU. You can even see how much you know before you start to watch a video.

You get better at using it as it defines your level over time. Green bars will show up under each video in the library that shows how much you already know.

If you know many languages in the videos, you can choose them. It is better than being thrown into the deep end because learning as many new words as possible is easier to figure out when you know what they mean. You can branch out your vocabulary from a group of words you already know very well.

2. A Structured Beginner’s Course Is A Good Thing

In general, FluentU is a tool for learning basic vocabulary. We think this is a great idea to teach languages. Even the most basic streaming videos are hard to understand if you don’t know the language.

3. An Easy-To-Use Interface And A Well-Designed App

Everyone can use it because it is very simple. When you watch TV or anime on the Internet, you can watch short clips from videos or movies. It feels like Japanese karaoke, but it’s not the same thing. To add a term you don’t know to your vocabulary list or a specific flashcard deck, click on it and choose “Add to.”

Once you choose a word, you’ll get a translation and voice clip and several other sample sentences with video clips of how the term is used in other ways. This way, you can get a good sense of how and when it’s used by native speakers from a wide range of people.

4. It’s Good That Learning Can Be Made More Fun With Games

You get coins when you finish a video or learn a new word. Every day you can set a learning goal for yourself. It can be as little as one minute per day or up to 50 minutes per day. The whole idea makes learning fun and addictive, so you keep coming back and making it a daily habit. You can use your coins to stop your streak and get other things.

Is FluentU Worth The Money?

A free 14-day trial of the program isn’t long enough to learn a lot. The price of the program keeps going up. The basic plan cost about $15 a month a few years ago. It costs $29.99 a month, which is a lot more. FluentU is trying to get people to buy a year’s service worth.

It’s also important to note that it isn’t a magic pill, even though we think FluentU is a great way to learn your target language. A language learning course, textbook, or tutor will still help you improve your language skills. You’ll have to put in the work and study other languages. Because of this, most people can’t justify the high price.

The best way to start is to pay for a month, do a lot of studying, and focus on other resources for a while.

FluentU Coupons

For $10 per month over a year, FluentU’s year-long subscription is the only way to save money.

There are no FluentU coupons or promo codes available. Discounts are given to academic members based on how many students sign up. It costs $299 per year ($29.90 per user) for ten professors and students, while $649 per year ($13.20 per user) for fifty professors and students.

Pros And Cons Of FluentU


  • There’s a heck of a lot of intriguing video footage to choose from.
  • Ten distinct languages
  • An app that is well-designed (that syncs automatically)
  • Transcripts are available for download.
  • SRS flashcards with your name on them
  • It keeps track of your new vocabulary from each class as well as what you already know.
  • After each video, there are gamified quizzes.
  • A built-in mechanism allows you to go back and examine what you’ve learned over time.
  • You can set a daily objective and keep a learning streak going
  • An additional beginner’s course is available (only for a few languages)


  • Expensive
  • There will be no placement exam.
  • Difficulty levels seem to be quite arbitrary.
  • There is no transliteration for the scripts of the languages (e.g., in Arabic, Japanese, etc.)
  • Additional courses are pretty basic, and they don’t go over a lot of the fundamental grammar, writing, or pronunciation.
  • For several languages, there is a lack of content.
  • Frequently employs an unnaturally robotic-sounding voice.
  • It focuses only on passive learning, with no provisions for speaking or writing.


Review Of iTalki

FluentU Vs iTalki

iTalki is by far the most adaptable and cost-effective platform for finding a tutor for the language you’re learning. They have many teachers who teach classes in over 100 various languages. As a student, you will be able to find a tutor who is a good fit for your style of learning, schedule, and personality. Teachers can set their own rates and create their schedules.

iTalki Lessons: How Do They Work?

To use iTalki, simply sign up and select the language you want to learn. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be taken to a page from which you can select the existing language tutors and view their lesson prices.

Please do not hold that against the company if you discover that there are fewer instructors for lesser-known languages. Keep in mind that they are simply aggregating the teachers, and they cannot force anyone to teach something in which they really aren’t skilled or comfortable.

Language Teacher’s Quality

To choose a teacher, simply click on their profile and review one’s video introduction, skills and experience, availability, and rating. Checking their information will give you an idea of whether or not their expertise will meet your needs. Given that their prices for private tutoring vary, don’t expect the more expensive instructors always to provide the best. You can always take a chance and gain knowledge from an instructor who has only recently created their profile.

