Top 5 Best Languages To Learn For Business

Wondering what are the best languages to learn for business? There is a saying in the business world that is very much popular and that is, “If opportunity does not knock, build a door.” Do not just sit there and dream as you are responsible for making your own destiny. According to one famous businessman, in order to get rich and sustain your wants, build your own business.

However, putting up a business is very risky and needs a lot of data to be analyzed. Starting from what type of business you will be putting up, where will you put up your business, how much will it cost to put up a business, who will be your target market, and how will you communicate creatively your business among other related types of business which already exist in the market.

So is with how to expand your business and gain more profits. Not easy, isn’t it? But if you are wondering where you can start on how to build a business and sustain it, we highly recommend that you start by learning the native languages of your target market. After all, if you are confined to just one particular language, then you can target only the native consumers.

The Importance Of Business Language

Best Languages To Learn for Business

Language is a vital part of human connection so is in the world of business. You have to connect and communicate correctly not only to your internal workforce but so is to the stakeholders, clients, and even customers for you not to be eradicated in the business world. We can say, be talkative and make connections to those right people to be able to unleash business opportunities.

Business skills and proficiency in a foreign language make an employee more valuable in the marketplace. Dealing with diverse cultures with diverse people will enable people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture. Knowing both national language and foreign business language provide a competitive edge in the global business, one who is able to communicate in a second language.

Being able to interact with your customers abroad is vitally important. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your business cannot effectively communicate with your clients there will be a great loss. Speaking to them in their native language breaks up the cultural differences, builds trust, language barriers, and shows respect.

Top 5 International Business Languages

Best Languages To Learn for Business

Now that we have some brief understanding of how important business language is and be able to acquire a skill in speaking another international business language. Let us now see what are the top 5 best languages to learn for business. In addition, below are data that support why is that those stated native tongues are the best languages to learn for business.

Below are the top 5 best languages to learn for business based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – GDP is the total monetary/ market value of all the finished goods or services of a country in a specific time.

RankLanguageGDP in $ Trillion Percentage 

Here is an additional way to locate the best business language based on the research which was made in 2013, Common Sense Advisory provided empirical research based on a World Online Wallet (WOW) – defined as ‘the total economic opportunity, both online and offline, calculated by associating a share of a country’s GDP to all major blocks of that society.’ Let us see if, among the spoken languages being used in business, English is still on the rank 1.


What is the importance of WOW then in determining the best business language? WOW looks at the spending power of a given online population – either country or language – as a percentage of the world’s total e-GDP in a given year; the low per capita GDP in mainland China means that the U.S still has seven times the amount of e-GDP. 

Based on both data being shown we can say that the 5 best business languages to learn are the following:

  1. English – We cannot deny the fact that the lingua franca in business is English. Since there are a lot of people who speak English even other countries who have their own official languages but still use or speak English. Considering English as the primary language in terms of business transactions. One of the best examples here is the Philippines, despite having diverse language group found still for Filipino businessmen English is the best language that they will consider in order to communicate and respond to global business.
  2. Chinese – Besides being one of the most numbers of the total population, China also is very well-known in terms of international business or commerce. They have inflected already the different markets and constructed international companies in fact on the basis of purchasing power parity, China has the largest economy in the world. That is why many people whether Chinese or not is now learning to speak Mandarin Chinese so that there will be no language barriers.
  3. Japanese – With 129 millionJapanese speakers located primarily in Japan, it is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, and an incubator for innovations in learning. Because of its involvement in different sectors globally and other international business, Japanese is an important language. In addition to that Japan is considered as the 3rd largest country that conduct business transactions online.
  4. German – Germany has dominated the automobile sector for decades. Only about 80 million German population contributes to 4.5 percent global GDP. The German language is impotant in banking as well. Germany is also the third-largest contributor in research and development in the world.  If your business is related to health and social science, arts, automobiles, then knowledge of German is one of those many languages to learn for more business opportunities.
  5. French – French is spoken on all five continents of the world and accounts for 20% of world trade in goods. With over 220,000,000 worldwide speakers of the french language. It has great influence in some parts of Africa like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. These countries are not proficient in English. If you are pitching business in these regions, then learning French can be useful.

What Is The Most Widely Spoken Language And The Official Language In Business?

Best Languages To Learn for Business

Though we have come to the point of discussing the best business language with some supporting data, it is also a different talk with regards to what is the most widely spoken language whether it is for the business-related, for day-to-day communication, or for your guide when you are having a trip to another country.

Knowing the most widely spoken language and other most spoken languages will give as the benefit to relate and express genuinely to other people. In this part let me guide you by knowing what is the most widespread language all around the globe.

Even though we will not research it on any sites we can just simply conclude that the primary foreign language is English. Having more than 1.7 billion both native speakers and non-native English speakers around the globe. It garners the title of being the language that is widely used by many people.

Even in the most diverse culture country like India and the Philippines up to other Asian countries, English is still popular and somehow being used in their everyday life most especially in transacting international business. That is why it is also considered the official business language and internet language to the point that some other countries considered English as their second language because of how vast it actually covers.

Nonetheless, we should not claim that English or Mandarin Chinese is the best language since all languages are unique on their own no matter how many people use it or where they use it. Since we acknowledge that we are in a world which is so diverse maybe we can also say that each uniqueness up to its languages is each strength.

Though knowing and using English is very relevant to the economic importance since it is used by many leading organizations at both levels in national and international organizations. Together with English as an international business language we also have the Arab world we have the Arabic Language or maybe you can consider yourself to learn Portuguese, Russian Language which we consider the second internet language and the official language for United Nations (UN) and Spanish language.

Other Important Foreign Languages

The most spoken languages are considered Mandarin Chinese and other types of Chinese for it has over one billion native speakers, not including those who are learning it for educational purposes. Mandarin Chinese is one of the official languages of China and other related Chinese-speaking countries.

When we say widely spoken and most spoken are 2 different words connoting different meanings. Here we can say the number of native speakers for this language is quite big in ratio compared to the native English speakers but they consider English as an important foreign language.

All other languages are important since it contributes to being able to communicate to native speakers who do not know any of the above mention languages. Without those native languages, there will be no true success and prosperity in the economy of the country.

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