10 Irresistibly Good Thai Desserts To Surprise You

Got a sweet tooth? There are so much more Thai desserts to watch out for aside from the famous sticky mango rice (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง – kâao niao ma muang), Thai pancake (โรตี – ro dtii), flavor balls (ไข่เต่า – kài dtâo), and deep-fried banana pieces (กล้วยทอด – glûuai tɔ̂ɔt). In today’s post, we will walk you through some of the best ones out there, using healthy ingredients such as coconut milk and fresh fruits.

Unlike other cuisines, the delicious traditional desserts of Thailand are in a league of their own. They are popular because they are much sweeter than what is served in Western countries and are very filling. However, don’t confuse the sweetness with skyrocketing calories since their recipes are healthier and low in fat and calories! In fact, a single serving of Thai crepe (roti sai mai or โรตีสายไหม) is just 50 calories as compared to the American version, which clocks in at 123 calories (more if you add stuffings)!


Coconut Milk (กะทิ – Ka Ti) In Thai Cuisine

Coconut Milk(กะทิ) In Thai Cuisine

If you have ever been to a tropical country before, then you understand what a treat it is to sip some fresh, nutty, and slightly sweet coconut drink. If you are adventurous, you can even purchase the drink from street vendors and sip it directly from the shell! In the case of Thailand, the locals do not just sip and eat the meat, but they also get to maximize it and use it as part of the main ingredients.

As you probably noticed from some of the popular food and drinks on the Thai menu, most of these make use of fresh coconut milk to make a refreshing and creamier texture. It practically just goes with everything, which is why it is a staple in most homes! One of the reasons behind that is because Thailand is considered a “coconut powerhouse,” which means that this country alone produces millions of sweet coconuts in a year. With all the abundance, the locals made use of this in different ways and even created the following:

  • Coconut oil (perfect for sauteeing and baking)
  • Coconut cream (the thicker consistency makes it an ideal ingredient for desserts and as frosting for cakes and drinks instead of whipped cream)
  • Coconut milk (puréed coconut flesh and water perfect for soups, stews, and curries)
  • Condensed coconut milk (a thick dairy-free substitute for regular condensed milk)
  • Coconut meat (slices of fresh coconut meat perfect for gluten-free dishes and drinks)
  • Coconut flour (a good source of protein, fiber, and minerals)


Top 10 Thai Desserts You Must Try Out!

Top 10 Thai Desserts You Must Try Out!

As you venture into the streets of Bangkok, allow us to walk you through 10 of the most recommended Thai desserts perfect for satisfying your serious sweet cravings. Don’t worry as all that we will feature here are pocket-friendly and are easily available in the street shops.

Egg Yolk Drop (ทองหยอด – Thong Yot)

Price: 7 Baht to 15 Baht

Popularly known as golden egg drops, the Thong Yot is a traditional Thai dessert served on special occasions and is made of pinched egg yolks, rice flour, jasmine water, and sugar. It is part of the nine auspicious Thai desserts deemed necessary in Thai society since it represents the passing of wealth.

Coconut Cream-Filled Banana Leaves (ขนมสอดไส้ – Khanom Sod Sai)

Price: 5 to 10 Baht

Peddled in the streets as an easy-to-eat snack, the Khanom Sod Sai will surely be a hit for those looking for flavourful coconut pudding. It is usually wrapped in small banana packets in a triangular shape and is stuffed with coconut cream mixed with different flavors in the center. This Thai dessert recipe is popular since it is chewy and is generously served with thick creamy (yet a bit salty) coconut milk.

Floating Lotus In Ginger Juice (บัวลอยน้ำขิง – Bua Loi Nam Khing)

Price: 15 to 30 Baht

While this one may not have that distinct coconut milk and sugar combo, this Bua Loi is a type of dessert is made of spicy ginger soup and yummy rice flour dumplings mixed with intense black sesame. They add some coconut milk and ginger broth to make a thicker and creamier texture in other local restaurants.

Coconut Ice Cream (ไอติมกะทิ – I-Tim Kati)

Price: 15 to 30 Baht

Known as I-Tim Kati, this special type of Thai dessert will melt in your mouth and will surely make you ask for more servings! This is perfect for those looking for a low-fat substitute for traditional ice creams since this is made of pure coconut milk. It can be served on its own but other street food vendors prefer to level up the taste by drizzling some syrups, adding shredded coconut, sweetened red mung beans, or some fresh fruit for added flavor.