Partners In Language

Although iTalki lessons are relatively cheap, if you are likely to pay more money, you could indeed enjoy using the resource to connect with a linguistic partner. With a large iTalki user base, it is simple to find somebody to practice language skills with. But if you’re a native English speaker, this will be even easier.

Once you’ve found a language partner, you’re expected to assist them in learning and practicing the language, and they assist you in return.

iTalki Available Languages

With iTalki, users may choose 150+ languages, including those with few resources or that are less widely spoken. For instance, languages other than English, Italian, Chinese, and Tagalog could be instructed in iTalki, including Lombard and Lithuanian!

As a result, the application supports a wide range of languages. The good news is that iTalki also offers very low-cost classes! You can take advantage of reasonably priced classes with iTalki, relying on the instructor and your learning approach.

On iTalki, How Do Prices Work?

In short, the teachers set their prices. Many new tutors set a low rate to attract more learners, then raise their prices once they have established themselves on iTalki. If you find a teacher who works well with you, purchasing a package (10 lessons) is good.

It is important to understand that the teachers set the cost of iTalki classes. A minimum of $4 is required, with a max of $80. The majority of iTalki classes charge somewhere around $10 and $20.

Policy On Cancellation

You must cancel your classes with the instructor at least 24 hours ahead of time or risk wasting your credit. If you no longer want to take classes with an instructor, you can withdraw your package and then use the funds to take other classes. Once you’ve loaded money into your iTalki wallet, you won’t be able to get it back. Your credit will be valid for as long as you have an iTalki account, but you must log in once per year.

Pros And Cons Of iTalki


  • Even for less common languages, there seem to be a huge number of teachers available.
  • Skilled teachers can be found at reasonable prices.
  • The ability to plan lessons when it is convenient for you.
  • You will find someone to match your timetable thanks to the many teachers available.
  • The iTalki Community’s extra features make it simple to ask questions, have your writing reviewed, as well as find a suitable language exchange buddy.


  • Community aspects are only accessible via the app.
  • You may need to try out a few lecturers before you find one who fits your training as well as your personality style.
  • It’s easy to skip classes more than you should.


FluentU Vs iTalki – Which App Is More Efficient To Learn A Language?

According to our data, iTalki appears to be far more famous than FluentU. When comparing FluentU vs iTalki, keep in mind that these apps operate completely differently. FluentU is a platform for learning, whereas iTalki is a global market for educators and tutors. In short, you cannot learn a language straight from iTalki. Teachers and instructors will facilitate learning.

To answer the question of which is better in terms of language learning features and user experience, we say it all varies depending on your level and goals as a language learner. Here’s why.

If you are a complete newbie learner, you should begin with the most important vocabulary words and work up. iTalki has a plethora of devoted features that are completely free to use. Before making serious decisions such as paying money, you should first develop your ambition and love for the language you are learning.

iTalki, has a free feature for mastering vocabulary, but it works differently. Since the community is engaged, it is interactive. The other aspects of language learning are in the realm of education and tutors.

If you find this Fluentu vs iTalki review helpful, then check out our Pimsleur vs. Anki and Italki vs. Memrise comparisons for more information on other programs.


The Best Alternative For Fulfilling Your Language Learning Goals

The Ling App makes it easier to learn more than one language. You may use these apps alone or with the combination of another language learning app.

Suppose you are determined to take a full program with the Ling App. In that case, you can rest assured that almost all of the training resources have been assessed by expert language teachers, professional teachers, and native speakers. It merges teaching methods with inventive language features to create an all-in-one platform that will attract young and professional audiences.

Unlike the other linguistic apps, the Ling App contains checkpoint quizzes to ensure the skill of previously learned material is remembered. Whether you want to speak Japanese, French, or take an Arabic class, the Ling App has it all!

Good Night In Nepali

Unlike some other apps, this one supports over 60+ multiple languages and includes lesson plans with authentic content for the least frequent European and Asian language groups. It is due to the company’s commitment to providing everyone with the ideal access to knowledge content, regardless of the languages they wish to learn.

In addition, the free app provides a wide range of extra information and features. These include audio-based courses and the opportunity to communicate with many native-speaking students. Those looking to enhance their language speaking skills may do so with the assistance of their team of qualified tutors. So, download the Ling App now and start learning your target language.

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