Coconut Pancake (ขนมครก – Kànom Khrok)

Price: 10 to 20 Baht

Nothing beats the Thai treat known as the grilled Thai coconut pancake. It is perceived as one of the most popular dessert recipes in Thailand since it has a unique outside crisp and warm, custardy center. It is usually cooked using pans with indentions (similar to Takoyaki grillers) and is served with different local toppings for more flavor.

Mung Bean Candy (ขนมหม้อแกง – Kànom Mɔ̂ɔ Gɛɛng)

Price: 30 to 45 Baht

These circular mung bean-based delicacies are a popular Thai food and are best known for their glossy look thanks to their Agar-Agar glazing. It is made of mung beans, sweet coconut milk, and sugar and is cooked using a brass pan. They are usually served with toothpicks and are garnished with stems or leaves for a pleasing look.

Bamboo Sticky Rice (ข้าวหลาม – Khao Lam)

Price: 30 to 75 Baht

This is the Thai version of the Cambodian favorite known as Kralan (ក្រឡាន). The Khao Lam is a special type of sesame-flavored sticky rice that is cooked and roasted inside a bamboo stick over direct fire. Since it is uniquely cooked, it gives off a distinct fresh bamboo flavor and it also comes with different fillings! The main ingredients for this Thai recipe are glutinous rice and coconut milk, palm sugar, some rice, and salt.

Traditional Thai Jelly (วุ้นกะทิใบเตย – Wun Gati Bai Tuey)

Price: 45 to 65 Baht

The Wun Gati Bai Tuey is one of the most popular Thai dessert recipes since it is simple to cook yet very flavorful! It has two basic layers known as the Pandan juice and the coconut layer. The main ingredient for this includes pandan juice, finely chopped leaves, sugar, gelatin powder (or Vege-gel), coconut cream, and salt. Since it is served cold, it is perfect to eat during the hot season and can also be paired with some syrup or fresh fruit.

Thai Pumpkin And Custard (สังขยาฟักทอง – Sang Kaya Fug Tong)

Price: 15 to 20 Baht

The Sang Kaya Fug Tong is a street stall favorite by many due to its mouthwatering custard taste! It is basically made of hollowed-out pumpkin slices and is stuffed with a rich creamy coconut filling that will surely make you purchase another order. Some of the basic ingredients used to make one are eggs, palm sugar, coconut milk/cream, salt, cornstarch, and rice flour.

Thai Layer Dessert (ขนมชั้น – Kànom Chan)

Price: 10 to 20 Baht

With its sweet aroma, eye-catching form, and soft texture, the Thai Layer Dessert (also known as Kànom Chan or ขนมชั้น) is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on! If you are looking for something that is a healthier version of the basic chewy pudding, this steamed 9-layer cake topped with coconut cream or coconut shavings is what you should consider. Each of the peelable layers is mainly made of pandan water, mung beans, coconut milk, salt, eggs, palm sugar, rice flour, and starches (arrowroot, rice, and tapioca). What makes this different from other desserts in our list is that this one is ingrained with the Thai culture since it represents prosperity in life due to the number of sticky layers within the dessert.


Other Thai Desserts You Shouldn’t Miss

Other Thai Desserts You Shouldn't Miss

But before we wish you good luck in tasting all of those we have discussed above, we are going out of our way by asking some of the locals about the other desserts you must try once you are in Thailand.

Thai NameThai NameThai Dessert
ขนมเบื้องKhanom Buang  Thai Crepes
โรตีกล้วยหอมRotī kl̂wyBanana Roti
ทองม้วนTuang MuanSesame pancake rolls
มะม่วงน้ำปลาหวานMamuang Nam Pla WanGreen mangoes with salty shrimp paste
กล้วยทอดKluai thotDeep-fried bananas
ขนมต้มKhanom tomBoiled rice flour with shredded coconut
ฝอยทองFoi ThongDuck egg yolk threads
เฉาก๊วยChao kuaiGrass jelly with brown sugar and crushed ice


Wrapping Up


As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you could identify which of these Thai recipes will satisfy your sweet cravings! If you enjoyed this post, we bet that you will also fall in love with other delicious food that can only be found in Thailand. Our advice? Discover more by reading these posts: popular foodsThai meat, and how to order food.

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